Harvey Weinstein Sentenced in New York, Heading To California Next

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>>Harvey Weinstein has officially been sentenced
to 23 years in prison in his New York trail following decades of sexually assaulting and
raping women. Now, Weinstein was sentenced to 20 years in
prison for the attack on Miriam Haley. And another three years to be served consecutively
for the rape of Jessica Mann, so there were two women who came forward. Prosecutors took Harvey Weinstein to trial
over what these women went through. He was, of course, convicted and luckily sentenced
to a lengthy period of time. Now, the sentence in Manhattan state court
was less than the maximum 29 years requested by prosecutors. But could amount to an effective life sentence
for the 67-year old Weinstein, who has been in apparently frail health. Now, just to give you a sense of how ridiculous
the defense lawyers were in this case, they had asked for five years following his conviction. Luckily the judge didn’t go along with that. Judge James Burke is the presiding judge who
sentenced Weinstein in this case.>>Okay, so first of all, small note. It’s funny how frail people’s health gets
when they’re going to court. So, like with everything Harvey Weinstein
says, I don’t believe him at all. So, I don’t know if that’s controversial,
but I don’t care. So, the mobsters do the same thing. When they’re pushing people around and attacking
people, they seem in perfectly good health. And when Harvey Weinstein was in Hollywood,
he was the biggest bully in America, right?>>Mm-hm.>>The minute he gets arrested, I need a walker. Poor little me. And nonsense excuses after excuses lawyers
said that the Donna Rotuno called a sentence obscene, obnoxious and cowardly.>>Please.>>How is a rape sentence cowardly, that doesn’t
even make any sense.>>She’s ridiculous and we did a story about
her.>>She had an interview with The New York
Times, their podcasts the daily and she is quite a character. But the story isn’t about her, it’s about
justice. And keep in mind that Weinstein is likely
to be extradited to California where he also faces criminal charges. So that 23-year sentence is for this particular
case, but he could be serving even more time in prison. Now he’s older, let’s keep it real, he’s likely
to serve the rest of his life in prison.>>That would be fantastic. So, here’s two good parts of this that I enjoyed,
one, they took him into custody immediately upon his conviction. Look with wealthy folks, you get the sense
the never actually go to jail.>>Right.>>So I don’t know if he was surprised by
it or if his lawyers had already told him but I like that idea. But, yeah, no no no, you’re under arrest brother. It isn’t just for poor people anymore. And, you know where he’s going? Rikers.>>Yeah, so as soon as he was taken into custody
though, he immediately needed medical attention. So they actually took him to a hospital and
then immediately after he->>I don’t believe him.>>You can call controversy if you life. He is one of the biggest liars in America,
I don’t believe a word he says.>>So I wanna make sure everyone is fully
aware of what he was convicted of because these were serious charges or convictions
I should say. Weinstein was convicted at trial of rape and
committing a criminal sexual act. Jurors found him guilty of committing a first
degree criminal sexual act by forcibly performing oral sex on production assistant Mimi Haleyi
in 2006. By the way, there were some charges that he
was found not guilty of. He was found not guilty of the most serious
charge which was two counts of predatory sexual assault for which he could have been sentenced
to life in prison. He also was acquitted of first-degree rape. And one of the things that I thought was good
to see was just the women who had been victimized by him for decades finally seeing some justice,
right? Because think about what Harvey Weinstein
would do to intimidate them, he would hire researchers to follow them around and then
threaten them with all sorts of nonsense. Like if you tell anyone I’m gonna come out
with this and that. I’m gonna destroy your career. Think about the power->>And he did.>>And he did, yeah, the power he had over
these women>>And there was one short video that I want
to show you guys because the victims who testified against him, the women who got justice here,
were applauded as they were walking out of court following the sentencing. Let’s take a quick look at that.>>Okay, so there they are, walking out, and
you can hear people applauding, some of the reporters asking them questions. But it feels good to know that there is a
day of justice for not just the women who were part of this particular trial, but all
the women who came forward. All the women who didn’t feel comfortable
coming forward, who thought that there wouldn’t ever be a day of justice. They finally got that day.>>All right, the one part of this trial that
I loved was the judge did allow other women who were assaulted by Harvey Weinstein to
testify. A lot of times in our legal system, they don’t
allow that. They say, okay, we’re trying you for this
crime, not for those other crimes. I actually it’s very wrong, and the reason
is, and, yes, there is a law that says you can show a pattern and I think judges too
often do not allow that pattern. But in this case, the judge did allow the
pattern and allowed many actresses, including one from The Sopranos, who testified that
he burst into her apartment and raped her 26 years ago. And he allowed five of those women to testify,
so the jury got a full sense of what Harvey Weinstein’s pattern of sexual assault throughout
his whole life was. So that’s a great decision, I applaud that. And if you’re wondering if all this wasn’t
overwhelming enough already, if you need any more reasons to despise Harvey Weinstein. He told the judge well, look, I think men
are confused about these issues. No one’s confused about bursting into someone’s
apartment, attacking them and raping them. No one has ever been confused about that. Let alone all the other things that you did. And when asked about these two particular
women he got convicted of assaulting he said, I had wonderful times with these people.>>He’s disgusting. Just a disgusting human being.


