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Hey, folks welcome back for another
episode here at T-Roy Cooks. Folks, it’s almost Father’s Day and I don’t know about your father but me personally, as a father, I love steaks! I would love to have a really nice steak. And I got to tell you, it doesn’t get much better than Lobel’s of New York. Look they sent me this 36 ounce USDA Prime Dry-Aged Porterhouse steak, folks. You can have one of these too. Go to their Instagram account: it’s They’re doing a giveaway. Y’all go check it out. I’m fixin’ to take this out of the cryovac bag.
Let me let you see some marbling on the other side too. Fixin’ to take it out of the cryovac bag and we’re going to let it bloom for about 15 minutes. Then we’re going to season it. We’re going to throw it on the DCS gas grill. Should be a great one. I know this food is some kind of fine.
We’ll be right back folks. Alright gang, this is that steak. It’s all bloomed up now. Now I’ve got a lemon right here, let me show you a little trick. I actually learned this from Lobel’s. Take your lemon. Okay? You rub the fat. Squeeze the lemon. Rub some lemon juice all over this fat layer right here on the outside. And what this does it keeps your fat from browning and getting all burnt. So we’re going to check it out. Now we need to season this up. So the first thing we need to do is put a little bit of olive oil on there. So let’s do that. We’re going to do both sides. Alright and in here I’ve got some salt, pepper, and garlic. We’re going to toss some of this right over here. SPG folks it’s good stuff. That’s a chef’s blend. Alright, so we’re going to do the other side just like this. We’ll meet you right back. Alright, gang here we go.
I got my DCS grill screaming hot. And I just want to tell you when you get a bone-in steak of any kind, you’re going to have a harder time getting grill marks on it. Because the bone protrudes from the height of the meat, so it actually keeps the meat from getting on the grates. If you get some grill marks, fine, but it’s not going to be perfect. So we’re going to let this go a little bit and if you see some flame up like that, that’s fine. This is a nice, thick steak and I let it come to room temperature for about an hour or so. That’s what you want to do with a thick steak like this. And you can also reverse sear this. I’m not showing that tonight, but you could definitely reverse sear this and it would turn out wonderful. So I’m going to leave the lid open. I’ve got this as cranked up as high as I can. So we’re probably pushing 900°F to 1000°F on the temperature off of these, you know, the DCS grill here. We’re just going to let this go for a few minutes
and we’ll be right back. Alright folks as you can see, USDA Prime, a lot of fat content. She flames up, don’t worry about it. It’s been 3 minutes, we’re going to flip it over. I’m going to put it on a little bit different spot. Press it down a little bit just to try to get that meat to get on that grill and get some grill marks. So we’re let it go for another three
minutes. We’ll be right back. Alright, folks there we go.
We’re fixin’ to check some temp. Still 74° or 75°. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do: I’m going to take it, put it up on the bread rack, we’re going to cook it slow. But we’ve got some grill marks on it so that’s what we need right there. So I’m going to put it up on this bread rack and we’re just going to cook it indirect for…I don’t know…until it’s done. I’m trying to get it to about a 125° – 130° temp.
So let me do that. We’ll be right back. Alright folks, got a little bit of real butter and garlic in here. I’m just going to spread this over the top of the steak. I just pulled it off the grill. Yeah, it’s going to give you a lot more flavor, I’ll tell you, it’s good stuff. Fabulous steak. Fabulous steak smells wonderful. We’re going to tent it in some foil for about 15 minutes.
We’ll be right back. Alright, gang, my steak’s rested over here.
Let’s check it out. Let’s see what it looks like. Let’s just cut right down the middle right here—oh man! There you go. And I’ll tell you another thing with these USDA Primes, it’s still got some pink in the middle here, so this is almost looking like a medium-well. But if you let this thing sit, it’s like the red will come through. In fact, you can probably see it as we’re talking it turning more and more red. So this is probably more like a medium, actually. So let’s check it out. Let’s take a bite. Alright folks, let’s check this out. This is the end cap I just told you about. Mmm! Folks that’s pure goodness right there—that’s heaven. Oh, let me show you this: I told you when the slice sits, it turns a bright red. So, that’s what you’re looking like. See if I can get some light on there for you. This is not well done. This is a nice medium. USDA Prime cooks a lot different than choice or select. So be careful with it when you’re grilling it. It’s got a lot more marbling, flames up, you need to watch it. It cooks faster, so be careful with that too. Folks this is excellent right here. I’m telling you. It doesn’t get any better than Lobel’s of New York. Folks do a thumbs up. Hope you sub if you liked the video. Hope you’re willing to share it. Tell all your friends T-Roy cooks responsibly folks! And don’t forget to go to to see all my videos that I’ve done for Lobel’s. And if you want to get in the free giveaway, I’ll put a link down below, but it’s Instagram. Go to Y’all need to enter. It’s good stuff. We’ll see y’all next
time here, at T-Roy Cooks. Later folks!

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