How to Holiday in London: By a Londoner – 5 Days Travel Vlog & Guide 2019

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  2. Perfect video. I have been to London many many times but missed places of interest you covered in your video. Probably best to include places to stay outskirts of London or home stay or farm stay for tourists to experience

  3. Hi. My name is Vikas. I am a citizen of India who is currently living in India. I liked this video of yours very much. I don't know who you are and what you do, but, I request you to keep posting as many videos as you can about life in London bcoz I am planning to apply to the citizenship of UK by taking up the Life in the UK test in some time. Thanks

  4. Came to London full of expectations, cause everybody was calling it “best city in Europe or even the world”. It is so busy and I personally don’t know what makes it so special. It is definitely a melting pot, pretty in some of its architecture and there might be loads of things to do, but only if you have the money for it. If I go to a street food market and grab a sandwich or a mealbox, I’m gonna loose at least 7 pounds. Not even talking about the real living costs, like rent car transportation .. what makes this overcrowded overpriced tourist hotspot attractive in terms of living here.

  5. Fabulous! Thank-you!!! Great help and amazing footage on just your iphone!!! I need to practice more with mine! Heading to London on Monday!

  6. This video portrays 1. Art of story telling 2. Quality content does not need high end tools always 3. Passion about a place. Well done! I have never enjoyed a vlog as much as this video. If ever we travel, this video would be the guide i will refer to. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. This is the greatest city in the world and if a man is tired of London, he's tired of life, period! I'm gonna go now be a tourist in my own city 😃

  8. London is shit do not go there on holiday there is literally nothing to do here especially for kids there is literally NoThinG there is only museums and museums and museums fascinating innit

  9. very enjoyable….I have been to London twice in the past 2 years and still haven't hit Borough Market, or Camden, Little Venice, etc. I look forward to seeing your sequel – I always stay in the Bloomsbury neighborhood, and recently discovered the East End, Brick Lane, Spitalfields, Dennis Severs House….thanks for the video, and I will view your sequel, and also your Edinburgh visit….

  10. I’m in London for sightseeing on my own and for the past two days I encountered two incidents consecutively whereby a group of young cyclists were shouting at me “fxxking (Asian)” from afar approaching me. Maybe they think I have blocked their way. The locations are at guard memorial and Greenwich college way. Sad to see some young british are being so racist and violent nowadays !

  11. Very informative video! I'm heading to the UK next year in April and will spend a week in London. I found this video while looking for the perfect London itinerary. I am so scared that I will miss something! Thanks for the advice!

  12. Solid content, difinatly haelped me decide how to bes tuse my time in London as i am only here for a short time while in transit, thank you 🙂

  13. "If there's one topic within England that divides people more than the Brexit, is how to spread your jam on a scon"
    LOL (16:59)

  14. Bro, thank you so much for this video. I have been in the States for almost 15 years now but was born and raised in England. I am looking forward to visiting early next year and I am excited to see how my home city of London has changed. I plan to shoot or vlog my return so keep your eyes open.

  15. What a cool video I just enjoy it so much I'm so happy that I click on the video I loved my visit to London the UK is my favorite country to visit … I hope to One day live in the UK

  16. Outstanding job and one of the best I've viewed of any travel and tourism video. Keep up the great work, from your new follower from America.

  17. Your conseils were very useful, and let me make a very nice and fair visit to London in 2 days. As soon as I get out of St.Pancras station I had an overall view of the places I was supposed to visit. If you just mention the fares for the visiting places and the best hours to visit, that would be great.Thank you so much

  18. What time of year was this footage shot? My husband and I are visiting in March 2020 for our anniversary and want to be sure we pack appropriately!

  19. with this video i could plan my seven day trip to london with my dad! we really enjoyed the time there, right now missing a lot this beautifull city!, greetings from Spain!!

  20. Great video, Thanks, I have been in London for number of years but missed many places. I do recommend Joe’s Cafe on Sloane Street , a little jem of a restaurant and cafe , it surprised me for sure . And Baker Street too .Love London

  21. This is indeed one of the best travel vlogs I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing it with us. It will help very much for my trip to London next week to find some cool places to visit.

  22. I wish more travel vloggers used this style, where it seems more like a proper, legit travel show than some bro in London with obnoxiously loud background music very much in the foreground and overtaking half the things they say, claiming it's a guide but half the video is about some personal event nobody really clicked for, 90% of the video is their face as they walk down the road, etc. Saying that, this is the first video of yours I've watched, I'm taking a big gamble saying this, the rest of your videos may well be like that haha. But either way, I wanted to commend you for this video's length, depth, quality in editing, writing, and shooting, and for actually giving us good and useful information! It's very clear that a lot of work went into it and that you love doing this, so cheers!

  23. this is the BEST london video! i am not exactly a local, i only studied a year in london but this is the perfect blend of local and tourist culture

  24. This was INCREDIBLY helpful. My family is planning of traveling to London next year, for 5 days oddly enough. Great video, is gonna be really useful planning an itinerary!

  25. can you go up to sky garden just to see the view and no eat if you don't have a reservation?
    I mean can you just walk in or they don't let you enter with no reservation?

  26. What a great video!!! Thank you so much!!! I have never been to London and hope to spend some days in this beautiful and interesting city.

  27. I will be visiting London in November, does anyone have any recommendations on an area to stay during this chilly month? thank you 🙂

  28. Hi guys, I’m a subscriber and I’m writing a book. Can I reference you, please? Not just for London. Cheers in anticipation

  29. i'm planning a trip to London this November (my fourth time there) and with your video discovered a lot of wonderful places to visit! thanks for sharing 🙂 and please keep posting!

  30. Very IMPORTANT information about LONDON OLD HISTORICAL Places ARE Most BEAUTIFUL style VIDEO is really very good information about TOUR OF LONDON Thanks


  32. Well done great video GUIDE for LONDON VISIT We APPRECIATED YOURS BEST information about all stories OF LONDON BEST picture OF London BEST ever REGARDS MASOOD AHMAD SARGODHA PAKISTAN

  33. Hi I too am a Londoner but live in Perth Western Australia now. I left London in 2005 so you have given me such a fascinating insight into being a tourist in my old backyard and stomping ground . Thanks 🤗 (I don’t have a picture in front of Buckingham Palace),! 😫

  34. Nicely shot, reviewed, and edited video. Well done, indeed. Thank you for sharing.
    10:25 — I've been to London before. Have visited St. James park, too. Don't remember exactly visiting the section you were in. Parts of the park remind me of sections of NY's Central Park.
    10:59 — Where is this 'cottage' located? Is this open to the public?
    17:38 — What theatre were you, at?

  35. We are travelling to London in the Spring and you video gave us some great ideas to add to our list. Thanks for doing one on London!

  36. obviously Like and subscribed, I lived in london in the eighties for three years, I enjoyed your Vog but it would be more appreciated if it was slowly, considers there are a lot of foreigners that understand English and practise it. Love London and Uk of course 🙂

  37. YES MORE LONDON VIDEOS. This was the best I’ve honestly seen on YouTube—and your camerawork is awesome. I’d love it if you’d show us your equipment give us a ‘how I shoot’ video —would be so interesting

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