I Made Malaysian Maggi Kari Noodles for Strangers in NYC

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Really?! See it’s hot! Get it in your mouth! There you go, there you go! Fix your face! It got in your eye? You’re on camera! It’s good? Girl, you gotta tell them how it is! It’s good! Huh? 3, 2, 1, what’s going on guys? Hello everyone, it’s Xiaoma And… We got John over here!!! What’s up, oh my gosh Guys, now! It’s been a while since we made… …a Malaysian video! But! Today we’re doing a Malaysian special That’s right, now by the way guys If you guys want to watch this video in Chinese [Chinese] If you guys want to watch this video in Chinese There’s a little caption button… You can watch captions in either English or Chinese for this video So anyway guys, yes, it has been a while since we made those beautiful Malaysian videos We did Milo We did… White coffee We did… Malaysian beef jerky What a great set of videos You guys can go watch that in the Malaysia playlist over here Recently I was walking around the Malaysian supermarket So I ran into a couple Malaysians… And I was like, “What do you guys really love?” What’s like…”the thing”? And they were like… Without hesitation… Yo! You gotta get… The Maggi Kari noodles! And I was like, “Maggi Kari”? And they were like, “yeah” And I was like, whoa, I actually did a Maggi video about Indian Maggi But they were like, no no, this is Malaysian Maggi Malaysian curry flavor, and it’s really unique and special And people in Malaysia love it And I got some and I tried it And I was like, “You know what? This is actually really good!” And so, what we’re gonna do today guys Is we… We’ve got our Malaysian instant noodle kit here Look at this, look at this We got hot water, we got cups… We got forks… And we got… Authentic Malaysia curry noodles “Kari” is curry We are going to cook these Malaysian Kari noodles For people here on the street in New York City today Look, total strangers from around the world Look at this guys If you guys like these Malaysian special videos Cuz you know on this channel we bring stuff from all around the world… …to people here in New York City And if you guys like watching the Malaysian vids You can subscribe And leave a comment for more future videos About… Malaysian stuff! Cuz uh… Malaysian food is actually really good! Alright guys! Let’s go find some people! You ready?! You ready guys?! This is gonna be lots of fun! Okay Three two one go! We just made a fresh bowl… Xiaoma: Do you like instant noodles? Do you eat instant noodles?
Girl: I do eat instant noodles Okay, cool, so this is like a Malaysian special It’s called Malaysian Maggi Kari noodles Okay… They’re like a curry flavor, so sort of like traditionally how Malaysians would like to eat noodles And we’re curious to see what you would think about it! So, let me get you a fork And just let us know what it smells like, how it compares to noodles you might have It smells spicy! It’s really really spicy! It’s not too spicy, don’t worry! Oh, I’m sorry… Oh wow, this is really good! Yeah? These are really good! It’s good right? These are really good! Like, “I want to take these with me” really good! Well the whole thing’s yours, so… I can have it?! Yeah! Oh, you guys are so nice! Thank you!!! It’s not too spicy I like the juice, the juice is really good! Does that flavor remind you of anything you’ve had before? No!!! Not even the hot sauce we have here It’s like a different kind of spicy It is! Babe, come try it! These are really good! Cool! Xiaoma: Well thank you so much, I really appreciate it!
Girl: Thank you! Thank you for the free food! Thank you! Thank you!!! Do you guys eat instant noodles? Yeah, we’re from Texas We’re from Dallas Do people in Texas eat instant noodles a lot? Yeah, we call them “sopa chicken” [Spanish for “chicken soup”] Oooh, sopa chicken! Alright Well this is Malaysian instant noodles Malaysian? Malaysian, yeah Do you know anything about Malaysia…? No Okay cool, perfect It’s a kind of like curry flavor So really popular in Malaysia… Do you have another fork? Uh, yeah sure Smells good! What flavor is it? It’s…curry Curry… Oooh, that’s spicy! A little bit spicy! Woman: Curry, that’s spicy!
Xiaoma: Not too spicy! Left: This stuff ain’t gonna kill us, is it?
