Hauseit Seller Review for NYC – Upper East Side, Manhattan

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Her name is Un Ja Song. She’s a housewife. She has been living in New York City for over ten years. She sold one bedroom condo in Upper East Side. She will be definitely recommend Hauseit It’s because the service is very easy to handle the selling process and the main reason is the cost the most cost effective way of selling in New York City. The service you have provided was super. She has never known that this kind service existed before. After selling her condo she’s 100% satisfied with the service. She purchased this condo as an investment She had never knew this kind of service existed She understands that the commission rate here is 6% and that is insane For people like us, ordinary regular people the six percent is not affordable. We cannot offer six percent commission. When she’s a seller the seller’s broker usually works for the buyer instead of the seller Because the seller’s agent scares the seller to increase the price And when she’s the buyer, buyer’s broker actually works for the seller because the buyer’s broker keeps hyping the property and then raise the bid more and more so that contradiction she hates the most. Final listing price was $950k Final sold price is $905k Considering not paying the six percent commission rate, we have effectively sold the unit at our asking price Specially this year 2019, the market of the prices are tanking. It was the most toughest market so far. If the market was good we could’ve sold a lot higher Best part of Hauseit is the exposure, their exposure is exactly the same as the other traditional offer. Without this kind of exposure then we wouldn’t have started. We have been investing in real estate several times actually Its the first time in New York City and also Hauseit first time. And if we invest another property in New York City we will use Hauseit definitely

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