  1. Predator "Hollywood" DNC donor goes down hard while GOP "news entertainment" predators go on book tours. The affluenza defense is strictly political.

  2. I haven’t heard of any of the democrats giving back the millions they received in campaign donations from Harvey Weinstein.

  3. Harvey Weinsteins most traumatized victim of all. Daisy Duck. Still won't talk. Or shes just incoherent. Whatever.

  4. the man would be 90 before he can start filling his sentence for cali what ever that will be so what is the point he is locked up for the rest of his life let it be


    Weinstein will get a new trial and he will be found not guilty through appeal.

    The only reason why the jurors convicted him was because of public pressure.

  6. Harvey Weinstein may have done these things I don't really know but it's not like he killed somebody.
    Why would you want him to spend the rest of his life in prison?

    There are child-murderers out on the street right now because liberal judges let them go. Yet they sentence people like Harvey Weinstein to life Rodger Stone to life but not actual murderers, child rapists they give those people light sentences, but throw the book at people like Harvey Weinstein Bill Cosby Rodger Stone.

  7. I swear this whole Weinstein case was not as loud as the Cosby case, I wonder why is that 🤔. It was breaking news when Cosby was sentenced but a blurb for Weinstein’s sentencing. Lol.

  8. Was there any evidence against Harvey Weinstein other than the charges against him by these two whores?

  9. How can someone be raped through oral sex? Crazy feminists have set a precedent for putting people away without any evidence. Thank God I don 't live in the US .

  10. Harvey’s first day in prison:

    Harvey: Hi, I’m Harvey. Please take it easy on me fellas, I produced Pulp Fiction.

    Prisoner 1 (sweating and licking his lips): The spider just caught a fly.

    Prisoner 2 (undoing his pants): Bring out the gimp!

  11. Suck my duck and I’ll put you in a movie isn’t rape, it’s a argument. He should of got them to sign a consent from.

  12. The only bummer is that there are guaranteed just as bad as Harvey and even worse out there still roaming freely. Harvey was a scapegoat and the other guilty ones still actively out on the prowl want him to be the whole iceberg instead of just the tip so that they can still hunt. Politicians, celebrities, athletes, etc. are all guilty. Be weary of all of them.

  13. Get this wannabe white supremacist outta here, he should be castrated in the process

  14. Hollywood knew what he was doing, the woman he had sex with knew what they were doing. He didn’t force them. It was sex for a movie deal

  15. I'm gonna disagree about Harvey faking it. I truly believe, and I know Cenk is not a man of God, but I believe that his sins are LITERALLY weighing him down. His health is failing fast. It's NOT some stupid car accident, he is dying due to his burdens that ONLY HE created.

  16. Heres to 23yrs more! Coming from L.A. courts… It's like jaba da hut gets his just! Probably Bloombergs friend….I see Trump try to pardon him! Ugh! What a country!

