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[shouting] On this day 22 years ago,
Hong Kong was returned to China from the British. But there was an agreement:
Hong Kong would maintain a high degree of autonomy. Now, that autonomy
is under threat. And people here are
not happy about it. Protesters surrounded
and stormed the government headquarters. The chaos raises a key question: Will violence ultimately
come to define this movement against
China’s growing influence? This is what we saw. Protests happen here
every year on July 1. But today is different. The street clashes began
in the early morning. They followed
weeks of protests against an extradition bill. People here fear
it would allow China to take anyone
accused of a crime back to the mainland
and try them under its authoritarian system. The bill has become a
symbol of what Hong Kongers see as a threat to their
identity and way of life. Through the day,
tensions built as protesters barricaded the streets. Across town,
we found a different scene. Hundreds of thousands
assembled for a March in 90-degree summer sun — Protesters: “Free Hong Kong!
“Free Hong Kong! Democracy now!
Democracy now!” As a symbolic act of defiance, they tear up records of
musicians who appeared at a pro-police rally
on June 30. This was not the first
time Hong Kongers took to the streets to
defend their freedoms against Chinese interference. But for many, the massive scale
and simultaneous use of force has felt
unprecedented. We asked the demonstrators
how this shift was shaping the
future of their city. Some wouldn’t condemn the
escalation in violence because they don’t want
to condemn the movement. Others said it only
hurts the movement. “If we are being violent then
the government can just do everything to say that
we are bad or stuff like that. And the international image will be ruined.” Towards the end of the day,
crowds dispersed. But back at the
government headquarters, the violent stand-off
continued into the night. Protesters broke down the
last gate to the Legislature and rushed the building. They painted
graffiti on the wall — “Hong Kong is not China” —
and read out their demands: Calling on officials
to step down enact full democratic elections and free detained activists. Riot police approached
firing tear gas. The protesters fled the scene,
but their message was clear. People here are
determined to be heard at great cost.


  1. As Chinese from mainland, China, it's so sad to see this happen, there should be a peaceful way to address the issue gradually.

  2. Why is NYT not spending more time in revealing U.S. anti migration and anti refugee issues, or on Japan/Korean sovereignty over their national land used for military use! VERY hypocritical! Your definition of democracy may be just selfishness!

  3. What I see is police try to keep peace, protestors keep pushing police and use violence (throw bricks)to claim their “democracy” rather than people‘s, and finally I find the reporter like to pick up the part of truth to explain the entire “truth”. I don't know why west countries always have bias with communist countries and it already influenced the nature of reports, ”neutral”

  4. Very effective edit. It was very informational. The footage was very well chosen. The pace of the edit is just right. It paved a way to a very realistic experience that oneself can emerge themself into. Excellent job.

  5. 香港年輕人真的愚昧無知,蠢材,遊行的絕對不是真正的中國人,看到這樣的香港心真的凉了,這樣的人只會禍害香港,一群碧眼小人,只能做鼠輩。

  6. Already 4 HKers died for this evil bill and ruthless government.

    Dear Hongkongers, don't sacrifice your invaluable life for this brutal regime.

  7. 我是美籍华人,我去过很多次大陆也曾经在香港住过半年,我觉得很多香港人像井底之蛙。他们可能去西方国家旅游,但是看不到西方国家的弊病,实际上,每个国家每个制度都有弊端,但是他们看不到这些。他们没有开阔的眼界看不清天下大势。只守着自己的一亩三分地沾沾自喜。如果他们一直保持这种心态,很快就会被历史的长河所淘汰。香港本来是一个很好的地方,现在却弄成这样真是可悲。

  8. Most peaceful protests devolves into violence, let us hope it doesnt turn into a outright revolutionary war

  9. Most peaceful protests devolves into violence, let us hope it doesnt turn into a outright revolutionary war

  10. What those people know about democracy? Do those think if they live in a foreign country, like the usa,they will be respected?! Give me a freaking break! They will be alot worse off without china to back them. Do they know that american government or state government make it extra difficult for asians to enter prestigious colleges or even high schools?! Of course not, they live in hong kong and foolish to think that they are better off if they cut tie with china. Open your eyes people, you look chinese, you speak chinese and you live on the land that governs by chinese.

  11. 一帮蠢货,被人利用的蠢货!不愿待就滚出中国香港。Out of nothing, these marchers are unclear about what they are opposed to.

  12. Cowards! See this video to know who these people really are! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sbAEcPuxpI. Shameless and violent people! Human rights is but a convenient excuse to violate others.

