GRE Vocab Word of the Day: Sanguine | Manhattan Prep

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Today’s word is sanguine. The crazy thing about this word is that it
has two completely different meanings. On one hand it means optimistic, and on the
other it means deep red. Like the color. So this is crazy because these are two completely
different things. The good news is that you’re going to be able
to use context clues to figure out which it’s supposed to be meaning. So, let’s say it’s describing the curtain
that comes down in front of the stage at a theater That’s gonna be deep red. If it’s used to describe someone’s outlook
on the future, in that case it’s being used to describe optimism. So just use context clues and you’ll be able
to figure out which it’s meaning. Subscribe to our channel for more Word of
the Day videos, and be sure to check out our free GRE resources in the description below.

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