Here’s where the California wildfires are and where they could spread next

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  1. I wonder how the native indians feel? They would have prayed to the Great Spirit and performed a rain dance but that's not going to happen now huhh..I wonder why?

  2. Inept forest management because liberal California tree huggers won’t allow responsible deforestation policies. I say California should be exempt from federal disaster relief until they adopt a sensible plan to manage their forests. Moonbeam Jr. and his liberal government morons are trying to blame climate change for liberal incompetence which goes back decades. And yet Californians keep electing these idiots. Why?

  3. Just remember these are democrat fires and democrat power outages. The democrats opposed every policy that could have avoided this collapse of civilization. They opposed clear cutting, removing old growth and brush and creating fire breaks and continue to do so all over the state citing fake environmental reasons; as if having the entire forest burn down and fill the air with toxic fumes wasn't an environmental disaster. They also helped to bankrupt PG&E with their green energy mandates, yet they refused to condone the greenest power source of them all, hydro-electric. You would be a fool to ever vote for these people again. Poor people will not have power in California in the coming decades, mark my words.

  4. Good old Nancy Pelosi needs to worry about California and go see what's goin on and what she can do and stop worrying about trump the good people of California did elect you!

  5. Why don't I hear a word from this administration? THIS SHOULD BE OF NATIONAL CONCERN – and Washington and the Republican Party are silent? We can listen to the UKRAINE debacle….but not a tweet about the Fires in CALIFORNIA?? I do not hear any explanations – no sound-bites? No excuses? " S I L E N C E "

  6. Funny how many people comment on the reporterr's wrong word choice of incarcerated vs incinerated!! One person after another made the same comment. ??? When I see someone comment on something specific like that I usually don't bother unless there is something unique to add.

  7. LeBron tweets about his house fire with emoj. I hope he went back and did what a good capitan does. Goes down with his ship.

  8. News said they expected some santa ana winds bu theres no winds in santa ana so where are these winds coming from and how does tha fire start???

  9. There is a TED talk about prevention of wildfires by forest ecologist Paul Hessburg who recommended more controlled burns and a patchwork of trees that should prevent megafires like this to happen. Maybe adopting some of his proposals would be an idea.

  10. These fires were started by Oprah’s grill as she was cooking chicken and ribs. She knocked the grill over while snatching a rib off the grill and the hot coals ignited the brush.

  11. GOOD NEWS! I hope it burns down that entire stupid parasitic state. Then maybe an earthquake will finish it off and take all those worthless obnoxious liberals and hollywood trash along with it! All these natural disasters and other issues hitting California recently is a sign of the karma. The only good democrat voter IS A DEAD ONE!!!!


  13. In case if anyone is wondering why all these fires are happening and will continue to happen until nothing is left to burn… this problem is entirely due to bad forestry habits of fire suppression, namely Smokey the Bear. As well as the 10am Policy.

    Forest fires were put out immediately which is actually harmful to the forest because it's nature's way to start anew, kinda like a snake shedding its skin. Because of this forests have started to grow old and most importantly extremely dry, while more trees and vegetation are growing up underneath in an extremely unhealthy way. Because of all of this, flash forward half a century to today where these forests in California, as well as the rest of the west, are going ablaze because they are at this point just a massive tinderbox waiting to burn up at a rate never seen before.

    This is also why controlled burns are extremely good for the environment and actually proper logging practices (not talking about clear-cutting) are also great for the forest. That way more trees are spaced out to what they naturally should be and so the natural life cycle of forests can return to the way they have always been prior to humans taking over the land.

  14. Shifty Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters are better off spending their time attending to the very destructive and life threatening brush fires in their Districts in California instead of pressing on this nothing burger illegitimate impeachment inquiry that is dividing this country.

  15. Activate our secret California water cannon that connects to the ocean 🌊 we must use it now before its to late.

  16. They keep talking about winds but we have no winds! This is cause by man. This fools are trying us. Neighborhoods need to keep they eyes open. Let no weird van truck or strange vehicles in their area.

