I Lost My Entire Family in That Fire – Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

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  1. Man, Alberto is a brilliant actor in my opinion. The way he showcases sadness and pain through the way he projects his voice and tone, along with his facial expressions. This scene brought me to tears.

  2. My heart goes to Gallo and the entire house 51. Losing a loved one is horrible, and is one of the absolute toughest wounds to heal. I love people I know, regardless if they are my family by blood or not. Because I care and have some kind of bond with them. Remember all the good times you have with your loved ones, and cherish each and every moment of it.<3<3<3

  3. I vote for Lucas Black to be added to the cast of Chicago Fire. He could play a character named Lucas Terry and be Gallo's partner on the show. Lucas was just killed off on NCIS New Orleans and a lot of fans of that show are upset about it. Because so many NCIS New Orleans fans loved Lucas, Chicago Fire's ratings would soar even higher with this cast addition.

  4. I actually really like Gallo. Yes I'm mega mega upset that Otis died but I feel like the writers did a good job on creating a kind hearted character to not replace Otis but idk #ripotis

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