How anti-Semitism persists in the United States

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  1. Dumpsters are bailing. They ALL understand that the slaughter of 11 people had a direct link to his rhetoric. Cuz the shooter was specific -these people were part of a 'conspiracy' to help an 'invading caravan' get into the US. Both Trump and Fox News were pounding this war drum when the shooter assassinated a group of white middle-class senior citizens at prayer. The fact he didn't like Trump's Jewish associates doesn't change it. GUILTY.

  2. ©™ TMALX Transnational 🌏 Militant 💥 Armed 🔫Liberation⛓ Xecutive🕶 Observation ✍ ✍
    Anti semitism exists.
    But Anti-Zionism isn't anti-Semitic !

  3. Whether people want to admit it or not, Israel has always been the greatest promoter of Antisemitism, also the fact that more and more people are opening their eyes to the fact that AIPAC and the Israeli lobby control the US government now.


  5. This is totally wrong and not addressing the real issue at all. Do the right thing and at least tell the truth. It's not Anti-semitism it was a crime.

  6. Raw chickenshit spilling from the mouths of liars.
    Also take note that the synagogue that got shot up had a training drill for that EXACT SITUATION only TWO days prior.

  7. Lets make a followup video called "How Anti-semitism is used to coverup discussion of Crimes committed worldwide throughout history." Funny we live in a world that only listens to the slave owners of yesterday… Oh ya, they own the media, what choice do we have.

  8. H.R.1911 – Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Act of 2018
    Call, Write and Email your Senators to stop this!

  9. Just question this people: Look at the patterns of this small group that hides within a group and somehow ALWAYS seem connected to all of these (plus many more) events. PEOPLE just are not born knowing about or disliking jews … People generally have much better things to do … BUT when much of ALL Western Nation's populations are oppressed by this group (NOT ALL jews people!! Come on … by now everybody MUST KNOW THIS AS FACT!! AND IS ONE OF THIS CRIMINAL CABAL'S OLDEST TRICKS) PATTERN RECONITION !!!! Their actions are NOW FAR BEYOND MEAR COHENCIDENCE

  10. We have a problem in this country; and the problem is not 'anti-semitism'.. rather the will of the people is being trampled by gov't and corporate elite, spin-doctors, and their control of the narrative.

    Now, our most precious liberty of Free Speech is openly being threatened by tyrants, seizing the opportunity to exploit for political gain. Don't you get it.. that speech you seek to stifle today might be your own free speech tomorrow.

    The shooting that took place in Pittsburgh was a hateful and violent act, and that person should be held accountable for his actions. That does not warrant reckless generalizations and endangerment against the free-speech, thoughts and valid opinions of Americans who have every right to express, vote, lobby according to their conscience.

    The stark double standard is becoming more and more blatant daily concerning the 'unmentionable' death count of those we are told of not to speak. The unmentionables in a land that I'm told doesn't even exist. America — we need to TALK.

    "Can we Talk?" — Joan Rivers

  11. Google The Sergrants Affair. Is ra el is a state built out of terrorism . Zionism is in control world wide. End dual citizens in government, End career politicians.

  12. True anti-Semites, like the Pittsburgh shooter, hate Jews and Arabs equally and hope for a biblical destruction of both peoples. The man just got to a sinagog before getting to a mosque. That’s all. End of story. Please move on.

  13. Are Liberals really this stupid?!?!?! Right wing extremist are anti-Semitic?!?! They cant read a thread on a leftwing news broadcast about antisemitism, then compare to the thread on a rightwing broadcast?!?!?! Maybe its too hard to ask a crowd at a republican convention, "How do you feel about the Jewish people and the state of Israel?" You Liberals disgust me. Take your anti-Semitic BS and go form some Nazi trash nation in Venezuela, the left would be more at home there. The Jewish people have been villainized in every nation outside the U.S. because they have out performed everyone in all nations outside the US. Its not cause they have superior DNA, its cause they have a culture that was developed from study of the Torah, just like the US, faith can be lost to the masses, but the values remain. As a Christian, I will lay down my life to protect Gods' people.

  14. What really frightens me with this video is so.many of the comments below. Is blaming the victim the new norm?

  15. Look at all the Christians and Muslims showing their hate in the comment section. Showing us once again that they are losers!

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