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The Chinese government has
one of the most extensive propaganda networks in the
world inside the country, but it also aggressively
works to influence how it’s perceived
outside its borders. “Good morning, President Xi!” China has invested billions
into bolstering its image abroad. Its state-run news outlets
push out messages in English around the clock — “You’re watching CGTN.” “Live in Beijing.” “From Nairobi.” “Washington, D.C.” — and its diplomats
have flocked to Twitter in the last year. But what happens when this
massive P.R. apparatus has to do major
damage control? We analyzed
thousands of tweets from Chinese state media
and official accounts and found three
dominant messages China wants to
project to the world. Here’s what we learned. A novel coronavirus hit
the Chinese city of Wuhan in January. Early whistleblowers
were silenced. People were angry about
a government cover-up. But in the majority
of tweets we analyzed, state-owned publications pushed
a much more optimistic view, promoting what they said
was an effective response. They are sharing
videos like this. The Chinese Communist Party
refers to this as positive energy,
only focusing on the bright side
of an issue. China did take drastic measures
to try and stem the outbreak, but that’s the only story
China wants the world to see. And state media is
eager to run praise from foreign experts to
back up China’s successes. One tweet from
state media that did reveal Chinese
citizens’ discontent — — it was quickly deleted. Once the virus spread
across the world, China started
positioning itself as being at the forefront
of fighting the pandemic. It presented itself
as a partner, a grateful recipient, and more
recently a selfless leader, highlighting large donations
from Chinese companies and the government. China hasn’t
typically disparaged other countries’
responses to the virus, with one exception —
the United States. “President Donald
Trump has been accused of denying,
downplaying and outright rejecting the concerns
over the Covid-19 outbreak.” Another thing we noticed are
Chinese outlets disputing the origin of the virus. It all started
in late February with a renowned
Chinese epidemiologist. Around the same time, the
C.D.C. reported the first case in the United States
with an unknown origin. A screenshot of the
announcement incorrectly translated in Chinese
began to trend online and was untouched by
Chinese government censors. And a high-ranking
government spokesperson actively pushed disinformation
about where the virus came from. A government giving an
optimistic spin to bad news is not unique. “We want to go big, go solid. The country is very strong.
We’ve never been so strong.” But the scale of the Chinese
propaganda machine is, and it’s clear that
it’s being deployed to try and tell the
world a new story about the
coronavirus pandemic.


  1. Can you ever take a break from trying to spin your bullsh%t views?!?! You criticize China, yet your news channel is just as fake!

  2. As a Chinese I just want to say part of this is true, but right now most of the patients are cured in Wuhan, that's for sure. I admit at the beginning the government sure did something really bad, but now we are all fine now

  3. It is in Chinese Communist blood to lie, communism sucks! We lived under Soviet Union, China is worse than USSR, so you can imagine what is happening there! I hate communists!!! Chinese people should fight the system and defeat the communism!

  4. I am normal chinese resident,the way I see it is government control it very good,I stay in home for 1 month,and virus is all gone, now I can do whatever I want and go out,our government truly did a great job and put a lot of investment

  5. The entire world pandemic is due to Chinese authorities mishandling of the Wuhan virus. Initially all the Chinese authorities did was silence any doctors or bloggers who tried to warn about the new virus seen in Wuhan.
    The whole world crisis is due to Chinese face-saving and incompetence. The fact that the Chinese authorities allow extremely unsanitary open-air exotic meat markets is the core problem. Then when reports come in about an emerging virus they silence the whistle-blowers and ignore the problem until it blows up in their faces.

  6. Thanks to WTO and President Bill Clinton for facilitating China's rise . Now the whole world is paying the price.

  7. China is a major risk to the rest of the world, they keep putting our viruses every couple of years, and have even been doing gene editing on human beings even though its been internationally banned.

