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Spring has made this a very tough season for
allergy sufferers. People are turning to acupuncture in the hopes
of finding some relief. Mary Mucci reports in today’s Long Island
Naturally. Candice Goodheart calls herself a nature freak. But for years she wasn’t able to enjoy being
outdoors. “Pretty miserable, pretty miserable. My eyes would be hurting all the time…” Candice says that’s because she is allergic
to various pollens, beachgrass, and lilies. “Instant headache, Instant.” Now thanks to the use of acupuncture to treat
her seasonal allergies, she’s medication free and free to enjoy this beautiful spring
day. “Two, three, four…” And I like to use the actual flower or herb
or grass or twig that they’re sensitive to. I’ll just test them to see if it weakens
their body.” If it does Anthony Cerabino says he’ll have
the patient hold a small piece of the plant during the acupuncture treatment. He says by boosting the patient’s immune
system while in contact with the allergen, he is able to reprogram the body’s response. Afterwards, patients are asked to avoid whatever
allergen they’ve been treated for. But when the allergen is just outside your
door, that’s not easy to do. “Definitely avoid any yardwork or being
outside if you can for 24 hours. And if you do have to go from your house to
your car, just put a mask on.” Cerabino says the allergy has been a lifelong
issue it’s probably going to take many treatments to resolve. Candice says whatever the effort, the payoff
is worth it. “After you’ve had the treatment and are
able to walk outside and just enjoy a day like today with no medication, what’s better
than that?” In Bay Shore I’m Mary Mucci, News 12 Long
Island. “AND You don’t need a referral to go to
your acupuncturist and most insurance companies cover the treatments, so that’s good news.”

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