  17. There are some seriously disgusting people in the comments calling the victims prostitutes, gold diggers, and whores. Weinstein was convicted and sentenced to 23 years and thats just for one trial. If your on his side and are hating on the victims then be honest with yourself and recognize that you are siding with a convicted rapist and you are likely also a monster.

  18. Why do I have this feeling that our boy Harvey is going to get one of those special Jeffrey Epstein neckties? Not to be confused with a Colombian necktie, of course.

  19. Considering how Weinstein needed an injection in his penis in order to get an erection, I can see him being in poor health, in his dick.

  20. Did he drug them no. Did he force himself on them no. We’re they tied up no.
    They had sex with him for a role in a movie that call prostitution, not rape.

  21. All the people in the comments who somewhat defend Harry did or don't believe he raped those people. If Harry tried to do half the pervert like things to there mother or sister or wife they'd want the death penalty for harry

  22. Excellent sentence! All women will be so happy about this. Justice at last! We're only been waiting for 10,000 years. Wait until you see how frail Trump gets when the SDNY bags his sorry ass.

  23. I love this show. I've been watching you for a couple of years now. I usually agree with your prespective on most stories. This one is a slam dunk. There's no way Weinstein isn't trying to get pity with that stupid walker. Predators are always the victim when they're caught. Thanks again for your true voice in this totally screwed up world.

  24. Harvey Weinstein was the victim here, and those women took advantage of of Harvey because he was a hermaphrodite, and they was exploited by these women who were driven by greed. Maybe he can go to the woman's prison as long as he identifies as a woman.

    According to progressive intersectional ideology.

  25. Democrat Weinstein enjoyed the company of beautiful women seeking stardom in Hollywood for decades . Now he is 70 years old and sick . He'll never regret those good liberal fucks !!

  26. Is it true that he had cordial relationships with his two accusers after the alleged rape? If this were the case, it sets a dangerous precedent for future cases. I'm not saying he's innocent. I'm just saying that this strikes me as a reasonable doubt.

  27. This guy is a sexual sick monster and should have been stopped a much long time ago. He's disgusting, a criminal and nasty looking, a type of guy that should be cut off of life! Let him die rotting in prison. He going to hell if he doesn't repent of his sins to God in the name of Jesus Christ. He's done now, he has gotten away with his crimes for many years.

  28. It's about those in power like this crook Weinstein, abusing people, and taking advantage of them. Hopefully this scumbag Weinstein will die in prison.

  29. How can this be? Michelle Obama, Whoopie Golberg and an ensemble of other famous Democrats just celebrated Harvey Weinstein a few years ago at an awards ceremony as a " Wonderful Human being". Were they wrong? Surely these elites know better than we do

  30. A white guy convicted of something in Amerikka surely this has to be a joke?. Weinstein must be a black guy in a white mask because white guys murder in broad daylight and never see a day in prison for it

  31. If Weinstien was president all those charges would be dropped and he'd still be abusing women , golfing and eating Big macs.

  32. NOW comes the class-action civil suit that will strip his wealth to the bone.. assuming he's not transferred assets, accordingly.

  33. This guy had his dick in half the Hollywood A-list but only C-D list women with nothing to lose came forward. I guess the Gwenith Paltrow & Jennifer Lawrence level stars were happy with how their "transactions" with Weinstein worked out for them.

  34. Guide to banging women: Ask nicely for a BJ, endure 19 rejections, get lucky at 20. no need to be an ass about it weinstein. its all math and statistics.

  35. In my country (France) you don't go to jail for rape. In fact you don't go to jail for a whole lot of things. Good for you.

  36. Good. Now all those Cosby apologists can stop whinning about Harvey Weinstein whenever his conviction for sexual assault is discussed.

  37. I'm not going to be surprised if he is killed in jail as well, he probably knows some people who did the same thing.

  38. Judge James Burke – hopefully this is the day the universe changed on sexual assault. More seriously, I hope Weinstein is schooled on what the repercussions are to one who is raped and the evil that people like Weinstein spread. And Ana is right. He's a disgusting human being. He now needs to be educated of that fact so that he can spend 23 years pondering on it.

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