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hey guys it’s Elise from Elise makes art
this is the latest video in my playlist called
stanky crossing which is dedicated to animal crossing and of course my
favorite villager is Stinky today we’re going to be making our own animal
crossing new horizons map mockup so I actually created a Photoshop document
for people who aren’t familiar with using these kind of programs to make it
super easy anyone can do this as long as you watch this tutorial so we’re
actually using GIMP today and it’s like Photoshop but it’s free and it’s
available for mac and Windows I’m running the Mac version which is a little older
than the Windows one but it works just as well for this purpose the download
link for the program is gonna be in the description below as well as the
template that I made so check that out so we’re gonna open the template it’s
called ACNH map template just ignore everything else you see on my desktop
right now (lol) and let’s convert that so I’ve made it so that everything you
see on here can be moved around so you don’t need to add anything you can just
move all of these different buildings and lakes and ponds and whatever around
until you have the type of layout that you want for your Island
everything’s divided into categories so obviously we’ve got our buildings and
stuff here they’re all in this folder called features and if I click on this
you’ll see everything that’s in there so there’s a lot of stuff but each thing is
its own separate layer so let’s say that I wanted to move this player house I’m
gonna go in this menu find player house click on it
and then go over here move tool and I can just drag them around wherever I
want it to go whoops yeah so that’s basically all there is to it you can
move all these things wherever you want and I don’t recommend resizing these
elements because I took these dimensions from the direct and other gameplay
videos and everything, well all the buildings are actually scaled to the
size they are on those gameplay maps aside from the pwp which is kind of just
this like free area and it can be as big or as small as you want because
as you all know with Animal Crossing you can make outdoor spaces any size with
like patterns or now furniture, fences so yeah this guy, it’s as big as you
want it to be and there’s some other things too like this pier thing bridge and a
ramp so these guys are also scaled to the footage we’ve seen as well as the
river outlet the lake you can adjust as much as you want because we know that we
can shape them however we want I’ve also included this tree fruit tree a bush and
some flowers so if you don’t want the dot grid in your face you can click on
the layer and toggle and you can do this for any of them
so when I’m doing this I don’t really want to see that grid so let’s keep it off for
now all right hmm let’s see I’m gonna move my house
right over here and I want to move resident services maybe directly above
my airport so let’s put that down there and the airport is always on the
southern end of the island from everything we’ve seen so let’s place
that right beneath resident services because I think that would be super
convenient running back and forth from the other islands hmm
cafe maybe it can go next to resident services and there’s going to be
multiple stores in this game right so let’s click on store let’s move that
where we want it maybe right over here and let’s make another store all you
have to do is right-click and go to duplicate layer and now you should be
able to drag around the copy of that layer so you see it automatically
automatically selected store copy so we can move that and yeah let’s go on to
other better things the museum my favorite new feature well not new
feature a rather revamped feature yeah let’s just keep everything down
here in a row I think that’s a good look hmm what we do next
what if I want to move both of my stores somewhere else so to make them one by
clicking the merge down so now that my layers are together I can move them and
they’re gonna stay together so yeah let’s move these guys up here
and I want to put a pwp right over here and maybe it can be like a really big
park area so to do that I’m gonna use a scale tool it’s right here click on it
and now if you go to the corner you can just drag click and drag so if I think
that’s good I’ll hit scale and now I’m gonna go back
to my move tool I can move this around let’s put it right there I’ll move this
up again whoops wrong layer and hmm I’m gonna move this pier thing right
over here and I don’t like how it’s not
perpendicular to the shore so I’m gonna rotate that we’re gonna click on the
rotate tool and click on the element we want to rotate and we’ll bring up this
window and here I can say exactly how much type in a value or you can use a
slider which I personally like a lot better it’s a lot faster and hit rotate
when you’re happy with it uh huh okay so okay now the next part hmm let’s just
move some of these things around hey guys I accidentally lost the audio for