  17. The winds will increase, the immoral will die. You have offended God with your immoral lives and actions. There will be no where to hide from his fury. You are doomed.

  18. It really would've helped if you guys had built water reservoirs everywhere to conserve water to dump on fires instead of letting it go out in the ocean and doing work on power lines instead of wasting tons of money on a non-working high speed railway system. Ha-ha! Captain Hindsight strikes again!

  19. Let it burn its self out and there won’t be anymore fires for a few years. The fuel needs to burn off if newsome isn’t gonna make fire breaks or clean out the tender

  20. You’ll never stop them , they will stop at nothing to get what they want. Get out of California . You’ve been warned they are going to burn the entire state .

  21. The ELITISTS from The Club of Rome and Illuminati/ Freemasons have sent a clear message :

  22. Wildfire land management could have prevented so much of this from happening!! How important is a tree next to your house compared to how important your family and house is??? Either expect this and deal with it or stop putting yourselves into these situations, areas and lack of preparation!! Such waste that could have been prevented! Animals, pets, belongings and memories all lost because people care for the trees that now torch your homes…… I can't seem to understand.

  23. All this is happening and will become worst because California has open the doors to selfishness, pride, and distraction and instead opening the door to God's ways and blessings in heaven they open the door to the god of money, flesh pleasures Wich are temporary, but heaven and salvation, peace,protection, real happiness comes from above God and his son Jesus Christ. Amen

  24. On expected and predicted line as we are exponentially increasing heat of the environment and earth is striving to sustain her balance – get ready for the huge destruction by for four forces of Nature, fire, wind, water/snow, and Earth. The cold force is already creeping in – Prepare for Mother Quakes and Volcanic eruptions

  25. Honestly California has themselves to blame. Deforestation needs to happen in order to prevent these fires from happening again.

  26. This is what they want. They want everyone out of CA except the very poor and really rich elite. That way they can limit the number of people but keep some as slaves. They can make blocks of apartments and stuff people into small spaces so they can have the land. Don't let them do it. Claim your land even if you can't build right away. Keep the land. Notice how they made them protect the Getty Museum ( It has a fortress for the Elite underground) and Ronald Reagan Library. Americans need to wake up to deep state. Don't think this is some conspiracy theory. It is true and real. Movies, ads, TV as put most asleep. I haven't watched TV or movies for years. It was when I saw the young people being brainwashed through movies and schools and games. Study for yourselves or stay asleep. The choice is yours. If you want to stay blue pilled then you will wonder what happened to your country. The truth is it has always been under a false hidden Gov't and we thought we were a great nation. We never were but can be.

  27. It’s funny cause’ we think we’re so advance yet we still have a hard time dealing with nature . Humanity has spent its wits on leisure and warfare for far too long . We’re no where near peoples speculation of the future from the 1960s .

  28. If that governer of yours would allow the power company to trim trees and keep the electrical grid lines clear of trees and brush an dead wood a lot of this could be avoided. It's his fault in large part. That's why the power company shuts down power. Then they try to blame the power company. Your governer ought to be in chains by now. That's what you get when you vote liberal and socialist and democrat. California is on its way to becoming Venezuela.

  29. I was about to plan a trip to California but something told me not to I would have arrived 1 day ago thank god i didn’t go god bless whoever is still there

  30. I support President Trump's decision not to send any more money to you California politicians. At a minimum, put those fires out first before wasting more money. The rest of the country is just getting our local economies going stronger, enjoying family time before the holidays hit, and you are kind of ruining the mood. This is sad to say because those real people with homes and families but the reality is your state is now an eye sore and in ruins much like the old Roman building in Italy. If you can get your money from your bank or credit union, get it and move to a safe area. Your wildfires are not over yet and you have flooding to deal with and looming earthquakes to think about.

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