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Our cities are now home to more than 54% of
the global population – but while they cover just 3% of the world’s total land area they
account for more than 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Now, in an effort to curb the impacts of climate
change, a number of cities are working to operate in a cleaner and more sustainable
way. Since 2008, Chicago has been implementing
a series of strategies in its Climate Action Plan – an initiative that seeks to reduce
the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80% below 1990 levels – and in 2019 committed
to running the city on 100% renewable energy by 2040. As the largest city in the United States to
commit to such an ambitious goal, Chicago is now set to become a model for other large
cities across the country and around the world to follow. Despite intentions to withdraw the United
States from the Paris Agreement on climate change, numerous states, cities and major
corporations have taken it upon themselves to reduce their carbon emissions. While Copenhagen has committed to becoming
carbon neutral by 2025, many have been quick to point out that other major urban areas
are at a disadvantage when looking to set similar goals, as many of the methods being
used to reduce Copenhagen’s carbon footprint cannot be easily implemented elsewhere. Chicago’s plan focuses efforts on a number
of key areas where CO2 emissions are produced and includes steps to combat the already unavoidable
consequences of climate change – such as heatwaves and increasingly unpredictable weather
patterns. Recognising that buildings contribute to almost
70% of the city’s overall carbon footprint, Chicago have made tackling inefficiency in
how these structures are operated a top priority. In the residential typology alone, while a
third of households across the United States are living in buildings that are over 50 years
old – in Chicago, the proportion is two thirds. Many of these structures were built
prior to the advent of modern energy efficient systems. In response, the city has been undertaking
an ambitious programme to improve energy efficiency in 50% of its commercial, residential and
industrial buildings by 2020. Measures being undertaken include retrofitting
to enhance insulation, upgrade heating and cooling systems and to install energy-efficient
lighting and high-efficiency windows – all of which help to lower a buildings energy
consumption, in turn resulting in lower operating costs for owners. To enable these measures, The City of Chicago
has assisted with financing for businesses and homeowners while leading by example on
the near 900 public buildings that they own – working to retrofit 100% of these structures
by 2025. While cutting the amount of energy consumed
in the city will significantly reduce Chicago’s carbon footprint, stopping emissions at their
source will have a greater impact on climate change. Despite the city already committing to running
all municipal buildings on renewable energy by 2025, in 2019 city officials voted unanimously
to expand that commitment to cover all buildings within the city by 2040. Photovoltaic (PV) panels have been installed
on schools and other significant structures, while businesses and homeowners have been
incentivised to install smaller-scale systems on their own buildings to generate a portion
of their energy needs. Though the city still draws around 80% of
its power from coal and nuclear sources, an offshore wind farm on Lake Michigan is now
being explored, with the potential to considerably reduce the Chicago’s reliance on fossil
fuels. 21% of Chicago’s greenhouse gas emissions
come from the cars, buses and trains operating in the city making transportation another
important area of focus in the Climate Action Plan. Home to the second largest transit system
in the United States, the city is building upon the network that is already in place
to further reduce its carbon footprint. Currently providing 1.6 million rides daily,
the city is working to boost public transportation ridership a further 30% by offering pre-tax
transit passes – which can save users up to USD $400 a month as compared to car use
– and by working with the Regional Transit Authority and rail and bus operators to increase
efficiency on multimode journeys. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) has also
committed to converting its fleet of over 1,800 buses to electric models by 2040 while
working with the City of Chicago to develop communities around transport hubs that reduce
the need for personal vehicles and encourage walking, cycling and car sharing options for
residents. Despite ongoing efforts to reduce the city’s
carbon footprint, Chicago’s officials recognise that the effects of climate change are already
being felt. In response, part of their Climate Action Plan focuses on ways to minimise these impacts on citizens. Materials commonly used in cities like glass,
steel and concrete all absorb heat throughout the day and then release it again at night
– contributing to a phenomenon known as the urban heat island effect. Introducing green spaces can help to mitigate
this. They also provide a degree of defence against sudden storms, absorbing much of the
water rather than allowing it to flow into stormwater systems that can quickly become
overwhelmed. While Chicago is now planting more than one
million trees across the city – with a particular focus on species that can survive in changing
climates – it is also actively encouraging the development of green roofs through its
Green Roof Initiative. City officials have also revised building
standards to ensure that the next generation of buildings not only run more efficiently
but are designed to passively reduce solar gains and capture rainwater for use within
building systems. Though it is still some years away from achieving
its ultimate goals, Chicago’s ambitious intentions have helped to firmly establish
it as a leading city in the fight against climate change – an inspiring model for
others to follow. If you enjoyed this video and would like to
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  1. Uranium doesn't come from dead organisms, and it's not even combustible.
    So please explain to how nuclear power can possibly be considered a fossil fuel source.