  8. China is a dictatorship that is a fact, but saying China is covering up the virus by not treating the people in the hospital is fake, because if that was the case then the outbreak would be uncontrollable. China currently has zero cases of new coronavirus patients, which in itself is proof that China is treating the infected. I don't think there is a coverup, however, I do think there is a campaign in pinpointing where the virus originated. I do believe it came from China, but the Chinese media is creating doubt by bringing evidence that it was started by non-Chinese individuals who entered the country from outside of China. I am sure there will be many countries that will bring evidence of such and hopefully we can create a global narrative that will prevent future pandemics of global proportion. We can point fingers all day, but it is better to find solutions so people do not have to die prematurely going forward.

  9. Seriously, the origin of the virus is still not confirmed. Look up some articles by scientific sources. Also, just because the first reported case was in China, it doesn't mean it was "born " from China. Another explanation that might help imagine an unknown virus was first reported somewhere in Europe. It might seem that the virus was "born" in Europe, but there is also the possibility that it was "born" somewhere in Africa and infected someone without being reported. And that someone travels to Europe and infects another person and that second person gets reported for a new virus. There is simply not enough information to conclude the origin of the virus. The origin of the virus can only be determined by analyzing the genetic trait of it. Even with that information, we still might not find the origin of the virus because of how it evolves over time.

    Edit: If you simply disregard my argument as a CCP bot, then you have lost the argument. Don't use identity politics, I want an actual discussion.

  10. I'm Wuhan citien. I've been stay at home for 55 days. I don't want to argue with you about what is true. I'm begging you to do what our government and our people do. my two sister are nurse. my four friends are doctors.they fought with the disease on past two months in Wuhan.I know how horrible the disease is. Our way is provided the best way to control the disease by our people's life. It is not a war between the country. it's a war between the virus and human. just put prejudice down do as what we do. I'm begging you,not for my country or my party, just for life.

    I'm not good at English. but I want you know I just want to help you. We suffered too much pain. I don't want to you suffer again.

  11. Yes, all are fake. So what ? China has contained the coronavirus now but America is outbreaking. This is so ridiculous. China uses the fake measures to defeat the virus. You takes a rare example to represent all China has done!!!

  12. Nice coverage now show how the NY times and american media shape the narrative around Biden's dimentia and lack of policy

  13. I don’t blame the Chinese for the virus, just replace all the money we lost. The government should confiscate all the properties the Chinese own in America.

  14. I guess NYT only put out all those negative report in simplified Chinese for fun instead of trying to shape how Chinese see the world as they wish.

  15. This great CCP effort to contain did nada, zilch to stop the World wide spread. Instead the CCP sent out its infected agents to infect everyone else in the World.

  16. How one of NYT Reorters sees the Narrative of COVID 19 in China.

    He is a professional Health reporter.
    NYT contradicting itself.

  17. What goes around comes around, now China has overcomed, we shall see how good is US in combating this virus.

  18. Only naive people believe China has zero cases now…
    It is so obvious that Xi Jinping wants to reveal their cases later and then blame other countries for bringing back the Wuhan coronavirus and cause China's second wave of the pandemic.
    The Chinese government is so dirty.

  19. China had destroyed many samples which may tell the actual origin and pathogen., Without knowing the origin it's difficult to develop the vaccine. Chinese communist party is responsible for the deaths nd economic disaster.. They should compensate countries nd people who lost their loved ones.

  20. I laughed when "everything is fake" appearing in the video, NEW YORK TIME know what it happens? This happened in a community in Wuhan, because those days happened to be the worst period in Wuhan, and there was a shortage of volunteers. There were only a few volunteers in the community who provided grocery shopping services for residents, and then most of them could only It ’s called takeaway. This takeaway should require 20 ~ 30 delivery fee. When this video was broadcast, it was indeed deleted on some websites, but some local news reports restored the true image of this thing, but it happened Later, at that time, it was the leadership of the central government to inspect the problem, and then reported it to the central government that afternoon. The next day, the government sent someone to deal with the problem of insufficient staff. The Chinese government has always avoided things, unlike some Government blames problems with other countries


  22. CCP is the virus itself. Infecting the people of the world. Let us all lockdown our connection with them.

  23. This is indeed accurately should be called CCP ( China Communist Party ) Virus, it was allowed to spread and a willful intend to harm the world by Suppressing and Silencing Chinese Dr Li Wenliang and Whistleblowers.

