Homeless Woman’s 4th Invisible People Interview in 2 Years; Los Angeles Why Is Arien Still Homeless?

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  1. Here is Arien's GoFundMe if you'd like to help support her: https://www.gofundme.com/HumblyHomelessArien

  2. Now I don't want to be judging her too much..but I heard how she's trying to do everything to get into free programs but not trying to get a job so she can help herself.

  3. What a classic scam artist chick gibs me that .Yes it a your fault you don't work .
    Screw depression. Life is hard for everyone your not special its even harder when your stupid you are not a unique person. your not a unicorn .
    fyi you choose to live these .

  4. It’s disgusting how people treat the homeless! I ALWAYS help the homeless when I see them… I’ll give them whatever I have, $5, $10, gift cards, food, cigarettes etc… there is a stigma that the homeless are all drug addicts but the way I look at it is that I’m helping them to HELP them… if they choose to spend what I give them on drugs then that’s out of my hands but WHAT IF they aren’t on drugs and they legitimately use that money for necessities? As a Christian woman, that is my DUTY to help ANYONE! I’m going to continue to help the homeless because THEY ARE PEOPLE! I’ll pray for Arien, God ALWAYS comes through and he will help her!!!

  5. You are a Beautiful person, I pray God changes this world soon! I help the homeless here in Seattle as much as possible! They is HOPE stay strong something GOOD in going to come out of this, I am Praying ? for you and God Bless you?‍♀️??

  6. I think she doesn't move from there because of her case. She haves a son and obviously she wants him back.

  7. Those dollar store make up will cause cancer..she should stop wearing it cuz i dont wanna hear her whinnying about how some hospitals wont take her in for cancer treatment

  8. Praying for her….. She is so lovely….. Please won't someone give her a chance at a better life?

  9. OK.. the organization has raised $10,000 in her name.. so why didn't they get her an apartment? Is the money for HER to help HER or for the organization? Strange because I noticed a different dollar amount for different interviews, suggesting the money is specific for their individual needs.. So what is the answer? Where does the money go?

  10. Everybody that runs into this beautiful please pray for her n give her money r help her thank you very much ???

  11. God bless her beautiful heart! Shocking that there are so many people who COULD help her and so many ways she could be helped to get permanent shelter when you look at all that is here in the US.

  12. she is a beautiful young Lady I can't even begin to understand her struggle but as a privileged white man I feel shame that society is not taking care of this beautiful human being if people with the wealth just started to share. things could change for young ladies like this and than society would be the richer for it. exclusion and alienation makes for a very sad society

  13. 3 dollar lip stick turns into 6 turns to 9 turns into 1000 and on and on so ya u shoudnt be buyin lip stick wtf lol

  14. This woman deserved a 4th interview, she is incredible! She should be hired as a social worker to help others, she is compassionate despite her circonstances. She needs a job, she is talented. If her depression keeps ongoing she should receive treatment, she is a force of nature to keep her smile during the interview. She has a beautiful smile by the way. She could be in the beauty industry, something like a hairdresser, makeup artist. Or in the healthcare industry as a personal health worker, her smile would lighten up the pains of the patients and comfort them. But first, let's take care of her.

  15. Im sadden bout this nd i believe the section 8 isnt available now nd definitely not a 8 yr waiting where i reside; if she lived in my city; some1 would've definitely cuffed her; making $10 or so a day; doing what?!((panhandlers make way more then that in my City as well……1£

  16. The church has more money than you could imagine, all they do is set up soup kitchens etc. If there is a god then he/she/it sure has one sick sense of humour. Change my mind.

  17. I hope she get section 8 housing, so she can get off the streets and get her children back, don't judge her, just help her if u can.

  18. Minimum wage needs to rise in the U.S. and affordable housing made available to ALL people not just those out on the streets.

  19. If Arien was offered a fulltime job, would she take it? Show up everyday & fight her way back to being self sufficient? Just curious.

