Hollywood 4K – Los Angeles Drive – California USA

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Tour Highlights: Hollywood Boulevard Sunset Strip Hollywood & Vine Hollywood Hills Views Chateau Marmont Castle


  1. What an iconic drive in an iconic city. I don't mind not having the traffic but it looks like it wasn't too bad this day. Thanks for sharing -Henry

  2. Thank you family for all the driving videos you shoot, especially in California. I feel like I'm in the passenger seat lol. Much love and light

  3. Theres just a certain charm to California that other states dont have idk I guess its just the culture and history associated with hollywood specifically.

  4. I am visiting Los-Angeles this June with my brothers John and Liam. I am than going to see if I like it well-enough to live there.

  5. I'm sorry but this 4K is still not clear enough. It is still hazy. I will wait till 32K in the next six years or 64K in the next 8 yrs.

  6. I'm new in your channel and your videos are awesome but I'm very curious about what is the car that you drive I mean how looks like

  7. WTF you can make a video driving on Hollywood blvd and got 40k views in couple days??? damn, I got to make a video driving down the 405 and the 101…

  8. L.A. shit hole place with cultural-naughty latinos and blacks, I miss white beautiful and clean city's, los angeles is definitely not!

  9. I thought there would be a lot of anti-LA comments here, but I'm pleasantly surprised by the positivity! All of the various areas in LA are so different from each other, that there's a lot to see and do. If you've never been here before, then it's definitely worth a visit.

  10. AH! LA! Beautiful weather and Fine looking women who won’t give you the time of day unless your a Producer!
    A Nice Fun Drive Down Sunset And Vine! Where one goes to be seen! You better have a Hot Car or you’ll look Foolish! I was really disappointed at Hollywood and Vine. I walked around there and all I saw was drug addicts, hustlers and bums! Hollywood is really a Sleaze Pit! You don’t want to hang around there at night time! And it takes forever to get around even by car! You just drive and drive and it’s endless! Hollywood is not a Friendly place at all! If your Famous they love you but if your unknown they don’t even look at you!
    LA is Fun to visit and a great place to see all the sites but you don’t want to live there! Unless you like crowds, traffic and nasty people! There are good and decent people there as well but you have to find them! Good Luck!?

  11. What do you drive? You always seem to have a somewhat tall position and move at a leisurely pace. A small truck or van?

  12. hey, i just watched three videos from your channel i wanted to ask you what camera you use? 🙂
    pretty nice video quality, is it a sony?

  13. this vid is giving me the chill, learning atm to this.
    never been to america but planning to visit it like this or in some other year, idk it has something magical. but as well pretty strange what is going on there especially with all the poor people and the health system, here in germany everyone can go to a doctor and gets treatment and dont have to pay. its a social system not always good but in this case very good.
    bought myself a nikon p900 like friday i will take it with me to make cool photos then.

  14. I have driving videos on my channel too!, check em out when ur done watching this video. I love this channel and all dash cam vids!

  15. Not sure if i watched this already but after watching that tv show on Netflix about the realtors Selling Sunset, had to watch your video. 🙂

  16. Yes Los Angeles and all of its cities are very beautiful, just don't get fooled by what goes on there. Great footage!

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  19. Sunset BLVD is perfect location. More a beautiful video. Congratulations friends. From São Paulo, Brazil.

  20. Usually when people talk about LA traffic, they imagine gridlock all the time everywhere. Hollywood and sunset Blvd is one of the busier areas mainly because it is a dense residential and employment area, also there is no east-west highway so many use the busy wide roads to get across. With all the traffic lights, it gets super busy at rush hour when everyone gets off work, so it does get bad, but it isn't that bad. But this Thursday Afternoon video show that Hollywood and actually most parts of LA are not that bad. It takes longer because you go far distances, but if you think this is bad then you likely live in farmland where there is no car driving for days.

  21. 01:51 what the f*ck is that person even doing ?! if someone did that in germany, that person would lose it driving license

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