  24. Please do a documentary of how European descent slowly decimate native red Indians, Maoris, aboriginal in USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Then keep red Indians in reserves of infertile land. Taking away their language, their culture.

  25. Who is pushing who around? It is the West leading by the US is the controlfreak of the world. China has nothing to do with the mess the West and the USare facing. It is the US acts like a control freak and goes around the world tostart unnecessary wars that killed tens and thousand innocent people, destroyednations that will take generations to rebuild, created millions refugees forother countries to take care. Why should others to take the all these burdensthat the US created at the first place? Why blame China that has nothing to dowith all the mess the US created? You stupid US should take a good look atyourself in the mirror before you trash others. China is working to helpothers, especially to the developing nations. How can you blame China inhelping others? The real reason for the US so upset about the rising China isthat the US is losing control of the world so it cannot longer take advantageof others as it wishes all the time. The US just cannot share the benefits withanother world power. This the mentality of the world number one control freak.

  26. I have also seen on Twitter people saying how generous China is for sending equipment to Italy and how 'it's not really their fault' People who no longer live in China and others have been quick to damp down this narrative.

  27. According to a report by the Japanese Kyodo News Agency, there was an anonymous interview with a doctor who manages hospitalization and discharge of patients in Wuhan, China. "It is completely false to say that the number of confirmed Chinese authorities is zero, and that corona confirmed in Wuhan continues to occur." The authorities said they had deliberately removed many of the patients under treatment from quarantine and deliberately reduced the number in response to Wuhan's inspections by State President Xi Jinping on the 10th. This is what real China looks like. Since he lied completely to all the countries in the world, he suffered huge damage to the entire economy, including astronomical losses, and the entire economy, so he had to pay China an enormous amount of reparations.

  28. China has fought back bravely with its Chinese Communist Party approved and improved version of bat-soup 🍲🍜and pangolin burger 🍔 as medication for Wuhan Virus.🦠🦠🦠 Order it now on AMAZON TO GO! 🇨🇳 CCTV🇨🇳

  29. These false allegations and a dangerous lie can have multiple consequences in the future. China should not be trusted again, and they should ban the exotic animals trade for food consumption, luxurious goods for good. Not only China but also to the rest of the countries participating on this types of trades. Lying about the origin where it came from will guaratntee it will happen again.


  31. During decades America Gov use a different propaganda system, they use to push governments from around the world in order to get what they need and they claim to be the police of the world; they change so many stories about what they did wrong in so many countries during decades too. So it’s also funny and scary how little the rest of the world and Americans knows about how America propaganda system works

  32. Um, she said it started in January, but it really was first sighted in November in Wuhan. China is all about saving face and control.

  33. I am a Chinese, the government lies all the time. I can hundred percent make sure this virus came from the laboratory in Whhan China

  34. Thr is now at Italy has more deaths than China hello Noo… u need to be honest with the word before the word turns on u China

  35. The corona is a zoonotic virus, ensuring it's survivability and spread. Yet still isolated to 1 part of the most populated country with animals no less.

  36. please ask Trump do sth to save americans when Trump was downplaying the virus crisis two months ago that is a waste of time window China spared by locking down their own country. Now, Trump and medias are whining like a baby instead of blaming Trump himself for his complete failure of gearing up the country to fight the country.

  37. Yes exactly!! I'm getting sick and tired of Chinese propaganda saying everything is ok when it's not. People need to wake up and realize that Chinese government is not a trustworthy source. I do not even think the numbers of cases and deaths they reported is true but rather way higher than said. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

  38. NYT: Askinzg yourself if warned Americans to wear masks and social distancing as Chinese did two month ago?

    Trump: Asking yourself if warned the Americans DONT treat virus like a flu as the dead toll has already spiked in China months ago?

  39. The fisrt death on China for the Coronavirus was the "truth".🕊🔫🇨🇳. unfortunately 😕

  40. How is it news that a communist government is suppressing truth? Has everyone simply forgotten the entire 20th century?

  41. Here we go AGAIN! China looking for validation from foreigners for their efforts in fighting the Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic, better known as the CCP.

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