Homeless Disabled Firefighter Helping Homeless People in San Francisco VR180

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  1. I like how she was able to use her skills from fire fighting to help others heal, filling a void of service that's not found anywhere else. It's like that became her purpose. Like, "Well, since I'm out here, I may as well help others in my plight." Kind of like that. I like how that happened. I imagine her opening a clinic in the future. Kudos to her for putting her training into practice. We need more people like that. Very kind of her. And, we need more homeless helping homeless.

    Hopefully, if enough homeless work together, they can end their own homelessness in the group that they made by giving each other a helping hand. Like, if there's a group of two or three or five or ten homeless who meet, and put their minds together to think up something. If there's dozens of groups like that, it would be great if that helps lead to the end of homelessness for many. Maybe some can form a choir. Maybe some can do what the lady in his video is doing, and end up opening a clinic, and hire each other. Something like that. Hopefully that's possible in the future.

  2. This is a very sad story I really hate when people get hurt on the job especially if she was a fire woman that is heartbreaking to me they should step up as an organization and take care of their own isn't that what they're supposed to do if you get hurt on the job and you're a public servant if you're a police officer they take care of you for life if you're a police officer and you get killed they take care of your family for life so why is it that the fire department is not stepping up and giving this young woman what she deserves. She does not deserve to be on the street helping people she deserves to be in a home having a job that pays her to help people. but more than that the city of San Francisco needs to step up and pay her what she deserves to be paid for getting hurt on the job. mark this is another one of those great videos that move around and make you feel like you're right there with her they're awesome I don't know how you do it but man it's cool.

  3. I don't need to know the whole story to know that being a female firefighter was a huge strike against her while recuperating from an injury. No matter how lacking in diversity Union and first responder jobs are it always amazes me how Democrats will blindly back them when they're supposed to be the party of diversity.

  4. To be selfish or selfless, hmm both seems to have its good and bad man what a mess, god works in funny ways just keep doing your best, keep giving it your all and someday may you finally rest…bless you all!

  5. To be selfish or selfless, hmm both seems to have its good and bad man what a mess, god works in funny ways just keep doing your best, keep giving it your all and someday may you finally rest…bless you all!

  6. This firefighter deserves a Nobel Peace Prize or something big like that and not to be homeless. This story needs to go mainstream news and more.
    Lotsa love to your channel. ❤️

  7. This once again shows how utterly dysfunctional the current health care system in the US is. A person who served the community and risked her life in an effort to save others should NEVER be forced to live on the street. Politicians love to espouse how rich and unique the US is. Well, put your money where your mouth and treat these folks in the manner they deserve. Of course then you've got muppets like Rand Paul and Moscow Mitch who will hold up the 9/11 firefighter bill because it costs too much while at the same time they say nothing when their new dear leader Trump takes on new debt to pay for tax cuts for people who don't need them. Hypocrites.

  8. Why the hell are you gonna help these junkies. They are never going to do anything for themselves. Clean one abscess they will have 2 next week.

  9. What happened to people being responsible for themselves? Why is it that everyone blames everything and everyone for their poor unfortunate lives. I mean come on now, if you can run all over the streets taking care of all the needle holes that are infected and everything else that is bothering these people. Are you really disabled? Are you really not able to work? I mean you are performing work right there on camera as you are talking about how you aren't able to work.

  10. This is NOT RIGHT anyone who serves our country as a firefighter , military, first responder, life guard or police ect should be taken care of if they ever become disabled. Our hero’s of yesterday should NEVER be homeless. This is America! We discard our bravest service men/women!? Who have put thier lives on the line on a daily basis!? Shame! This angers my soul! I am a Fulltime worker without stable shelter of my own & I see the homeless discrimination everyday even where I work. Little do my coworkers & boss know I too am considered “homeless “. I sleep in a truck on most nights, luckily I have a little piece of private land I am allowed to stay on so I’m not harassed every night/morning. I treat everyone with respect & kindness. Some of my coworkers have been at the company for 5+ years & don’t know the names of the homeless “regulars “ we have that come in multiple times a day. I’ve learned all thier names & treat them the same way I treat a man or woman that comes in a suit & shined shoes. To me no human is better than the next. And if you stop to get to know someone you’ll learn they are regular people like everyone else , some have done amazing things in thier lives. Some have done amazing things for our country & they deserve respect. My heart ❤️?is so absolutely broken for this beautiful person. There is a lack of humanity in the human race. Please show kindness to the homeless purely because they’re human beings that deserve kindness. ??❤️

  11. Having a camper is such a blessing. There are people who travel together &/or meet up. Ck. out "Cheap RV Living" on U-Tube.

  12. What an angel. God blessed you for still having a heart to care for PEOPLE. I have never ever look at anyone living on the streets as no ones, because things happen to PEOPLE in our lives. We are human beings regardless of the situation we are dealing with at the time. God blessed you

  13. If you'd like to help Couper, you can donate directly to her here: https://handup.org/members/couper or through Venmo: https://venmo.com/code?user_id=2638783287656448784

    Your voice can help end homelessness. If we do not fix the affordable housing crisis, homelessness will continue to get worse. Click here https://invisiblepeople.tv/getinvolved to tweet, email, call, or Facebook your federal and state legislators to tell them ending homelessness and creating more affordable housing is a priority to you.

