1. I want to know why jimmy is special he can’t mingle with us regular people. He ALWAYS send Guillermo or a family member to talk to the commoners

  2. Wow, disappointed in your choice of restaurant and person to interview. Chicago was the worst skit you had and we have the best food and that irrelevant scrub fan doesn't depict our city in any way possible… nobody in Chicago even goes to that place. You need a redo of Chicago on the way back. get an Italian beef, a real mans pizza, a steak or anything other than the weiner circle… call me, I'll hook Guillermo up.

  3. I hope JKL gives Guillermo health insurance for the rest of his life…overeating and obesity is funny…haha

    Nothing bring Americans together like oversize food portions and obesity!

  4. I'm happy y'all came but so disappointed in your choice of restaurants we have so many good places to eat please let us get a do-over

  5. This reminds me of the diner scene in Blues Brothers with Aretha Franklin; too bad they don’t have geniuses like Belushi and Franklin to get a laugh.

  6. 2:15 “have you ever heard the expression you catch more flies with honey” = have you ever heard of the saying you attract more broke people with money.. so wtf is Jimmy saying?

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