1. He shot him in the buttocks,not the belly . Did the Cop do the right thing? of course he did .Did he do his job? , you bet he did .But a hero ? Man, heroes come cheap in the Big Apple. Why did not an armed citizen take him out while waiting for the cop to show? oh that's right .New Yorkers look to others to protect them, and to stop them and search them without cause and to make sure they don't eat too much salt and to remind them that hamburgers have fat in them ,and to not drink 32 oz sodas, and to choke to death anyone selling single cigarettes . Yep New York is a wonderful town

  2. Apparently the school bus driver intentionally crashed an empty bus into the terrorist forcing him to abandon his truck. Who was the school bus driver?

  3. “The privacy he deserves” as the wingnut reporter knocks on his front door and is camped in front of his house. Vultures!

  4. FACT: NEW York City Police Officer "Ryan Nash" may receive a true gift one of these days fore being a true hero. God truly bless Him &/and keep Him HOLY inn Thy true HOLY Name of Jesus Christ. AMEN. Hallelujah.

  5. Thank you for helping the people. I wish you always happy and always help people around you with your smart thinking. Not stupid like some Cops do the wrong thing to people on the YouTube.

  6. Police Officer Nash is certainly a hero, but for him, there very well might have been other lives lost. However, this reporter is really nuts. Why would she publicly disclose his residence, neighborhood, his private life.

  7. A true hero would have put one between the perps eyes. At that point the perp was not a threat anymore. What was the point in shooting him if he was released from the hospital within 24 hours.

  8. pretty sure he didn't stop anything or we wouldn't be hearing about it? title misleading.  and when did he exactly shoot him in the abdomen, because the last couple videos I saw were of him on knees sitting up with hands over head and no gun in hand, on top of that all the videos show him just wandering around in circles not shooting a damn thing,, some terrorists "actor" he is,,, runs down 50 people yet wont shoot a thing? lol… so this hero cop shot someone in stomach  with hands up and on knees while being recorded? because the next vid is of two police officers cuffing him laying down…..

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