Highly Caffeinated Cocktails & Pork Loin Tacos: Chef’s Night out With Thirty Acres

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  2. People like this make are making Jersey City look so bad with there false sense of entitlement. Saying shit like fuck Hoboken, and going into New York. Bitch go back to where you came from.

  3. Did anyone else think that the kitchen at 30 acres is quite boring? Super minimalistic and white and soulless. Kitchen needs to be the centre of the restaurant in terms of everything.

  4. The banana blossom salad at Uncle Boons is awesome. My server said to would be too spicy for me. PFFFFT. And yeah, Hoboken sucks…

  5. "My pleashzz."

    Would it kill you to finish that word? "Pleasure". There.
    Shortening some words are okay, but that just makes you sound like a lazy douche.

  6. Another one that's closed — I feel like that's the trend for a lot of the restaurants featured in this series.

  7. all these negative, envious comments on munchies are so annoying. great show, great people. i sit here in stuttgart and i am traveling the world. thanks

  8. If the joint has 32 seats, why is it called Thirty Acres? If it were 30 acres, it would be the size of an average warehouse. Way too big for a restaurant!

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