this portion so let me just quickly explain what I’m gonna be doing so I’m
basically sampling colors from these options and blocking out large areas
such as the grass levels so first I’m gonna click on colors and then go to the
dropper tool and pick the one that I want so let’s do level 3 I clicked on it
and now you can see that my color here has changed so let’s go back to layer
the one that we want to paint on and let’s pick that pencil tool and this is
how you can quickly make straight lines so I’m gonna click once to choose my
starting point and then I’ll hold down shift while I click a second time to
choose where I want that line to connect to and then now I can do the same thing
hold shift click again and repeat and you can move your mouse wherever and
it’ll just block out that area so now to fill this I’m gonna use my bucket tool
and click the inside and that’s it there you go okay so now that we’re done with that
let’s move our bridges and ramps around so we can actually get around the town
back to our move tool it’s gonna be a bridge over here let’s make sure that
bridge is on top of our water outlet so we can actually see it whoops and
let’s put a ramp maybe one over here and I want another ramp so let’s duplicate
that layer and rotate it because I want it to be perpendicular to this one so
let’s put in ninety and move it let’s say over here
and then now we can draw the rivers obviously you can do this stuff in any
order but I find that drawing the cliffs and the rivers just makes it easier to
put on the bridges and stuff afterwards but yeah I mean you can do it backwards
if that makes more sense to you so let me select water go back down to this
layer and let’s put I want to put a big pond over here fill that in with a
bucket tool go back to the pencil and if you want to be lazy like me you can make
this brush bigger let’s make it 85 and make it the same width as your River
outlet here and then you can just click around so hmm maybe I’ll have a
waterfall over here and we can go through this area and up
here next to this lake maybe make this lake little bigger and let’s put another
waterfall over here because why not who doesn’t like waterfalls and maybe
another lake maybe a heart shaped lake seems pretty popular I think they’re pretty cute so
why not okay uhhh kind of janky whoops alright so that’s pretty much it
maybe I want to add another bridge so people can actually get around this is not a
very well-thought-out town duplicate and move my bridge so let’s rotate this guy again
by using the rotate tool click on it oh whoops put in ninety because that’s how
much I want and let’s move it maybe we can put it right over here okay so that looks
good to me now that we’re done with all those color color swatches excuse me I
can’t talk sometimes let’s hide that and we can put in our town name over here
so let’s show our grid again since we’re done and if you don’t want it to be
overlapping all the stuff all the buildings then let’s collapse this
folder and drag our dot grid right below the features so now everything’s
sitting on top and the very last thing to do is make a new layer and type in
your island name so let’s find that text tool and the font that I’ve used for
these letters is called Baloo or ball I’m not actually sure how to pronounce
it let’s go in here and see if they
actually have it so they don’t but that’s okay we’ll just pick something else that
we like better um let’s see definitely not Comic Sans or maybe yes Comic Sans okay
let’s do it I want my font color to be maybe the
same as these guys whoa so now let’s go back to that layer and
type in eueuguhg the island name which i want to be Kona I want that to be
maybe it should be bolded and a little bigger and this dragging these corners
is gonna help you move your font around let’s make it 115 woah that’s big
okay okay I think that’s good and so we’re
pretty much done with our island feel free to add text if you want to explain
what you’re putting around or label these different things or if you just
want to put your name or your handle or something around here
but that’s all I have for you guys today let me show you how to export this file
so go to file go to export and I’m gonna save it on my desktop as Kona Island PNG
is fine but if you want to save it as a smaller file you can make it a jpg so
just replace PNG with JPG and then hit export that’s okay and yeah you should
be done so let’s take a look at that file hey guys thank you so much for
watching I really appreciate it if you have any questions about this project or
you know how to use the programs and stuff just leave a comment below and
I’ll get back to you if you like the graphics you saw or that trap remix
definitely check out my channel and my Kofi Coffee Co fie or whatever account cuz
all the graphics are up on there for you to download also I’ll be posting new
videos almost every day until New Horizons comes out so I’d love if you
stuck around and I hope I’ll see you guys again
take care

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