Harry Potter London Magic Walking Tour and Film Locations

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Pip-Pip Tally Ho! Joolz Guides here and welcome to my Harry Potter guided tour of London in which I shall visit some of the principal locations connected with Harry
Potter and what better place to start than Kings Cross not only because that’s
where you get the Hogwarts Express from but I’ve got to go and get my friend and
cameraman Simon But first thing first. I need to go and get my school uniform I don’t know which house to get can I go on my personality or should I go on
which one suits me better ? It’s said to be a bit of both That’s what the sorting hat takes into account: your preferences and your personality if you’re cunning and like the colour green you can always go for a Slytherin or if you’re very brave and adventurous then Gryffendor is for you Oh well, looks like they put me in Slytherin at least it goes with my eyes It goes with your attitude Looks they’ve even got a hawk here.
I think it escaped from Hogwarts I thought you were something to do with
Harry Potter for a second It’s actually to catch the pigeons I was just watching the film
the other day and this is exactly where Hagrid and Harry Potter are walking along He gives him his ticket for the Hogwarts Express here Looks slightly different in the film though Go on, off you go, you’ll be late for school mate excuse me can you tell me where platform
9 and 3/4 is please ? muggles like Simon can’t see the entrance because it’s
between platforms 9 and 10 but in the actual film
they used platforms 4 and 5 and I think this is the actual spot here but they’ve got bins here look maybe I can try a little bit further along……. worth the try in the in the Chamber of Secrets that does actually happen to Harry Potter Ron Weasley and they end up
having to fly to Hogwarts in a magic car from over there which is where we’re
going next a lot of the exteriors for Kings Cross
station in the films are actually St. Pancras hotel which is over here built
in the 1800s this is the spot where their car’s parked they get in and then it flies over this building as they fly their way to Hogwarts but we’re flying down
to the River Thames now this is Lambeth bridge and the
reason it’s painted red is to match the seats in the House of Lords because Westminster Bridge over there is painted green to match the House of Commons this is the one that’s featured in the beginning of the prisoner of
azkaban he gets picked up by the night bus and comes haring around this corner and it has to shrink in order to get between two double-decker buses I was watching Fast and Furious 6 the other day and this was supposed to be doubling up
as Moscow that they’d had all those kind of Kremlin type domes and stuff at the end of the bridge but I definitely recognize those two buildings over there
it was totally London makes me feel very professional walking along this bit because this is where all the news broadcasters and stuff stand when
they’re on the TV we’re heading to Westminster Bridge over there because in the order of the Phoenix you see them fly over Parliament on their broomsticks I find these shadows on the ground quite
amusing I wonder if they did that on purpose. sorry I’m rather childish Now she’s got a connection to Harry Potter up there on
her chariot that’s Queen Boudicca or Boadicea depending on what school you
went to and she was Queen of the icy and she was Queen of the Icene who were a Celtic tribe who defeated the Romans and according to the 1930s historian, Louis Spence they buried her
under Kings Cross station and where was she buried? Under platforms 9 and 10! And that was in the 1930s ! it’s a bit of a myth that she had swords on her chariots.
Everyone thinks she did because of this statue but there’s no real evidence for
it it’s a pity also about all the renovation work going on on Big Ben but with a flash of my magic umbrella I can just get it to all disappear EVANESCO!! after you’ve been to Westminster Bridge
you can pop down here to Westminster station because this is where, in the
order of the Phoenix, Harry comes with Arthur Weasley to face the tribunal for
having used magic in front of muggles poor old Arthur Weasley doesn’t
understand how to use the ticket gate He ends up walking through the ticket barrier backwards I suppose he’s a typical tourist who stands in the way at the last minute getting out his ticket this is Whitehall and over there behind
those black gates is where our muggle Prime Minister lives and of course this
is where all the governmental buildings are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Ministry of Transport, The Ministry of Silly Walks and of course the Ministry of
Magic which is down here down here is Down here is Scotland Place and Great Scotland Yard where the Metropolitan Police Headquarters used to be in the order of
the Phoenix he comes here with Arthur Weasley and they walk along here, don’t
they like this and there’s a telephone box just over here in the corner and they’ve put up a bridge there in the film, it’s not there in real life but they enter a telephone box which is just about here I think he dials six two four
four two which dials magic if you’ve spell it out and Arthur Weasely says ” this should be interesting I’ve never used the visitors
