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“We’re going to put out
an executive order today. New York State on pause — only essential businesses
will be functioning. 100% of the workforce
must stay home. This is the most drastic
action we can take.” “Everything is
uncharted territory. Nobody knows what’s
going to happen in the news any minute.” “I think I’ve been
asking a lot of how we could have prevented this.” “Am I going to see
another depression like my grandfather
saw in the 1920s?” “Over the past few days,
New York City has taken a lot of
important measures. I’m just worried it came
a little bit too late.” “I think I’m scared of
having to see more death and from reading stories
from abroad, having to make decisions about resources. And I’m worried
people in my life are going to die from it. A few days ago, I had to
watch a patient basically slowly die. I just felt helpless. This is the first time I’ve
really seen people that I truly don’t know how to help. And they are coming in
so sick that everything I’m used to doing
to be able to treat them, I can’t really do.” “How was your day off, Mich?” “It was emotional,
to say the least.” “Why?” “It’s just, like, the hospital
has been insane. And every hour, like,
things are changing. So it’s just, like,
trying to keep up with that while trying to
read about what I should be treating these people with,
while people are rolling in the worst — I don’t know. They say in 18 days it’s
supposed to get really bad. I guarantee you
tomorrow we’re going to have like 1,000 more. The numbers are
going to go up.” “That’s no problem at all. Thank you very much. That’s very nice. Thank you. Sounds good. See you then. Bye. Well, I have been working. A lot of people are not,
which is hard. This place used to
have 30 employees, and on Sunday we let
go of 90% of the staff. We want to reopen so we
can rehire people, you know? It was really hard
to let everyone go. These are people that
are at the level, they’re not wealthy,
you know? This is a very harsh reality. And actually what the job is,
is smiling through stress. And this is hard
to smile through.” [Rain falling] “It’s go time here at
the community kitchen. This is the time where
we have to ramp up our services to be
very sensitive to how people are feeling. People are coming to
us feeling vulnerable. They maybe work in the
restaurant industry. People who work in Broadway and in a lot of the
behind-the-scenes, they’re coming here saying, well, I don’t have work. So those industries
are the folks that are the first ones that
we’re seeing come through. But we’re preparing to see
more people come through in need.” “All programming
at the senior center is suspended for
the next two weeks. Stay safe and
have a good day.” “So this is not
business as usual. We don’t know what’s
coming up if people have to stay in their homes
for a longer period of time. And we want to make sure
people are getting food, especially since a lot of
industries are out of work. We are expecting a
lot of new people, and we are going to be
ready to receive them. This is all very new for them,
and some of them are feeling guilt or shame coming to an emergency
food program. So we have to remember that
we do this all the time, but for them, it’s
something new and something that they feel
anxious about doing. We’re just getting
them registered. They’re getting food. That’s our main priority is
people are getting food.” [Sighing with exasperation] “I’m not supposed
to touch my face. Hold on a second.” “I have prepared
myself already, mentally, multiple times,
to go back to Oregon and leave this entire
beautiful dream behind me. So many people, including
many of my friends, are working at bars,
at restaurants, which are now closed. And now we’re all
at home, wondering, Can we make it another month? Can our families afford to
pay their mortgages at home? Do we just need to
go back and start working, just so we can help
our own families, the people that we love the most, stay in
the homes that we grew up in? It’s hard to think
that my mom or my dad are never going
to see retirement. The best things that we can
do right now as a community is just to give ourselves
over to something that brings us true happiness. Because right now,
it feels like it’s about to get very desperate.” “This is only something
that we can get through if we’re working together. There will be so
much suffering, unnecessary suffering, if we’re not really
looking out for each other and if we only think about
ourselves and our well-being. We have to be thinking
about each other.” [Birds chirping]


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  2. I Bartend at Broadway theatres and it’s just so surreal to think this is happening.
    It’s scary not to have a job for 4+ weeks, but still having to pay rent & bills. 😓

  3. As a former new yorker this is hard to watch.i have alot of friends there and I hope this gets better and gets better threw out the country and the world.#wecanbeatthis.

