Grocery shopping on Montreal’s West Island during coronavirus crisis

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I don’t know what happened today but
it’s pandemonium in there and there’s very little to buy. The shelves are empty The past three days I was just trying to get normal groceries but every time I went to Costco, Maxi, Walmart a lot of shelves are empty so every single day I got to go out just to get normal groceries. And even today you’re still missing a lot of stuff that’s not at Costco. The store is crazy. The lineups are very, very long, a lot of things are out of stock like
toilet paper, paper towels even canned soups and stuff. There is some but
there’s not a lot but the toiletries are it’s empty. I don’t normally buy canned soup I usually make homemade soup but I bought a couple of cans I guess the hype has gotten me to purchase stuff I don’t normally purchase. From the time that we entered the store which was about an hour and a half ago there’s really nothing left on the shelves. That’s for sure. Everything seems to be going quickly and we didn’t buy any meats, any chicken, just
a lot of canned goods just want to stock up and make sure that we have food in
case anything should happen and I work in a school, which has now been
quarantined and we will be off for two weeks and I want to make sure that we’ve
got lots of food in case any other emergency arises. Toilet paper was also
sold out and the flour and the water but we definitely did get a lot of produce and we’re happy that it’s in the car and it’s gonna go home. I think today it’s a little bit full. People, I think they’re stressed about this
this virus people are shopping maybe everything is gonna be closed so it’s… I’m trying not to get too freaked out. Hopefully it’ll pass faster than other places and hopefully everybody
will be well and things will go back to normal because this is
insane. There’s people with masks on in there and stuff I’m like oh my God.
Gloves and I’m like oh my God should I be wearing a mask too? You don’t
know what to do. I think it’s gonna blow over very soon especially now that the
schools are closed and I think that the government is definitely proactive
and I think that it’s really gonna resolve very soon Take to your needs and consider other people too. Yes people go in a panic and they
should calm down and just have faith that this thing will work itself out at
some point. Yes, it is sad that many people have died over this thing. We’ve just got to be diligent keeping ourselves clean and making sure that
whole distance thing between people and praying and hoping for the best and
having faith that God will take care of it.


  1. I understand this panic buying would create difficulties for others who have opted to be rational but in some ways it could be a good thing IF that would stop people going out on shipping again for quite a while.
    From what it looks like around the city, specially younger people have not taken this serious enough. They need to be educated just because there are lower risks to them, which I myself very much doubt considering reading the fatalities in China and Iran, as opposed to seniors, they would be a mean of transferring the virus. If it doesn't slow down and begin to pick up just as it did in Europe, their own lives would be impacted as a result. Universities, schools remain shot, etc..

  2. absolute morons who think this will blow over in 2 weeks in Europe they are blocking the internet, censoring news and rolling out the military. Denmark an ultra socialist nation is rapidly building a concrete wall on the German border and closed the bridged to Sweden. Medical experts say this first wave will last at least 7 months!

  3. So thats how governments work. They are always in reaction mode. Because you have 10 percent delinquents in our societies the pandemic will surge ahead. Also, mass transit is a great way to spread the virus. Prepare. I prepped 2 weeks ago..meds and canned goods and Italian pasta..hahaha.

  4. Why did you cut out the interview with the Italian lady??!!!
    That was an important part that I wanted Prime Minister Trudeau to see!!!

    Please put it back in!!!

    Or please send it to me via a DM.

  5. Oh wow… the montreal gazette video has now been cut down and the interview of the Italian tourist was edited OUT!


    Omg, what is happening in my country?! Are we turning into the US?! 😡

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