  20. These people got to reember that when they point one finger at you, three fingers are pointing back at them. Wait, one fine day, who knows, their daughter might be in your situation. One day able next day disabled.

  21. I am sofa king sorry, but I have viewed other videos of her and she is shameful. Stop perpetuating Freud and there are honest people who truly need help that are homeless with dignity. Stop!!! Invisible people you also should be a shamed, due to you are not being honest with this, either.

  22. Now apartments not taking section 8 to keep the working poor from having a home and it's against the law but section 8 HUD won't charge them for breaking the law

  23. I left home at 15 years old and waitress in The Bronx but I was able to rent a Apt but there was no credit checks and all that bullshit

  24. We need a revolution that's how America became America and I have a feeling for a long time Now now that they won't take section 8 HUD the apartment owners are wanting to keep you out
    I moved 4 times because they stop taking section 8 HUD. People are going to get violent they're only so much abuse a person will take. Seattle, NYC, Ren are the places were apartment owners aren't taking section 8 HUD

  25. She wants to come out to flint,mi I'd give her a home. I've seen all her videos. She's such a beautiful person who just needs a chance.

  26. Does she have family that she could stay with? Who has her children? Did she get off the streets with the go fund me money that was raised? I hope so

  27. These are the people we should be helping not the not the immigrants coming in illegally across the border we should be helping our homeless are veterans that are homeless we should be helping these people more we should be figuring out what we can do for these people instead of figuring out what we can spend on illegals coming across our border and complain about illegals when we have our own homeless people on the streets living in LA in Nancy Pelosi's District in the sad thing is she doesn't care about nobody if she cared about anybody she'd already be fixing this problem if you don't fix anything why is she still in in freaking your District why is she even your District's Governor I mean don't you understand she's the reason why this place is so screwed up I mean you don't you guys don't get it you guys need to wake up seriously when you wake up then all the stuff will go away because we have more people helping out with this instead of all helping out would get illegal to cross the border go help the homeless in the veterans Freedom call them help them out anything you can do for them is American citizen they're going to tax the hell out of you for these illegals come and then they want to give them free healthcare free welfare free section 8 free everything and look at this lady been on the street forever that's crazy she's an American citizen she should be in a home by now she's still out on the street that tells you how much they like the care about Americans

  28. She looks totally different, than her interview, two years ago. She looks 15 years older. She's still beautiful and has her great smile but the weather and lack of good rest is catching up with her.

  29. She is so fuckin beautiful…..I miss the beautiful hait but she's still gorgeous….comr stay with me in Philadelphia sweetie…I will have ur back…no woman that beautiful should go through that…we need a fox like u

  30. Stay beautiful baby…Youre gonna make it….I will let you stay with me and im not a creep….hold a sign??? Oh hell naw….I was homeless in 2008 and today I have a three bedroom home and I make $50k a year with 401 k and all the amenities in my home with great credit so Im blessed…I was like you…even tho I was on the streets I was a member of a gym and had an awesome body and worked so noonr knew….I was hit on by a registered nurse and we moved together and then I got my own things and now Im FINANCIally good!!! Keep ur head up

  31. I feel like she is struggling with a mental health issue if she is not strong enough to get help she will never get off of the streets. No one wants a homeless woman.

  32. I just find something really wonderful about Arien. I like her spirit and style and the way she takes care of herself and keeps positive.

  33. I can’t imagine spitting on somebody or throwing things at them. Nobody is making you give them money, if you don’t wanna give them anything, just keep walking. It’s so crazy that some people never even learned the basics of “if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything at all”

  34. Homeless people as part of the tourism? Nah. Maybe for the freaky-deaky set that are into slumming. But most tourists would rather come to LA to fulfill their vision of LA as Hollywood Product.

  35. $10,000 was raised. I hope she has her apartment by now and the money wasn't used for others personal needs.