  4. New Yorkers don’t worry we got this! This won’t be an overnight thing but an over time thing. We’re gonna get through this together like we Always do. We survived 9/11 and we can survive this virus. And we will show Trump and his republican buddies that we are stronger than their bailout money! 👏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  5. Unfortunately our governor Pete Ricketts (Nebraska) is open. He’s following USA guidelines like restaurants have to use drive thru, carry out otherwise our malls are open. Ppl are out doing normal things here. Its awful. I’ve kept my family home but other are using it as a vacation here 😳

  6. I have experienced two time stay at home life. Once during the Taliban era in Afghanistan when we were afraid to go out because of rockets flying all over and now because of virus spreading. Deja Vu?

  7. We need a universal basic resource system! Food, water, Healthcare, shelter, education, public transportation, utilities. These are all things that should be guaranteed because they ensure survival. Art, music, literature, fashion, upgrades and customization, all these things should be what are economic system revolves around. Not the things that we need to survive.

  8. In the world I see – you're stalking elk through the damp canyon
    forests around the ruins of Rockefeller Center. You'll wear leather
    clothes that will last you the rest of your life. You'll climb the
    wrist-thick kudzu vines that wrap the Sears Tower. And when you look
    down, you'll see tiny figures pounding corn, laying strips of venison in
    the empty carpool lane of some abandoned superhighway.

  9. Africa: we are literally eating sand. America: I can’t leave my house omg I’m gonna die. 😫😫😢😢😭😢

  10. Stop touching your faces! Especially the ER woman, she should know better than to keep sticking her fingers in her ears like that. Also I don't see any of the people at the food bank standing 2 meters apart! Be smart, people!

  11. I’m not trying to be rude but this 24-7 for most African, Asian, middle eastern countries. We take our well enough developed countries for granted.

  12. just so ya know watching videos like this causes more stress.. stay off your phones and be with your family, be safe most of all.

  13. I wonder if that street vendor for one second was thinking that he is the only one that has to work to put food on the table ? LOL

  14. The big investments banks who were bailed out using people's tax money back in 2008 should come out and help out the people who helped them before. Apple, intel, and other big US corporations, where are you now? Your customers need you. Hollywood, disney, sony, fox etc, where are you now??? Cant you organize an online concert or something and do a fdund raising drive??? Now is not the time to be selfish and do only the things that makes you happy, now is the time to rise up and be selfless

  15. It's Nature Gift To all.. Because we had Destroyed all…Now it's our turn …So we are Now ..That's the Nature Gift …

  16. New Yorkers must sack Negative Nancy Cuomo! He has let power gone over his head! This lockdown is an unconstitutional power-grab!

  17. It's all part of the iron mountain plan the reinstatutionalization of slavery. I'm being ostracized by friends and family for fear of economic reprisal for saying so. Any donations would be appreciated.

  18. I can't believe this is the reality we currently live in. It's so sad that watching these employers get emotional about their staff. I can only offer my prayers, but I don't think it would be enough 🙏

  19. It's all up to power hungry evil Democrats who only care about elections and damaging President Trump, it's not up to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to try and propose their version of the stimulus package. it is their job to work with the President on his stimulus economic proposal that will help all small businesses and the American worker, and they are not doing it cause all they care about is power and how they can blame President Trump, even if it means destroying peoples lives to try and make a political gain that is what length they will go to all for their own power. it's sickening ! so you young people better go set Chuck and Nancy straight cause they don't care about your families all they care about is regaining power.

  20. The Chinese government covered it up. When doctors first reported a Corona patient, they mobilized police to block the doctors' mouths. Reporters informing the truth went missing.When the spread peaked, the government acknowledged. There was a huge population migration abroad on Chinese holidays.





  22. 你们的政治出了问题。不论哪种动物,最强大能力是组织和团结。组织换个说法,就是政治。

  23. Open your eyes people! New York has more active cases than all Asia combine! More than China, Japan, Korea, Thailand all together! Thai Is very serious stay at home and push the government help the people, come on New York is not a poor city their governments should have the money for cases like this!

