GWYou | Seggio Bernardina ’21 | International Student | Swimming

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[Music plays] For swimming, right now I’m trying to
train as hard as I can, and I’m gonna reach as far as I can. If it’s the Olympics,
then it’s the Olympics. If it’s just college, then this is just college. I just, I trust in God, so he’ll lead me to the path that I’m supposed to follow. For career-wise, I
really want to get the best that I can. I want to get my degree. I want to reach
the highest goals that I can. I want to work here, and then I want to contribute
back to my home. I’m from Curacao. It’s a small island in the Caribbean. It’s right
on the coast of South America. It’s like, right above Venezuela. It’s next to
Aruba. But, moving to North Carolina was a huge difference. I mean, the people saying
“hi” and smiling and stuff is much different. I mean, Gardner-Webb,
they’re really nice, they’re really open-armed. They take you in, and they just take
care of you. And, this, you’re just seeing everyone keep pushing forward, and you
know—also see the coaches, you know cheer them up and you know, getting the support.
I think we’ve grown as people, and as swimmers. They’re a hard-working group of
people, and I’m so—just proud for as welcoming as they have been of me and a
brand new staff here. It’s made making relationships so much easier, and
it’s really started from them. You know, whenever were, you know, at a meet or we’re training or we’re in the community that we’re representing, you know, you’re
representing yourself and your family, but most importantly Gardner-Webb while
you’re here and you’re wearing our colors. So, I think just to have that mindset
wherever they’re at I think is special to us. [Music plays]

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