entrance before” and they descend down here into the ministry and then in the Deathly Hallows Part one, that corner over there is where Ron is keeping an eye ou in the film for Mafalda Hopkirk who he’s gonna zap and then they
drag her over to that gate over there which in the film is actually a nice
wooden gate but now it’s just a place where builders spit and smoke cigarettes then they emerge having drunk Polyjuice potion and come around the corner here
to Horse Guards Avenue they’ve erected a fake public toilet in the film and they walk down into the public toilets, and then they flush themselves down the toilet, don’t they? And it’s right here – and it’s a perfect
place because it all looks like kind of ministry buildings ……. Someone told me that JK Rowling used to
work for Amnesty International somewhere around here and she would have been very
familiar with these areas and they said that her inspiration for Diagon Alley was possibly this little alleyway over here because if you look carefully
it does run diagonally to this main street and this pub here is just by
Charing Cross Road just like the leaky cauldron in the books and it even has a convenient back door excellent …..you come out the back,
tap the bricks and you’re in Diagon Alley This is actually…. Bridges Place is
the second narrowest street in London Will he make it? Will he be able to squeeze through? Then in Deathly Hallows, the apparate from the wedding to Piccadilly Circus Here I go! I hate doing that! It’s like Piccadilly Circus around here! Have you seen American Werewolf in London? You know that scene when he runs out of the cinema the werewolf starts chasing everybody ? That was in Piccadilly Circus Speaking of werewolves … did you know …. that I did the audition to be the werewolf in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ? and you had to be really strong and you had to wear this really heavy wolf’s head outfit thing and it weighed a ton and I remember that’s the reason why I didn’t get the job I was just too weeding but over here, in Harry Potter and the Hallows Part 1 when they’re under attack from the Death Eaters at Bill and Fleur’s wedding They apparate don’t know when they reappear just over here, don’t they? Just in front of Gap there
were railings and they just narrowly avoid getting hit by a 19 bus – oh this is a 38 Then they end up walking up here, don’t they? Hermione goes on about how they’re in Shaftesbury Avenue, she used to come here with her parents they walk underneath these columns and then they end up in a cafe don’t they then you see them just walking under there Do you remember , this used to be the Tracadero. It was really manky but now it’s pretty decent, I really like it. I’m a member …. It’s right here that Hermione turns to Harry and says “Oh, I just remembered it’s your birthday and we didn’t even celebrate” ..and he’s like, “I think we just got attacked by a bunch of Death Eaters so I’ve got other things on my mind At the other end of Shaftesbury Avenue you can even take in a show Harry Potter and the Cursed child is showing right here at Cambridge
circus In the book JK Rowling has the leaky cauldron in Charing Cross Road And it’s been famous for its bookshops for over a hundred years I mean
there aren’t so many these days Just opposite the porcupine pub just next to this number 12 on the wall this is where, in Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince the Death Eaters come flying in before they destroy a millennium bridge they come all the way down over Trafalgar Square, up Charing Cross Road up great Newport Street and down this alleyway straight into the front of the
leaky cauldron There he is again . Was that Simon Callow? Just one of many famous stars who trying to get into a Joolz Guide. Desperate! It’s definitely worth popping your nose here into Goodwin’s court if you’re in the area because I really love this beautiful authentic
seventeenth-century alleyway Now when you do the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour Draco Malfoy says the set designers for the film wanted Diagon Alley to look like it was lifted from the world of Charles Dickens and it doesn’t get much more Charles Dickens than this! I mean it looks kind of Harry Pottery I mean it’s quite conceivable that she would have been inspired by a street like this Look at those original gas lamps too- I really love those Gosh!! From 1690… and it hasn’t changed This street looks tremendous This is another one of those streets that people say inspired JK Rowling It’s full of book shops, it’s off Charing Cross Road, so it would make sense There’s quite a few of
the shops down here sell Harry Potter related things Look you can even buy magic money. Harry Potter and friends. There you go there’s a Voldemort on that one. I should probably get that one with a scarf like this First editions which cost quite a bit of money I must come back to this shop actually
and get myself a new cravat I just want to do a quick shout out to Joshua Gutierrez who was with me when I lost my old cravat and he actually gave me some money to
put toward a new cravat Got my eye on this one actually so thanks Joshua Next it’s off down there to St Paul’s Cathedral As if anyone cares about