  2. They can't stop their citizens from killing each other, but Want to save the environment. That's Democrat policy for you.

  3. Hmmmmm.. Illinois is most corrupt state ever. .. this seems like a money hungry scheme. Where do i sign up!?

  4. Chicago is one of the most corrupt cities in one of the most corrupt states in the country. In certain parts of the city, the murder rate and shootings are completely out of control, and now these same leaders are spending all their time, effort and energies fighting the climate change hobgoblin. Some of the waterways in Chicago are still horribly polluted. I guess tilting at climate change windmills gets you adoring press coverage and is so much easier than solving the crime, education and other problems burdening many city residents.

  5. Global warming idiots are a doomsday cult. The world was supposed to end decades ago with us killing off the rain forests. Then there was a big hole in the ozone layer. Then there was global warming. Now it's climate change. It'll be something else in a few decades. Moronic sheep keep giving money and power to the next politician that comes up with the next global disaster that will supposedly kill us all but never will.

  6. How can you say you're concerned about the environment when you're planting non native trees which destroy the local ecology? local wildlife can't survive on non native trees and plants they end up dying. That's some B.S. right there, freaking ignoramuses

  7. We must go full nuclear!. The safest, I repeat, the safest, cheaper, cleanest, and the least landscape intrusive energy. And non intermittent, by the way. Should not were for the taxes imposed by stupid or corrupt governments on the taxpayers for the subsidizes for solar and wind, they wouldn't exist. It's a big scam for the hard-earned-money workers. STOP THE WIND AND SOLAR CRAZINESS
    If the carbon dioxide is so bad for the climate, how it is explained that during the years 1934 to 1937 such great disasters occurred in the United States of America with half the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of which we have nowadays?.

  8. To leftists who live within 5 miles of the ocean or great lake, your house/condo will be under water within 2 years. Sign your deeds over to me and I will dispose of the worthless real estate on your behalf.

  9. Great video/short documentary again. Thanks, guys, I have great satisfaction watching your works.
    Please more stuff about cities and climate change.
    Atlanta should earn a video just for their beltline, the biggest American infrastructure.
    Anyway, yesterday Mr. Trump "wisely" signed a document that trash all Obama's work about gas emissions. Now every state is free to use all the coal and the fossil they want. History will remember this administrator for his green decisions and for four years dedicated to destroying his predecessor work. Ah, also for prostitutes and porn stars. Thanks.

  10. Yeah well…the way they are really fighting climate change has more to do with the fact that now only 2.7million people there, as opposed to L.A. with 5 or 6million and NY with 9 or 10million. And that # in Chicago is falling all the time with people leaving to other states because of their crazy high real estate taxes and every kind of tax and fees and fines under the sun that the city can think to charge people in order to pay for their rooftop gardens and pretty bullshit that might not do a damn thing to reduce carbon emissions one iota, but boy it will make the downtown loop look clean and pretty for the rich liberal tourists flying in to visit from Paris and London and NY and L.A. won't it? Are we going to be giving back some of the resources to the Southside guys? Because…when they have public city government meetings and hearings on how to solve the plight of the south side, the liberal newspapers and aldermen and whoever they invite to the panel to talk about it, always say the answer is to tax the rich northsiders even more, since they have it to waste apparently, in their estimations. Hmm…well then that explains what is happening with the taxes, which have gotten out of control and subsequently not seeming to help the plight of the south side, because they are obviously mostly for these "going green" upgrades the city is implementing instead of using them for what they swore to the tax payer they would, to better the schools and infrastructure and introduce more businesses and jobs and programs for the kids and this, that, and the other thing for the south side. Those misleadings are exactly why the population of the city which was at 3.6million has gone down almost a million people in record time from people leaving and it's that lesser amount of people that is cleaning up the air and streets, not all of these "green" efforts.

