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(hip hop music) – Hey guys, my name is Anthony Rubano and I’m a content creator
and personal style blogger. I would say that I
splurge the most on things that I can wear season after
season and more than once. The trend pieces, shirts, I don’t typically spend too much on but I try to make my style
a mix of high and low. Speaking of high and low, I
really like these sneakers because they’re a way to hop
on that chunky sneaker trend without spending too much. And these ones from A-Sauce
are really comfortable and I just love wearing them. These pants are from H&M. They’re one of my favorite purchases because they look designer. They have that baggy,
kinda skater-vibe to them. So this tie dye shirt is
actually a funny story. I was home for the holidays
at my parent’s house and I didn’t have anything to wear, so we went to Marshall’s and I found this. It was like eight bucks
but I love the color. It’s tie dye. It’s super fun. And I find myself wearing it all the time. This shirt is one of my favorites. It’s a really great layering piece. I really love the exaggerated cuffs on it. You can fold them down otherwise
you can wear super long. It has two separate
stipe patterns going on which I really love. It makes it unique. The jacket is one of my favorite
denim jackets for A-Sauce. I don’t think you can have
a better Fall essential, than a denim jacket. But I like this one ’cause
it’s a little different. It has the drop shoulder
and it’s cut a little short, so it’s more boxy. So, I love the play
with the portions here. And yeah, this one was a keeper. When it comes to my jewelry, I really like sticking to one metal. So everything here is
silver, stainless steel, and I really love this blue one. It has a little turquoise
color on top of it and blue is my favorite color
so I wear it all the time. My glasses are RayBan. I have so many pairs of them and their just a cool classic piece that everyone should have. This is one of my favorite accessories. It’s my phone case,
necklace type of thing. And I literally always have
my cell phone in my hand, so this is a good way to make
sure that I never drop it. It’s always handy when
I want to take a photo and text someone back. And I think it just looks
cool with this bungee cord. Kinda like a necklace accessory. So my personal style is basically, pulling different elements
from different styles I like and making an outfit
that feels like my own. And now can you guess
how much my look costs? (hip hop music) – Hi, my name is Margo. I am a senior at Syracuse University. I love making YouTube videos
and posting on Instagram. The most important thing for
me when it comes to my fashion, is that I’m super comfortable, so usually means I’m wearing
one really oversized piece. And unfortunately for
my dad and my brothers, that usually means that
I go into their wardrobe and steal their pieces. My shoes are the brand, MM6. I recently found them on sale, which I was really excited about. I have really big feet so
I normaly can’t find shoes in the store that actually fit me but always online, they’re on sale, ’cause no one else is buying them. I really love chunky shoes. I think they’re super flattering so those are always my go-tos. This black dress is
definitely a timeless piece. It’s Cynthia Rowley. And I really love wearing her pieces, because I actually met her
at her house for an event about a year ago. And we’ve stayed in touch
and I think she’s amazing so super excited to wear
her pieces around the city. I just added this jacket to my collection and I really love it
because I thrifted it, so it’s sustainable ’cause
I’m giving it a new home and I’m really trying to learn more about how I can wear more sustainable clothing. So I love this pieces. I
love the big shoulders. I think it’s really fun. I love this fanny pack
but everytime I wear it, both my parents roll their eyes because I used to give them so much crap for wearing fanny packs. But it’s back in fashion and
it’s actually really helpful, so I’m not complaining. This watch makes me really
happy. It’s actually my mom’s. She used to work at Joe Boxer so I kinda stole this from her, but makes think of her whenever I wear it and I think it’s just a fun pop of color. Don’t get me wrong, I do
love me some big gold hoops, but it’s fun to switch them up sometimes so I really like these. It’s kind of graphite color and I think they’re a bit different than what most people
are wearing right now. My Leo ring is certainly my favorite. I have not taken it off since I got it for my birthday last year. I am a loud and proud Leo and I love that this
reminds me of who I am. So now can you guess how
much this look costs? (hip hop music) – Hi, I’m Candice. I just graduated from NYU
and now I’m a fashion blogger and I also work as a part-time stylist. For my personal style, I can’t live without statement pieces. And I love vintage pieces. And for the statement pieces I love, I definitely will spend a
lot of money to invest it because it will alley way to my style. One pieces I definitely need
for the Fall, is blazers. No matter if shaw blazer or blazer traps, because I can mix and match
with any style I want. This white blazer, I got it form Zara and it’s only 80 dollars. For the shoes I’m wearing,
is from Alexander McQueen. This is piece that I
definitely will spend money to invest it, especially when it’s half. 50 percent off and only
400 hundred dollars. These platform loafers are
the perfect shoes for me because I can get on my height and I can work it on the streets. This skirt, I got them from
the final discount at Top Shop. They are super high-rise,
can show my waist, and super easy to mix
and match with any tops. To or for some luxury designer brands, my tip is, wait for the discount. You can wait four months
and wait the sale on sale. That’s big shot you should
get and you should never miss. To find some unique pieces,
I sometimes will go abroad. Like this mesh top. Actually, this is from a Chinese designer
brand called Allogicapol. For this puppy bag, I love it so much because this is not just a decoration for style but also it can actually fit
all the things you need in it. And it name of the designer stock and it’s name is Emoji. I love this pearl ring
because this is so simple and you can mix and match with
the modern rings together. I also love to play with my earrings. This pair of earrings, they are asymmetrical and I found them at a random pop-up shop. I bought them because
they’re just super cute and you can wear just one of them. For these shades I got
from a brand named Diff. I love this because the shape of the shades are really classic and you can match with
any outfit or any style. Now can you guess how much
this whole look costs? (mellow music)


  1. This look is money? So sad that young people watch these videos and think it’s important to spend lots of money on clothes. Fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Look it up, it’s seriously messed up. Living sustainability should be cool, not this nonsense.

  2. Really Sweet People, but unfortunately i didnt like any of the outfits. margots "dress" is for the bedroom if i am Not mistaken

  3. I really appreciate how you show men's fashion in these videos, too! I think men should be encouraged to show their personal style

  4. The 3rd model look was so cluttered and unclassy. To many colors and patterns that don't match.. the second model had a GORGEOUS, classic look..🥰😍

  5. The chick looks like she's going out in lingerie,sorry the dude is more original though I'm not a fan of these fashion copiers"

  6. The only one I truly thought cool was the Asian chick thought she used actual brain cells unlike others congrats 🌹🌹

  7. all i know is that it is already fucking cold out here. so big up to her cause i know i'd be freezing in that outfit.

  8. Content creator? So maybe posting in the comment section is also a content creator? Does anyone ever have a real job on this channel? Vomit.

  9. can they style it under $50 because that’s my maximum budget? i can make at least 15 outfits under 1k… spending 1k on an outfit is not a good idea, it’s better to put it somewhere else or donate

  10. Кто нибудь перевидите этому парню что у меня знакомый носил такой стиль когда работал в столярной мастерской,костюм один в один

  11. Give us all a big break with under 1000. it would encourage viewers and you can dress for under 100 and look as good as these people! They looked great though

  12. not a fan of how the second girl paired that pouch with that dress, the texture of her clothing didnt really go that well together either imo

  13. First girl- basic instagram type of outfits. Not hating, she's gorgeous, clothing is not special or anything
    Last girl- true fashion, makes sense she's a stylist

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