  36. Blessed are the children of god. The world is your oyster. The State will never fill your needs. Believe in yourself and wealth and prosperity will follow. Here is a basic truth of creating your reality.

  37. they don't have to BUILD section 8 facilities. home owners can accept sect 8 also. they just have to be willing.

  38. Thank you! On point. I think the #MeeToo movement was hijacked by people with a corporate agenda. (As always).Now real victoms who have never been believed or supported when the abusevwhas witnessed by families. These suffering people will suffermmore because of #MeeToo.

  39. How about thinking of this in a different light? Maybe these people just cant or wont follow into the current economic system. Where we have to follow like zombies and kiss ass to large corporations? About section 8. It is a complete failed system. It ruins neighborhoods, it bring nothing but drug activity and abuse in any area where you have it. Why not give people temp housing immediately if they need it, then give them counseling and job training. Not going to some stupid class, but actual job training and very important counseling and help her talking to her. Not prescribing some drugs that the doctors and pharmacists companies pushing drugs for profits. Humans today are really going down a very dangerous path that is fueled only by profit only and huge corporations are behind it. Barter and trade when you can and try being self employed if you can , and start your own small business and employ a few people… America needs to really look at where we are going and not have our government go into other countries and dominate them. ..

  40. The problem is that jobs are just so damn boring now. You just a robot, a cog, a wheel, in a big machine now. So if she gets a job it may be some low level, menial ,manual, brainless, low paying job. The creativity and learning a skill, trade, and talents developed needed , apprenticeship programs are not around any more because of illegals have them now. . You can argue with me but I seem it happen in Chicago. Now white people are suffering unless they have a good college degree. Many trades that were held by legal aliens were ruined by illegals. Contractors liked the cheaper prices and bigger profits.

  41. She looked so much younger and better, her third time, her: https://youtu.be/UJSfQaY1Cyw Her third interview was just three months, before this fourth interview. Chronic homeless, nuff said.

  42. You have an amazing positive attitude God will open doors for you and your children I pray that is soon God bless you one day you're going to write a book about the journey in your life take care

  43. I been homeless long time ago I been in her shoes before my heart goes out to people that are homeless ? that they have to waiting for section 8 housing anyways God bless her life amen

  44. I was homeless at one point in my life but God has been good to me. I now have a steady income. I have my own car and a house. Thank you Jesus for helping me!

  45. 11'35 im agreeing with her n if i was to travel over there coming from Sydney i guess i would just think it would be so sad n actually a total disgrace on the governments part (

  46. I've noticed most of the wishes the homeless want …is more or less there life or family lives back..And in other stories some siblings family members don't want them cause they're a burden, sad

  47. I think people's point is when u have rent to pay. U don't have the luxury to buy makeup. And it looks like she has Fenty highlight on which is not 3.00, and no lipstick is not the same as an apartment. But it could be the same to rent a room

  48. I think she as issues that we don't know about I tryed too follow her on I g but she never aloud me in her page if u need help u cant be picky I'm just saying "….????????

  49. i think the homeless problem in america is mostly a mental health and Drug addiction problem. once we figure a way to combat those two issue then we can move forward in helping these misfortunate humans that need help

  50. They make it complicated on purpose to make people stressed on purpose and want to see how you deal with it and the more isolated and thrown from society
    It will become a choice to live out there why would you want to be a part of society if you're treated like trash I'm homeless too and when I started to to think like that I'd felt a lot better

  51. Thats a lie this big woman not only eats good but has money to buy makeup so yes give her all the money that we can give her so she don't starve or go without make up!

  52. If she’s in the same location it is her fault. Relocate and try your luck in a different t place. If they tell you 5 year wait list are you going to wait for 5 years? No. You go try something else.

  53. An apartment upstate NY will cost you $500 for two bedroom. A room is ridiculously cheap but people rather be homeless in the illustrious Hollywood area or somewhere is sunny California.

    It’s your fault.

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