  13. When can we expect a documentary about censoring conservatives? That's the problem that America needs to deal with, not protest in Honk Kong

  14. Anybody want to start an export business shipping umbrellas and black T-shirts to Hong Kong? I think it could be a fat paycheck.

  15. These protestors use social media to repeat a lie so that it replaces the truth. So does this video. The truth is any potential extradition will be made only by Hong Kong lawyers. Neither Carrie Lam nor any of her successors has the right to even propose the extradition to Hong Kong lawyers. She has only the right to deny the potential extradition. If that's "Autonomy under threat," then Hong Kong has never had any autonomy since HK has the same extradition with US and Britain for decades.

  16. These protestors use social media to repeat a lie so that it replaces the truth. So does this video. The truth is any potential extradition will be made only by Hong Kong lawyers. Neither Carrie Lam nor any of her successors has the right to even propose the extradition to Hong Kong lawyers. She has only the right to deny the potential extradition. If that's "Autonomy under threat," then Hong Kong has never had any autonomy since HK has the same extradition with US and Britain for decades.

  17. World, what I want to say is there are so many comments are made by the propaganda machine from mainland China which want to lead the public opinion towards to the Hong Kong government or Chinese government, but the fact is, two millions Hong Kong people have joined the 6.16 protest march and make their stand on the pursuit of real democracy, police reformation and the opposition to the extradition bill.

  18. You know most of the faces in all these videos most probably have already been processed by the facial recognition system China is infamous for. They have biometric profiles on almost everyone and with the processing powers of supercomputers these days, the system doesn't even need to see your face to recognize and figure out who your are with a high degree of accuracy.

  19. This video is sort of biased, not mentioning and showing the illegal and violent actions of both sides. Not saying that the police are right but you can’t justify illegal actions with the word democracy. Is this another attempt for America to destroy another country that they don’t like?

  20. Why should the people in Hong Kong fear the recent actions regarding the extradition treaty proposal. SIMPLE…it’s Xi’s way of getting rid off any opposition. It worked in Tibet, and Xinjiang so why not implement it in Hong Kong and eventually Taiwan. Convince the Chinese people that there are 1.5 million corrupt government officials and use your CCP controlled courts with their 99.9% conviction rate to jail them or worse. Are there people in Hong Kong that Emperor Xi would want to purge from the ranks? YES THERE ARE! And that is one of the reasons they protested against the extradition bill. They are not stupid…they know exactly what Xi is up to and have been sending him a message all month in the form of protests!
    Throughout history, leaders in China have often resorted to implementing anti-corruption campaigns. Though these campaigns are a means of curbing extreme levels of corruption, they are also an effective method of pursuing political goals. The latest leader to utilize this technique is current Emperor, Xi Jinping, who has built a campaign with a reach that compares only to initiatives seen under his most infamous predecessor, Mao Zedong. Although many differences separate the background, goals, and execution of Mao’s and Xi’s anti-corruption campaigns, the basic objective is the same: to rid the party of any political opposition or potential rivals.
    For Xi, Anti-Corruption is a Convenient Cover
    In March 2018, at China’s 13th National People’s Congress, three important votes were cast that resulted in multiple expansions of Xi Jinping’s power. Not only was he elected for his second term, but presidential term limits were also abolished and a powerful new government agency was incorporated into China’s constitution: the National Supervisory Commission. Yang Xiaodu, appointed as head of this agency, is a trusted aide of Xi and an unexpected choice for the job. Yang’s selection for the post indicates the likely control that Xi will have over the commission’s operations since Yang was chosen over his high-ranking former boss, the country’s top anti-corruption authority. Unconstrained by law or government, of higher status than China’s Supreme Court, and accountable only to top party leadership, this new anti-corruption authority will provide Xi with a great deal more influence.
    As with the removal of term limits, the expansion of Xi’s anti-corruption initiative was a decisive power play. Since its inception in 2012, the campaign has found over 1.5 million government officials guilty of a variety of corruption-related charges. . It is a defining part of Xi’s presidency as well as the principal reason why he has been able to consolidate his power so quickly and effectively.
    The range of people targeted by Xi’s anti-corruption campaign is extensive. The list includes army generals, 35 members of the party’s influential Central Committee, nine members of the party’s internal disciplinary body, as well as senior officials, such as a former Chinese president’s chief of staff. Most telling, though, are the two highest-ranking officials prosecuted: Xi’s main political rivals, Bo Xilai and Zhou Yongkang. A powerful party chief known for his charisma and political potential, Bo was taken down when crimes committed by his family members were exposed at a time politically advantageous for Xi: shortly before Bo was expected to be appointed to the influential Politburo Standing Committee. Not long after, Minister of Public Security and a member of the same committee Bo was set to join, Zhou Yongkang, a rumoured close friend and ally of Bo’s, was brought up on similar charges. Seemingly, the sole basis of the case against him was his alleged connection to a political rival of Xi’s. This correlation between indictments of high-level political figures and their political benefit to Xi is indicative of the alternate use that Xi has found for his anti-corruption campaign. Interestingly enough, one of the criticisms made against Bo by a longstanding party chief was that Bo revived songs and culture representative of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. The very same ones that, ironically, are now a constant feature of Chinese television under Xi’s administration.  
    And speaking of CORRUPTION!….what would you call it when Emperor Xi, while on one of his junkets go win over the hearts and minds of the African people, used his 747 to bring back hundreds of pounds of poached ivory from Tanzania so his cronies could get a pair or two of ivory chopsticks?. If you said…CORRUPTION….you are correct!