  24. New Yorkers! there they have a UN center. true true the headquarter of all the united nations of the planet. Yeah but Washington is a capital of the United States of America only. Oh yeah the Great country of the united states situated on the Northen America continent territory. true true and you see a smally smally thinny thinny New Zeland –> so far away from such a Grandissimo Great center in the northen hemisphere. Isn't it on the south part of the planet? Oh yes much closer to the South Pole then many many other countries of the world. But we do not devide the peoples by poles don't we? We know the specific influences the places of livving bring into the families of once united nations. So let's congratulate the united world of once somehow devided families with a celebration of a Spring in the Northen Pole. why do they constantly use let's…. will you ask them why straitforwardness is not beeing used on such bright and blessed ocasions. But zhivchiki are celebrating with no permition and…..or…. mental fears and subdevidings? Sure they are together with their famalies.

  25. When my family called for a pizza delivery tonight at 7:30, we were told we were the second order of the entire night. Seeing the life my city had crumble around me is devastating. New Yorkers need support right now.

  26. Yes Do more propaganda… this is what happens. When I was in UK just two weeks ago. People were walking and partying and having fun … the whole of the world was being locked down. Even at the airport people were openly caughing and sneezing like there is nothing wrong!

    The people are not to blame… the government told them that it's not as bad in the UK . They even asked people to not wear masks because it will make people panic.

    UK government is at fault here.

  27. I don’t believe this is real. This is all a trick. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure the virus is real but it’s not so bad we have to shut down civilization. More people have died of the flu.

  28. Wearing gloves…disposable…before u go in home. Immediately wash hands n disinfect spray outdoor clothes. Keep home clean n stay there!

  29. This virus truly shows how stupid humans are ppl are still ignorant and walking around like it's no big deal I've given up hope on humanity and starting to care less and less about ppl dying.

  30. 3pm. Please common sense. Were all in same boat. Longer you're out n about more likely a carrier n infector but I see n understand your and millions of others struggle. Government look after you. N employee s. Its rolling out across globe. Stop worrying….think of your health. This is way Ott dramatic.
    U will b OK financial ly. Listen to the lady..we have to think of each other..not just ourselves.
    Bless n protect you from this unknown!

  31. Thank you for this video, it really shows how this pandemic is affecting millions and millions of lives 😔

  32. We here in New Delhi , India are out of milk shop has milk for the last 2 days ..tea packets diapers every necessity is in dire state …this is the capital city of India what abt other parts of the country and the world ..

  33. It's hard time folks. I'm staying at home too. Wondering how can I survive another months financially. Anyway, don't give up and stay safe folks! Love from Chile.

  34. if you want max level protection , buy mask from , and buy some gloves ( any gloves is ok ) . wash hands, clean things in your house/flat , and everything will be fine. just masks and gloves !

  35. Here you go , New York Times pushing its propaganda into peoples brains by showing a Muslim woman crying for innocent lives, what she needs to do is stop overacting and wear a mask!!!!!!!!

  36. What if we only try this experiment for Pandemic crises first:
    A computer "goverment" should over run the actual ppl goverment in case of pandemic and rule by scientific pre-programmed laws?
    Could be a step for a computer goverment altoghether. Don't you think?

  37. Stop spreading the panic!!!!! Look at how many people BY AGE died last year from the flu. Hundreds- really thousands of people under age 45 died from the flu and NO ONE ever reported on them or their lives/legacy. What makes these people lives any more worthwhile then them??? Up to 90k people died from the flu in the US last year. NOT ONE MEDIA outlet EVER mentioned one of them. Yet- with this virus we are losing EVERYTHING precious to us. Dont panic! Take the time to spend these days at home with your family- put the phone and TV off.

  38. I'm a taxi driver when I drive thru the city and so quite I feel so sad that we got to this point I never thought that this would happen to us i wish that everything will go back to normal soon.

  39. To the People of New York – We wish you well from New Zealand.
    As of tomorrow our country also also goes into shut down. We are fortunate to have Jacinda Ardarn leading us through this. Wish you all the very best – & will continue to keep update with your news. Regards Jo.

  40. Speaking from experience here, last yr in Feburary I was sick and dr told me I had coronavirus (yes I am not lying, I have dated screenshots to prove), the virus is no joke. I was sick for well over a week and the coughing was god awful. Ended up getting my roomate sick and we were both struggling. I was 19 and a college athlete last year and I thought it was bad. You can see how this could be problematic for all the older folks. Stay safe

  41. All illegal immigrants in the United States should be shipped to New York City.
    Let liberals benefit from the diversity they campaign for…

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