How to Create DIY Triple Top Knots | Brooklyn’s 2-Minute Hairstyles

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  1. I love pony tails and buns but when I wear a buns my parents are always calling me the librarian. love the hair style I have to try it!!!

  2. My parents have a MANY nicknames for me and sometimes they will call me by my older siblings names or even my nephew or my niece's name.

  3. Will each person from my family give me a nickname so my oldest sister call me witchy and my 2nd sister calls me chucky my dad calls me piggy and my mom calls me dolly

  4. Like or comment if you’ve done this

    Read a book or watch YouTube until you look at the time and it’s 3am

    Like your own comment

    Stuff your mouth and then have your mom tell you it’s fast Sunday

  5. Hey ik this is random but i was watching ur family getting ready for school funny thing is my name is raelynn

  6. Thoroughly impressed by her biceps- she must be one of the few who can do their hair without taking arm breaks, lmao ?

  7. Mine is MOMO
    I know it's funny
    The reason behind this is when I was like 1 or 2 I was so chubby
    And word "MOMO" sounds little chubby??

  8. I thought this hairstyle looked really awesome before you let the rest of your hair back down. I mean it looks good either way, but I especially like it that other way ?
    Also, nice biceps! ?

  9. when can you do a tutorial on how you curl Baileys hair they look so beautiful and I need to know how to do them I LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO SO MUCH <3

  10. cute girls hairstyles r awesome
    you guys are my hairstyle teacher

    love you guys

    love from India????

    if anybody else is Indian hear

  11. I remember Mindy's earlier vids where they do Mindy's hair and Brooklyn did a bun and nicknamed her the "librain"

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