I DIDN’T EXPECT THIS IN SAN FRANCISCO… (this vlog is good you should watch it)

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Love an airport meal here. We made it Shelby. This is so like wishful thinking of LAX Very very early art life. Just got sleepy minute In San Francisco we are so excited but it’s smoky here smells I mean doors, you know, it usually doesn’t smell like fire like Such a pet owner right now wearing this like fucking jacket forgetting a close view this is not ideal Seattle I’d maybe justify it in Seattle sort of the well, honestly the first part whatever it’s like the longest We have been approximately one block so far and we were blown away just a little locals we’re literally like doing sign above our head that says like Excellent because we go to that lunch place and like it’s pretty messy in there are three of us and there was like one girl Sitting on a bigger table and shaking him up. It was like she doesn’t see her It’s just like working homes, like don’t like it find like take it like so nice I’m really oh my gosh, and then wait was the other thing Oh, we’re just walking go straight down the stairs left and this girl and her friend. She stops and she goes Oh my gosh, you guys look amazing By our age and I was like, wow, we just had a fling. I know it was really Oh My gosh, we found a Christmas tree that’s now blog we got some iced coffee Lots of noise here and the grand city of San Francisco We stop for a little instant moment Please oh, did he stop? Really the music was like Shelby goes. Is this the Titanic? It was like a recorder. It was like recorder vibes fourth-grade reporters San Francisco filled with the streets of the recorder back there as well as the protest because everyone is on track no, I’m going to go on strike with this camera cuz never Looks like Barcelona Check-in we asked for a high up floor to be on the opposite side of the Strike happening because they are freaking loud because that’s their objective They’re like on strike with the Marriott for not not being paid enough for something though Yeah, they’re trying to disturb the guests and they’re yelling Like don’t check it and all this stuff but here’s our view no protesters on the roof. So we’re good. It’s nice and quiet There’s a rooftop bar up here at the Marriott Marquis. It’s really high up I think we’re gonna go that has like a really pretty view And yeah, here’s our room. Oh, I look like a ghost up in here We’re going to my gosh and literally look like I’m dressed as a vampire. Why does my skin look so light on camera right now? My job It is now a Saturday morning, I just had a video go live we have had just the most relaxing morning This trip has been very great because we didn’t actually plan much of anything at all. We just had a leisurely morning showered feeling clean my outfit today This is something I like what normally where I got these cool pants from princess Polly and I’m just wearing my Steve Madden slides and then just like a white t-shirt and this princess Polly did the bracket And right now we’re finally gonna go out and get a late brunch early lunch situation And I think we’re gonna go to the Golden Gate Bridge Maybe you bake your Beach which has like a cool view of it and just have a great day When you don’t have enough friends to fill the table Raunchy brunch we met a subscriber is fine. She was cool shove You literally set her cup on that and it just went started falling in this she caught it And so let’s put it back. Mom. Let me know why everywhere we go instances. No Selena Gomez is like everywhere but like it’s usually like old Selena Gomez. Did she buy the city? I’m very confused They’re trying to win like a concert. Like I know already plays well, silly enough She made it to the Golden Gate Bridge can’t see it at all So you feel like you’re in Portugal right now. Yeah, there’s the bridge stuff like this in Portugal So I feel ok excited. See that one I want you to bring it on on if you make it on letter make it I I want you to Good morning, it is Sunday morning. We didn’t vlog or we I will speak for myself I did not blog well yesterday. But today we are having just a fun little morning We’re going to brunch currently then. We’re going to the dry bar We’re trying to make an appointment a but the earliest reservation Rupert was 7 p.m. So we’re like, alright well though Sunday So we’re just trying to you know not have to wash our hair but then we did yesterday So that’s like we were to go ice skating today Last night I met up with my college friend Wyatt if you guys remember way way way back with my senior year blob to eat Hosted that wig party. I have a video from that was fun today We’re gonna go to the Painted Ladies houses, which is that section from cold house. There’s so many protests going on You can hear that our hotel is like under siege right now Heading out the door tell me this isn’t the most like thrift shop macklemore like outfit you’ve ever seen we’re going to a diner to get some pics so Wearing like an ac/dc shirt. So they’ll they be a cute like milkshake diner pick. Alright gals. Thanks Taylor What up, I want a milkshake We’re here literally to take photos we both look like they’re shop Milkshake I’m Wyatt just literally came and knocked on the glass. What did you say? Oh these hot girls. I Ordered the banana split thinking. Oh, it’ll be quicker than the milkshakes knock you out granted. It’s been like 15 minutes. It’s completely melted These are the paint what A lot we run the cash and the car came with a button and she got air. Is she gonna pay? What the prime table in this whole rooftop play is I saw a family like getting up and I was like she’ll be gone We’re in cheetah tonight bred Mexican ladies at our hotel Thank you It’s our last Monday morning. We packed up right now. It’s about 9:30 we’re at the airport San Francisco Airport. It’s like one of the chillest I’ve been in Wait, really, I think I saw that because you guys my video cows. How would we rate the weekend? I was Yeah, Shelby’s like questionably dying we’re not really sure


  1. What do you guys think of how I edited this video? Do you like having a lot of b-roll or simpler vlogs of just me talking through everything I'm doing?

  2. I liked this video a lot! I do enjoy when you do talk while you’re doing things and show us. But the clips of where you are are enjoyable too.

  3. I’ve never been to San Fran but have always wanted to!! Also, your editing in this video with your song choices was spot on!! You go girl

  4. I’m so happy you got to experience SF! It’s pretty great there. I Live in Sacramento and I try to go there at least a couple times a year!

  5. LOVE MY HOMETOWN. This is how we are in the bay area! I am so glad you had a great experience!! Wish I could have met you guys for drinks at tipsy pig!

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