  21. The irony ia that the Hongkongers haven't found the Democratic governments around the world to support their cause in a true manner…. Just some useless leap service… I fear some day HK will get consumed by the China proper and the free people of Hongkong will have their freedom stripped away…

  22. The protester thugs want to go on tv and on internet so they wear mouth masks and gas mask it's not just for tear gas and pepper spray to hided their identity.

  23. Most of Hong Kong people is living in greatly dismay or horrify.because of these black T-shirt thugs. Citizen support police. It is the truth. Don't believe New York Times. Find Nathan Rich. He is telling the truth and you may see what youtube is doing to him.

  24. "Hong Kong is not China"
    Saying this is like saying an American born who migrated elsewhere isn't American. By law your still American, by law Hong-Kongers are still part oc China

  25. Reasons why the Hongkong people protest now instead of the time back in 1997? Simply because there were, however, used to live as the "Second class" in the Hongkong "The British Colonization" society which every high gov officer "Chief officer" included were directly appointed by miles away "White invader". and They did not judge any misleading by the White or any Super political or criminal immunity for the White in Hong Kong. Basically, every decisions made by the White are natural and unquestionable including the "Life change" decision of hand over Hong Kong to, now they called "The Criminal Communist Party", By the British. Then after 1997, Hong Kong people have been enjoying "The Right to be themselves" and "The Rights to ask for Privilege and even more ". Consequently, Hong Kong people are now knowing marching, protesting, congregating, screaming, insulting, and Ect…all of which tells us some people in the planet are somehow deserve the "Treat of Repression" to not become Naughty Boy. I declare the best ways to solve the issues are that let Hong Kong to be as the same as previous Kong Hong before 1997, where the people did not have the right to do such, not need to say the something about politics " and where The society was once led by Gov-gang regime in which every Hong Kone people had been acting as perfect as "Yes Sir Man" as the symbol of their unchangeable loyalty for The Colonist.

  26. If its me.i would not join any protest..hello??your just wasting your energy and time.even if you died protesting their nothing will change..i rather go to farm and plants some root crops.

  27. I am genuinely scared. Seeing videos like this, it felt like everything is falling apart. Sending prayers for Hong Kong.

  28. The man in black smashed the police to the ground with bricks, why not report it? The man in black bit off the policeman's finger. Why didn't he report it? The man in black dug up a congressman's ancestral grave. Why didn't he report it? The man in black spilled the Chinese national emblem with ink. Why not report it? The man in black burned the Chinese flag. Why not report it? Like the Taiwan media, the media are misleading the world to hate China! Because you want China to mess up! Because such media articles can make money! I hope the world can see the facts clearly and not be misled by the media with ulterior motives!

  29. Can someone please EXPLAIN me This What will happend i found On FB it saids "Tommorow is the legal Death Day Of Hongkong"

  30. 好可怕,反华势力竟然通过教育系统洗脑颠覆香港搞乱香港颠覆中国,看看,全是年轻人

  31. Pro -Democracy and Yellow Umbrella Movement crying whining baby needs pacifiers or there will break a tamper tantrum if they don’t get what they want or doesn’t want.