st. Paul’s Cathedral it being our greatest Cathedral and all it did take only 35 years to build it. Quite impressive given that Notre Dame took about 130 years in that clock tower there, I think that’s where in the Prisoner of Azkaban stairway is that they knock the crystal ball down they’re coming down from their divination class sadly it’s not open to the public fans you know…. What can I say!? oh I should say this is the school where Daniel Radcliff went So this the real Hogwarts then… but he not really …I mean apparently everyone was a bit mean to him – all his fellow pupils but he didn’t attend it much – he was only
there for about four months or something because he was constantly out filming –
he had to have private lessons this is the Millennium Bridge –
actually called the wobbly bridge to us Brits It certainly wobbles in Harry
Potter and the half-blood Prince when Death Eaters swoop down and destroy the whole bridge and then they fly off over Tate Modern Well it’s nothing to do the Harry Potter but it’s a pity can’t see the chewing gum There’s a famous chewing gum painter of old London town called Ben Wilson and he
paints all the chewing gum unfortunately it’s a bit dark so you
can’t see them but fear not because I think all I have
to do is a Lumos spell and we can switch to daylight LUMOS!! Oh look – Lucy Worsley trying to get into my Joolz Guide The shadows grow tall, the
sky bruises and we must be forced to camp This is borough market It’s not really happening at the moment because it’s quite late and everything’s closed It’s the oldest fruit and veg market in London I mean it’s been here for about a thousand years but just over there where it says El Pastor is where the leaky cauldron is in the
Prisoner of Azkaban The night bus comes hurtling down here and he goes inside and he stays here in room number eleven until the new term are you drinking butter beer or gilly juice? Always butter beer…always. sounds revolting ! It’s actually that one right up there. I don’t know if you can see it just the window on the left at the top
because you can see looks over Borough Market and a train goes by and that’s the
train track that right there I love markets when they’re opening up and closing I love it. It’s so atmospheric you know… It always makes me think of My Fair Lady This is the delightful London
Bridge over there actually in Order of the Phoenix that’s Canary Wharf that’s where they appear on their broomsticks flying from little whinging, over theTower Bridge down the Thames towards 12 Grimmauld place but 12 Grimmauld place in muggle world That’s Claremont square up in Angel Islington which is miles away So I’m gonna have to swiftly apparate there. I don’t like doing this .. Apparating can be kind of disorientating and I seem to have landed on the wrong side of these bars This gate is unlocked in the film but don’t go calling on the houses because you’ll just really annoy them 12 Grimmauld place actually emerges between two other properties in this street it’s actually the family home of Sirius Black and also the headquarters of the order
of Phoenix but then Harry goes on to inherit the property well I think I better grade out of here before I get picked up by the police That building over there, the curved one that’s City Hall, where the mayor works in the Half Blood Prince they were looking out of the office window and it’s the DeathEaters coming to destroy this millennium bridge that’s where they filmed it from and it was also designed by Norman
Foster boo I’m booing him because he turned down my mum Well there you go. He wasn’t very smart, was he?! No he made a bad choice But John Hurt, who played Mr. Ollivander did ask my mom out; she turned him down This is the monument to the Fire of London of course which you’ll know all about if you see my other film about the London pass If you lie it flat the top that would arrive exactly at the point in pudding Lane where the Fire of London started. Some people say that the thing on top is a snitch….. It’s not a snitch! it’s a Goblet of Fire of course! but we’re heading up there where it all started Harry and where it’s sadly going
to finish for us This is Leadenhall market, They use it in loads of films actually. I believe in Tomb Raider Angelina Jolie drives through here on a motorbike it’s so nice, I mean, I think it’s built in 1881. The designer’s Horace Jones who also designed Tower Bridge but down here is the interesting part from
Harry Potter Oh have you been have you taken a photo of the leaky cauldron yet? It’s around the corner ! Perfect people let’s go around there
then Because in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone ( or the Sorcerer’s Stone if you’re American) they have to come down here to go shopping and Harry says “Can we get all this stuff in London?” And Hagrid says, ” You’ve got to know where to go” You can help me recreate a scene from the film because they’re just
walking along here Can you get all this in London? if you know where to go I loved you and I loved you ! and then they go around the corner to the leaky cauldron They used different leaky cauldrons for various films in the Prisoner of Azkaban you couldn’t get a night bus down this alleyway, so they had to use Borough Harry discovers he’s a mega star. He meets professor Quill and Hagrid uses his umbrella to tap the bricks and they end up in Diagon Alley I’m gonna tap the bricks so we’re going to our own leaky cauldron How do you fancy a drink, Simon? I’m gonna have a butter beer I fancy a gilly juice. Ah, good choice If you enjoy my videos please hit the
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