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Here are my tips for enjoying London all year round, whatever the weather. It can be a little unpredictable so be prepared to adapt. So let’s start with Spring, the freshest time to be in the capital. I’d love to tell you that spring in London brings only sunshine but you might see the odd shower. A few things you might need in London when spring has sprung… If the heavens do open, dive into the nearest attraction, market, shop or cafe and experience something unexpected. When the sun does shine, get out there and enjoy the city’s incredible architecture or one of our many green spaces. Ah, summer. You might be surprised how hot London can get, I am! Don’t get caught out without a few important items, for those warm summer days. If you get a bit hot under the collar, leave the bus and tube behind and hire yourself a bike at one of the Royal Parks. A summer’s day isn’t complete without a picnic, so roll out the blanket and get stuck into a bit of alfresco dining. If all that activity gets a bit much get out on the water and unwind. So, Autumn. The long hot summer days may be behind us but don’t despair, it’s a great time to be in London… …and there is no need for thermals just yet. London is a top shopping destination and hotspots like Carnaby Street and Covent Garden are perfect for those with a stylish disposition, with plenty of shops to duck into. As the English will tell you, the best thing to do when the weather turns is to get yourself inside for a nice cup of tea. If you can get a scone to go with it, so much the better. Top off the day at one of London’s art galleries. Most are open late at least once a week. As the nights draw in, find yourself a great bar or go to a show. All that remains is beautiful, crisp, winter. So it’s time to add a few essentials for keeping the chills at bay. If there is one thing I can guarantee is that winter will be cool, in every sense of the word. There are so many places to visit in London that are a world away from the cold outside. Winter in London may involve staying warm but it doesn’t mean staying at home. A great way to round off a busy winter’s day is in a pub, in front of a roaring fire. Whatever the weather in London, you’ll never run out of things to do or places to see.


  1. I try to visit the Tate every time I'm in London.  It makes a perfect rainy day activity!  Where is that greenhouse at :30?  

  2. i'll visit, well live in London by the end of this year (hopefully), this helped a lot in some questions i had. thank you

  3. Lel, You call 22.5 degrees hot! Meanwhile, IN AN ACTUAL SUMMER in Australia.  "Here's a nice 40 degrees for ya!" – The Sun

  4. You may be surprised but in July and August the temperature in the day rarely drops below 20/21°. Most days it's around 24°

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