  14. Nicely done on the video. I tried it with earpieces and the VR headset, and it does bring you more into their world. I don’t know if I would regularly want to watch videos this way just because it’s a bit of a hassle to get the gear on.

  15. This is so sad . May God Bless them . Lord knows I don’t look down on no one because anyone can become homeless.

  16. You have so little but yet give so much to others may God bless you deserve it there's not too many people like you in this big world

  17. This channel is beautiful….if we could all learn that at the end of the day we are all souls with stories, some fortunate some not so much, but still the same none the less and help when we can without judgment the world wouldn't be so cruel and self absorbed.

  18. Neck braces.
    Braces in general… Can they be made?
    Can a party of your work be classes that teach how to build shit they need out of trashed shit?

    Sewing cloth around pool noodle material?

    Good work.

  19. Get up and stand on your feet and take my hands I know you I know you you are not homeless no more let me call some people yes we're going to have to take your trailer and put it in back of the house but at least you will have a better life do you like working at McDonald's or pizza place or maybe the dollar store Wendy's become a trucker

  20. Do you remember the Episcopal Church we said about 400 people every Friday and Saturday we gave bag groceries I gave you breakfast there are two places but you can go one place has two houses the other place has one my cousin so the other one I do I do trust you after all where you going to go when you go to Maine you might go there or you might go to the other place but if you go to Maine where would you go nowhere cuz people know

  21. My cousin she would like you because she is a trucker I got this one underneath the carpet you will not see my cousin but I'm sure she's married to another woman

  22. I Know She's Homeless, Can She Go To The ER At The Hospital And
    Get A Neck Brace? I See The Immigrants Filling Up The ER Room On A Daily Basis, Maybe The Hospital Can, ('Patient Assistance) find Temporary Housing For Her.
    I'm Praying For You & Her!!!

  23. i would like thank you all for AMAZING WORDS of encourgement and positive feedback. I truly appreciate it and it helps me stay focused.
    AND mark thank you for being the AMAZING human being that u are !!!

  24. I'm facing homelessness. I'm feeling totally hopeless and I just realised that I have absolutely nobody in the world who I can turn to. Nobody who truly has my back and I feel close to giving up. The stark reality is so painful.

  25. He is so right ppl need to stop treating homeless ppl like shit an stop thinking thy r better them them I love everyone in this world none of us r better then the other person I feel this dude pain it hurt my heart bad

  26. I was homeless for 5 months once
    But was able to bounce back

    It wasnt really that serious, but still

    So i symphatize with these people somewhat

    But you know what, being homeless wasnt fun, ofcourse
    I was tired, hungry, exhausted.

    But there were some pretty cool moments, haha
    And i learned alot about surviving and life in general from it.

    It made me grow from a kid to a man. I cant really explain it.
    So i took the positive from it and moved on.

    If you're homeless, just try your best and you can get out.
    You can do it

  27. After not being allowed to be a firefighter again, why couldn't she just find a regular job? Store clerk or something? Excuse my ignorance, I'm not from the USA. She is an angel out there.

  28. Cities priorities all revolve around tax revenue. Most cops and firefighters/EMT's spend Tens of Thousands of dollars in legal fees ,win or lose, and Years fighting in court for pensions for disabilities already medically certified by their own Police/Fire dept. Why? -because of lying psychopaths hired as "doctors" paid to arbitrarily second guess multiple, prior Board Certified City M.D.'s certifications & arbitrarily fabricate lies on paper for their City's Retirement system. $40,000 is what my family member spent in court after being Certified disabled for full duty by at least four other Board certified orthopaedic surgeons, 3 being Fire Dept. M.D.'s.

  29. Amazing job on this mini documentary! Love ya !!! And god bless this wonderful person! My heart aches for these people!

  30. This women is a natural healer. I’m a professional and she could teach me things as a street medic. She is a gift. I wonder if Vocational Rehabilitation. could help her get some medical or paraprofessional license so she could work part-time. I don’t know if she is healthy enough but she has a gift.

  31. This lady needs recognition, commendation and financial support for the great job she’s doing with the homeless….! Somebody…. do something for her….

  32. What an amazing person. So much insight and compassion. In one day, Cooper helps more people than those paid to do it! It pains me to think the homeless are looked at as worthless, when clearly she is illustrating how much more purpose and focus she possesses than most of the housed people I know.

  33. if you dont earn money and pay taxes, the state will treat you like you dont exist or harass you in every way they can.

    this world is fucked up.

    still amazing to see such brave souls holding up the human spirit which seems lost in first world.

  34. I don’t understand. If she was injured on the job why doesn’t she get benefits? Even tho she was injured she seems capable of working now. I wonder why she doesn’t.

  35. what a good person she is,,even being homeless and down and out herself she still spends a majority of her time trying to help others..

  36. She's a Fire Fighter who lost her job and is still trying to help others who are sick! This person amazes me…

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