How ‘Bombshell’ Takes an Uncomfortable Elevator Ride | Anatomy of a Scene

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Hi, I’m Jay Roach. I am the director of
the film “Bombshell.” So in this scene, we
see Margot Robbie, who’s playing Kayla, take a
call from– clearly, from Roger Ailes’ office. And Kate McKinnon,
who’s playing Jess, in the cubicle with her. We have just seen,
a few scenes back, that Roger is harassing
Kayla right this minute and is now pressuring
her to come back up. We’ve also seen that
Kate McKinnon’s character has warned her not
to talk about it. So right away, it’s
about staying silent. The score is playing
this sort of haunting, all women’s voices as the
instrumentation, almost Phillip Glass thing that Teddy
Shapiro came up with to emphasize how alone
she is on this walk. And she walks
into this elevator and thinks she can be alone. But in walks her actual
idol, Megyn Kelly, played by Charlize Theron. And now, two women,
who both have secrets, who both have been harassed,
are in the same tight space and won’t say a
word to each other. And they’re going to ride
this elevator up to the floor where Roger Ailes is. And this shot here is
such a great example of Barry Ackroyd’s incredibly
humanistic operating. He’s just watching the
people and paying attention to what they’re reacting to,
and finding the composition off of the performance. In comes Gretchen
Carlson, played by Nicole Kidman,
who’s now a third woman in a different
level of predicament, a different level of
being harassed by Roger. And they’re all
stuck in this space. So this was a very
important scene, because it’s the only time
in the whole movie when all three women are
in the same place. And we wanted a
kind of combination of capturing the predicament
of them being in the elevator but not supporting each
other, and seeing that in the wide shot, that you
could actually jump around to watch each woman’s face
in the three-shot and compose for that. And as Megyn watches
them walk away, she knows that
Margo, especially, is walking into
Roger’s lair, where almost all of the
harassment happened at Fox.

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