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[gun shots] Street battles are the
new normal in Hong Kong, and they are getting
more violent by the day. Police have fired live rounds
on protesters and they have
ramped up arrests. [sirens] Hardline protesters
have become emboldened by the crackdown. They return week after
week, ready to fight. They come armed with petrol
bombs, masks and letters — farewell notes — in case they don’t return
from the streets. [sniffles] [shouting] [crying] [glass shattering] [shouting]


  1. people always show what they want to show, and make you beliving that. The radio showed the violence of policemen, but it didn't show much crueler violence of protesters which includes attacking civilians who just said supporting policemen, throwing gasoline bombs to policemen and destorying the metro for reasonless before that. Thanks to the American Government, HK
    would be the second Ukraine possibly in the future. The person who is supporting the protesters in the comment section,I hope you to go to HK and just yell " I support the HongKong Police", after you get a head beaten and bleeding from the protesters, I hope you still could type that“ That’s real democracy and freedom". By the way, if the American Government got so much dollar to support protesters and pay so much attention to other countries ' political stuff, how about using the money to victims in California??

  2. 搞得好像就义一样。好像上个世纪的中国被日本人侵略。这些暴徒把中国人当成入侵香港的敌人,完全是可怕的无知,似乎是大陆夺取了他们大英帝国的殖民统治,对原来的大英帝国殖民地子民的特权恋恋不舍。悲哀的一代

  3. the police are in a poorer condition than these protesters, but many blind media try their best to ignore all crazy and bloody things done by those hk protesters just because they want to cheat the world with protesters.
    media is a strong power, which can also be used as a gun pointing at the good people, while the blind people congratulate with those protesters for their seemingly justice.

  4. "But I can't not take to the streets" When the youth and the common man/woman talk like this, that's when you know the next generation of those people will be born into a better society.

  5. I am in tears while hearing the young men's Last Wills before they venture out the night to confront with the police force ! They feel compelled to fight for freedom of speech & freedom of assembly ! They aim for Universal Suffrage !! They are my Heroes fighting for what they want for themselves & for their next generations !!

  6. You should talk about Catalonia too. The same thing is happening here and we need the world to see it!! We already have over 20 people in jail, many have lost their eyes in protests due to police violence…

  7. Okay, So basically the protestors are going crazy as well as the police, including the government. and that part when he said "We are not clashing with the police nor destroying our own city" I actually disagree. Because it's continuous. and have gone more violent day by day just like a critical situation which is kinda complicated to resolve.

  8. Senseless.little boys shearing tears…succuming to peers pressure just because everyone is participating…you want to be not ostracised….rem violent with violent….never win.

  9. What a pathetic of these people. They claim the actions they took were peace protest? Oh come on, destroyed the city, break the rules and throw the fire booms to police, its not a protest, its WAR. Even until today, they still taking those so-called peaceful protest…. and I can’t see these protesters have conscience.

  10. Hey new york times, what happen to the last letter of the Hong Kong man burnt alive today (2019.11) by your peaceful rioters? Now he is actually in a life threatening situation, would you care to share his opinion of this whole mess supported by irresponsible and evil western medias like you? There are many parties involved in this, the poor civilians, the peaceful rioters, the CIA… you cannot just report a one sided story all the time and still call yourself journalist right? This poor man is not so hard to find. a) He is in a ICU right now. b) the old man actually showed his face to the world unlike your brave young rioters.

  11. 伪善的面孔令人作呕 ,绑架整个社会和他们一同意见 ,那自由当工具绑架其他人和他们一起陪葬。不让他人工作,这就是他们的“自由”

  12. Naive Hong Kong activist and movement leader facing off seasoned western journalist: https://youtu.be/V9nNeO0yWyk
    Is this the future of HK?

  13. Really hope that they are really saying goodbye

  14. Nobody wants their rights to be taken and nobody wants their land to be taken or over ruled by other nation by oppression.
    Salute for the protesters. ✊?

  15. 香港加油,温柔的反抗只会被既得利益者忽视。

    Go, HK, go! Only a louder voice can be heard.


    Don't lower yourself to your dystopian neighbor that crushes independent, critical thinking.

  16. Violence and horror imposed to other citizens is what they want for Hong Kong like the Nazi did to Germany before? They are actually well trained and well organized brain-washed young people manipulated by the Hong Kong separatism and anti China movement. Who's behind all this? Oh yes, NYTimes you know better than we do.

  17. Bunch of brainwashed dimwits. Government should not be afraid of traitors, separatist and terrorist, criminals should be afraid of the rule of law.

  18. I suggest going for a hunger strike. But long before your fragile spirit will unleash your mouth and hands to choke the "city" to death, in stead.

  19. Funny how so many 50 cents openly defying their own country's law by illegally crossing firewall into YouTube. So much for their fake "patriotism".

  20. I did it! like and share this video on my youtube channel. Cause I love animals and nature. I'm action for wildlife. When China ruins everything, I will try my best for supporting Hongkong. How about you?

  21. Killing students and threatening the weak are all China could do, just like the Tiananmen Square incident 30 years ago…. history once again repeats itself !!!!! You think you live far away from here but soon China will get you too !!!!!!!

  22. Happy to say goodbye to you, violent riotors. Hope that you can bring this violent protest to the US and never come back, because they support you.

  23. https://youtu.be/SHHw9EWUfgI
    Such scenes are rampant across all parts of HK. just watch closely starting from1:20. HK will prosper if this is how the majority of them express themselves and fight for democracy

  24. These arent pro democracy protesters these are gangsters. Breaking the law beating and burning people alive if they dont agree with them threaten police families even little children.

  25. U ready to die but scared your parents are Gona find out u took part in the protest n hence u kept it a secret like cmon man lol

  26. They are so stupid. Destroying Hong Kong by they on hand. How you want people support they movement when they set fire, destroying, hurting innocent people because they not thinking the same way as them and keep blaming the cop, blocking the road when people try hard to earn they living.

  27. These kids should grow up and become adults …. their behavior has no glamour only bringing destruction on themselves and HK.. I am sorry but you would be the first to run if facing death ..you have no morals or honour

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