  32. 試問誰又未發聲?世界媒體包括BBC在內為讓你相信他們想讓你相信的「真相」,給出了有偏頗的不公正報導,稍微不注意就會被洗腦。請問記者,你的良心在哪兒了?你的眼睛在哪兒了?你真的看不到香港的真相嗎?還是不願意讓大家看到真相,因為歷史只屬於寫歷史的人。做文書工作的你們非常清楚,給錢你們寫東西的人也非常清楚。可憐的是那些被你們推到最前線卻意淫民主自由的年輕人。暴力永遠不是解決事情的最好辦法,為什麼這不是年輕人收到的信息?為什麼香港年輕人會覺得我聲大就有理呢?為什麼在香港,只能允許黃色的聲音?為什麼只有黃色的聲音等同於正義,其他的聲音都被消聲了呢? 黃色的聲音不過是顏色的一種,其他顏色的聲音是不是也應該齊放一下才叫民主自由啊。打著自由民主旗號吶喊的你們,到底對香港做了什麼? who is really not waken yet? The whole world media including BBC is giving bias news to the public by editing out the the whole fact which reveals the truth. Are you afraid the public seeing police being thrown bricks and steel before they started tear gas? Or that a police finger got bitten off by an “innocent” student? Or those politician initiate fights around Hongkong triggers different fight waiting for Police fighting back so that media can capture for next day news? What on earth are you doing reporters?

  33. Look at Singapore, HK has no future. It will just be like Iraq, Libya, Ukraine or Tunisia. Bye bye financial centre of East Asia.

  34. It is ironic that rich Chinese want to get a citizenship in HK to escape from Chinese government which Chinese think as the world best country ever.

  35. omg what happened to our planet today darkest dreams came alive plss pray for hongkong😰😰😰😰😥😥😥😥

  36. it is interesting that the NEWS always have things in backward order…
    BECAUSE of the extradition law to china was rushing to pass without consulting our people. and this law is a threat to anyone BECAUSE under china-system, they have 99% of conviction rate, what it means if they THINK you had committed a crime, u must HAVE committed a crime without any appeal. or if you are potentially challenging the power of the leader or the government, you then considered a DEATH crime. with this being said, introducing this law to HK is not to keep the crime away, instead is to make the people who is NOT pro-china Vanish with a "reasonable-reason" THIS IS THE BEGINNING….

    peaceful protest has made on the 12 june, 1 million people had joined. but the chief executive DID NOT care, she continued to proceed to the 2nd stage of passing this law. and determined that legal protest WAS a RIOT. for the sole reason of convicting people and give them MAXIMUM JAIL TIME when they do convict them. many people were injured that day by rubber bullet *it would be harmful WHEN u shoot them in short range. one teacher's eye got hit by the bullet and had left his eyes nearly blind. tear gas was also deployed. excessive amount. the violence WAS indeed from the police side.

    on 16 June, TWO million people had joined another protest , to ask for retract of the bill. she didn't listen, and want to proceed to the final stage of the passing the bill at council office. we are being put in the international news about this protest, how orderly , peaceful the protest was. so the world had question, was it really a riot there in HK. were the protestors violence.

    SHE REFUSED to retract the bill, and continue to pass the law thru. is when the protestors decided to destory the council building. in order to DELAY the passing of the bill. Also SHE wanted the protestors to be seen in the violent face, destorying the building, and use it as a reference in the future that those are rioters.

    july 1 ( SHOWN IN THE VIDEO ) , is when u see they destroy the council -meeting building. but not everything there was destroy, for example… some good congress man portray was untouched, unpainted. on some levels, history – porcelain was untouched. the anger of the protestors are solely towards those who sold HK and betray HONG KONG people, for their own benefits. they even put down money in the cafeteria after taking out drinks. that shows our HONG KONG education. people are well educated. most protests in the world is fighting for their own benefit, but we are not . those protestors are not there to take things, or take benefit, we are here to maintain HONG KONG SAFETY and DEMOCRACY, for ourselves and also for the world ( whoever come to HK invest, or come to HK travel )

    when you look at the news, please do not get mix up with the cause and effect! not because the protestors destroy the meeting -building so the police use excessive force. it is the OPPOSITE.

  37. The fact you are not even required to study China’s history in school demonstrates how much authority you have in HongKong. Stop pretend victims. You are victims of your own.

  38. These are terrorists who only overthrow the state and attack the police and people. How ridiculous that the false media in the West are still deceiving people. Look, they're still collecting money.

  39. You are day dreaming if you think China is not coming for you. They already control your cops. they will send in the red army to take away your freedom and your property. Fight communies.

  40. 别带口罩啊,怕什么,用身家性命来革命啊。既然你们的诉求是正义的,行为事合法的。为什么不敢真面目示人?

  41. This is the planning of US and China to atleast harm the economy of great Hong Kong for couple of days…. Effecting the economy of growing economies….

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