Half Moon Bay (Day Trip From San Francisco)

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Today I’m spending the day in Half Moon
Bay which is about 45 minutes away from San Francisco. It’s a super cute town and
it’s a great day trip from San Francisco. Main Street is a historic Street in the
town. This is a fun place to walk around and enjoy the many shops and restaurants.
Here you will find shops with wine and cheese, stationery, boutiques, an interactive outdoor crafts garden and even the largest Emporium for feed and
farm products in the county. Stop at moon side bakery and cafe for a delicious
treat. For lunch, we’re headed to a restaurant called Moss Beach distillery. Just outside of Half Moon Bay, is Moss
Beach where the Moss Beach distillery has had the best view in town since 1927. During Prohibition, it was a speakeasy and landing spot for illegal whiskey. Now it’s still an incredible place for lunch dinner, or Sunday brunch. This restaurant is supposedly haunted by the blue lady a woman from the 1930s. There is also a dog-friendly patio with
fire pits and blankets. This is a great spot to cozy up and watch wildlife such
as whales and seals. Here you can enjoy the bar’s food and drink menu. And now for the last stop of the day, we’re going to a beach called Martin’s Beach. This Beach is currently open, but has been subject to controversy. It is in front of a
private gated community and there has been a dispute about whether it is a
public or private beach. A wealthy homeowner put up signs saying it is a
private beach, and an ongoing battle ensued. The beach is far less popular now, making it a beautiful destination with little crowds. Thanks so much for watching,
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  1. loved the views from that whole area, looks like a great place to visit! that distillery looks very interesting, I bet the whiskey is good!

  2. Half Moon Bay looks awesome! I should have gone there when I was out there in 2015. Thanks for the video, and awesome job! I may have to consider visiting there if I go to the Bay Area this spring!

  3. It's really cute there omg!! 😀 I haven't even visited San Fransisco yet, I can't believe myself. I've been in LA so many times, but never went to SF! Haha!

  4. Awesome u got the video out! Looks like a nice quaint place to visit. Always heard of half moon bay but have never been. Keep up the great content!

  5. Loved it! Loved to know more about this place! 😍 just subscribed ❤️ If you feel like it go and check out my channel too 😊🎉

  6. These always make me hungry…now I want a baked good and a cafe mocha lol Love Main Street. Martins Beach looks Awesome! Thanks for sharing Jamie !!!

  7. I’ve never been here before but now I wanna go next time I visit San Fran! I live in LA so it would be so nice to check it out. It’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  8. So much to see and explore in California. We’re on our travels in SE Asia and Australia for a few more years yet but a full on exploration of the states is definitely on our list to do after that 🙂

  9. 🙌Really//Awesome!!! Nice channel I🎉am very happy to Sub 1531& 32like you!!! Waiting for more video's plz CheckOut me too🎉Thank🌺 you for Nice video!!!//

  10. Thanks Jamie. This video reminds me of my middle school bestie who moved there many decades ago. He used to call me and said how boring Half Moon Bay is and stuff (I never bothered to find out the truth about his complaint). Your video (both the scenery and layout of streets/stores) shows the opposite of his descriptions!

  11. Half Moon Bay don't look half bad…lol I guess it's bad joke Monday. Looks awesome and thank you for the video!

  12. I am an older student who will be attending UC Santa Cruz this Fall. I have made about 4 visits to Half Moon Bay over the last year. It is a really REALLY nice place.

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