  11. Thank you B1M for your continued great and informative videos. And thank you Chicago for being brave and leading the way to a better tomorrow. I love you Chicago.

  12. Chicago's plan is not ambitious, it's 21 years and that's only for operating the city services and buildings. The first thing they need to do is not being the murder capital of the US and get rid of rampant city govt corruption.

  13. Climate Change in June = Summer!
    Climate Change in December = Winter!
    The Global Warming Bleevers = Stupid!

  14. I'm sorry B1M but Nuclear power is the best source of clean and efficient energy on the planet. If the US would invest in Molten Salt Thorium Reactors our energy needs would no longer be an issue.

  15. In old Italian, Chicago means, 'I shit'. Just saying. Anyway, this is so good. Love what Chicago is doing.

  16. I’m getting ready to relocate to Chicago. As I’ve visited over the years, I park my car and take public trans. I’m glad to hear this.

  17. Heat waves kill 20 times less people in the U.S. than the cold, and cold related weather kills 3 times more people than heat related weather. Plus, the U.S. rural temperature record shows us as being colder than the 1930s, so. 😛

    Also, fun-fact 90% of Chicago's warming in the past 100 years has been produced by its heat island. They're going to have to destroy the city in order to stop the warming produced by it as much as possible.

  18. When discussing sustainability, lumping nuclear and coal together makes complete sense. Nuclear and coal aren’t on the same plane when talking about CO2 emissions, but nether of them could be called sustainable.

  19. I envy Chicago for this very reason but I think the TOP priority should be it's people who live poor and all the crime which is happening!

  20. Only "heat creep" can provide the balance of the required thermal energy needed at the base of every planetary troposphere in order to explain the observed temperature. Every functioning vortex cooling tube provides evidence of "heat creep" happening radially due to the centrifugal force in the tube – just as gravity enables heat creep in planetary tropospheres and even down to the core. That's why climatologists are wrong about carbon dioxide supposedly warming us.

  21. That statistic you started your video with was misleading. Cities may utilize only 3% of the world's surface area but they contain the majority of the Earth's population, the majority of its commerce, the majority of its industry and are nexuses for the surrounding rural areas. What do you think the emissions would be if the population was spread more evenly? I understand that it was a lead-in but you don't need to resort to chicanery to get me to watch your video

  22. GOV1: how can we tax people more.
    GOV2: let's rebrand global warming as climate change, they will fall for it.
    GOV1: Genius!
    GOV2: we will be even richer

  23. people are always afraid of Nuclear Energy and waste, but the same technology that is used for fracking for Oil, can be used to store Nuclear waste 2 miles below the surface in super stable "Shale" deposits that stay seismically stable for up to 2 Million years, which is more than enough time for the majority of radioactivity to decay!

  24. Quick point: please don't lump nuclear power in with coal. They are extremely different in execution and have wildly different environmental impacts.

  25. Chicago: the birthplace of skyscrapers and maybe America's future carbon neutral megacity. Thank you so much for your high quality video and first class comment.

  26. Shouldn't Chicago be more concerned with their outrageous murder rate?! Shout out to Jussie Smollett…the ultimate douche

  27. In other words, Chicago is leading the way on tackling a pointless issue that no one can do anything about ?

  28. Great video, I really enjoyed it. I have lived in the Chicago area my whole life. Although the green initiative is cool to see, it’s really despicable that the city invests in this instead trying to change the extreme gang violence that’s been in the city since at least 50 years… my parents remember horrible gang violence when they were kids. They should be investing in the schools and other ways to help kids have opportunity. I don’t understand why that hasn’t been the number one priority in Chicago for the last 50 years.

  29. I bet you didn't know this. Chicago is also one of the most corrupt cities in American, inside one of the most moved out of state Illinois. Why don't you talk about how this "fight against climate change" is being paid for. If you don't have the time for it I'll tell you. Tax increases! That's how this stuff is paid for, and is the main reason a lot of small businesses are leaving Illinois. They are one of the few states who's population is shrinking dramatically, and their solution is to tax the living crap out of their remaining TAX PAYERS. Chicago should definitely not be doing ANYTHING about climate change, until they sort out bigger problems in their city.

  30. For all Climate Change Skeptics I suggest you watch Potholer54’s videos on the topic. He debunks Climate Change Denial/Skepticism very well.

  31. Just wanted to encourage you guys by saying I enjoy your content more than anything on TV (in this genre). The quality is exceptional. Thanks.

  32. you live in city with million people ? yes
    you are fighting the climat change with the americans City way of life ? yes


  33. Big Corporations that support liberal media are grossly wasting their money…in the end they lose. The American people are waking up. Take a deep look at what Big Corporations are doing to our Planet. They are polluting our air, land, oceans, food, water and our minds. They are doing this…not the people. For Gods sake open your eyes… PLEASE.

  34. Nothing like some fake "climate change" talk
    I love it when Democrats say that for $100 TRILLION
    they will fix the world's temperatures.
    I think Democrats are guaranteeing to raise or lower temperatures as needed.
    If there is a problem, we have to wait 150 years to see if works.
    If it works, it will be the only thing Democrats have ever done that has worked…….
    so they are excited that you are going to give them ALL your money and rights.
    However, if you don't give them ALL your Constitutional Rights and ALL your money
    the earth will be destroyed tomorrow. Sorry, but color me a DENIER.

  35. Climate Change is the Hoax of the Century
    Democrats answer to Democracy …….
    Fastest way to get to their Nazist State …….. Der Fatherland

    Democrats Love huge totalitarian Facist government (No Budgets)
    Democrats HATE free speech (conservative speeches at Berkeley .. lol)
    Democrats HATE freedom of the press (watch leftist MSM)
    Democrats HATE religious freedom (Obama IRS scandal – 5th amendment pleas)
    Democrats HATE HATE HATE Jews (check out Obama)

  36. Paris Agreement did nothing for the USA but made the USA give money and stop developing. Trump 2020

  37. This brought a huge smile to my face because I live near chicago and this really inspired me and gave me hope for the future of Chicago.

  38. The entire United Kingdom is set to ban combustion engine cars by 2040, and car manufacturers having to make electric vehicles from 2025

  39. Chicago will take longer than one thinks, as the residents are stubborn and hate change. esp. for the working class that have great intentions but never see the quick benefits of change as of the top tiers in the classes. The "el" is a great mass transit system for all the people, and making it an electric and solar generating trains will help immensely…A quiet MAGLEV train to replace the very loud diesel trains would make a HUGE impact on Chicago's atmosphere!! If China can do it all over its damn country, why are we not..? It is so damn foolish and directly a cause from the oil lobbyists. Solar panels on every home would be a massive progressive move all across this nation. We are so behind, yet the richest nation on Earth !!!

  40. This channel puts me in such a peaceful and interested mindset. I use your videos as an escape of reality after stressful tests or hours of studying. How the editing is done and how the information is expressed is elegant and graceful. I really love to see these videos! Thank you.

  41. Why does everybody focus on carbon emissions?
    Carbon IS NOT poisonous!!!
    Other stuf in eg car exhaust gases are and often carbon emissions are low while bad stuf emissions are high…

  42. On top of that one small eruption of any volcano does emit more CO2 than all humanity across its existence…
    Human-induced co2 emissions do not contribute in global warming ;-P

  43. Am black but the reason i prefer Trump’s decision to withdraw from Climate Change accord us that, the US will strictly follow their own plans of energy efficiency like this one. And also act on a responsible manner to fight climate change. Look at the rest of the world still haven’t taken any action yet, instead they’re still talking and blaming Trump for his decision three years later. Action is what matters, and Trump is doing his job.

  44. I love all of B1Ms videos but this one really sticks out to me personally. I'd love more videos on sustainable city planning!!

  45. ? they want us Chicago citizens to walk and cycle only white People will do that. Black People wouldn’t do that because it be getting to cold in the Winter so no sir

  46. Chicago never has to even worry about sea level rise. This shows how progressive the city is. Chicago will become the dominant U.S. city in a few hundred years when New York and LA have to be abandoned.

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