Right: I’m on Facebook live right now… And they’re talking about, “oooh, bring me home some!” Yeah, just tell them Maggi Kari noodles I wanna eat these noodles… That tastes good!!! Yeah!!! Remember, we’re from Texas though We always gotta put our hot sauce… Put the hot sauce on? Yeah I taste a little curry! Yeah, it’s curry flavor! Oh, this is good! There’s no body parts, or anything like that…? No no no, nothing weird No body parts, definitely Cool So would you guys want to put hot sauce on that? No, the hotness level’s good? Don’t need it now, it’s good! Get a little shrimp, I’ll put it in there I like that! Actually, that is how Malaysians like to eat noodles Some shrimp in, a little vegetables, and you have a whole meal! Yeah! I’d like veggies in here! So let me see what the packaging looks like Yeah yeah Take a picture of that Oh, that is good… Yeah Have you guys ever eaten Malaysian food before? Right: Yes!
Left: No! No, never? You have? Okay It’s called Maggi Kari And umm… Basically it’s like… Curry flavor… Okay yeah Noodles… Uh huh Girl: I will be the first!
Xiaoma: You want to try it? Okay It’s a little bit hot… Oh, nice, you kept it warm! We just made it So yeah, just give it a smell and let us know what you guys would think about it I love curry! It smells like ramen noodles!!! Guy: They look kinda good!
Girl: I mean it smells…good… Eat them noodles Alissa!!! Oh my god! I like it a lot! Yeah, cool! They’re spicy! If you don’t like spicy… Oh, no…I cannot have spicy! They’re not that spicy though, right? Asian girl: No!!!
White girl: I’m too white for this! Just a little spicy… Asian girl: Just a little bit [spicy]!
White girl: I can’t have black pepper… Anyone?! No super spicy peppers! Remi, she tried ramen this week for the first time Yes I did, I tried… She tries a lot of stuff! That’s so cool! Yeah, I’m…the whitest person to ever exist! She’s from Beaumont, Texas, so… Cool! First time eating Malaysian food, I guess! I’m nervous!!! Okay… They are spicy! Oh they’re spicy!!! Not so spicy… I think they’re really spicy!!! Julian, you try! I don’t think they’re that spicy! I think they’re spicy! What do you think about the flavor? Remi: I just taste spice!
Alissa: I like the curry flavor a lot! Curry flavor, yeah I taste spicy! So…people in Malaysia really like curry noodles like this And then…maybe putting in some shrimp, or vegetables, or egg Interesting! Remi: You can do this, Julian!
Alissa: Is that the stuff you see on ASMR channels sometimes? Xiaoma: Yeah, you’ll see Maggi noodles…
Remi: Ah, I gotta air out my mouth! Fire noodles… I cannot imagine a fire noodle! Dude, he’s taking the whole thing! Julian, come on! Julian, you just don’t know how to eat noodles! Remi: Yeah Julian, you need a lesson!
Julian: They’re good! Yeah, really good! They weren’t that spicy I really like them, yeah Remi: I think they’re spicy…
Xiaoma: Cool guys, well thank you guys so much, really appreciate it! Have you guys ever had Malaysian food before? Never? Okay So they’re a little bit…spicy And a little bit curry flavor Okay But nothing too strong… If it’s good I’ll try it! Here it goes! Little spicy! But I could get the flavor! Kid: Ma, let me try let me try!
Mom: It’s got a good flavor! Are they a YouTuber? Yeah, for YouTube, yeah! How does it taste? It is good! Yeah? It’s hot!!! Really?! See it’s hot! Get it in your mouth! There you go, there you go! Fix your face! It got in your eye? You’re on camera! It’s good? Girl, you gotta tell them how it is! It’s good! Huh? Girl: It’s good!
Kid: Oooh, it’s hot though! It’s spicy? It’s hot, it’s hot… It’s spicy… And what was the flavor like? Tangy! Tangy? You didn’t even taste it! Move it! Like a seafood, something seafood… Seafood, okay… Back: Like Old Bay [American seafood seasoning] or something?
Front: I don’t know why… Seafood specials! I kinda like the seafood flavor to it Kid: It’s good, though!
Girl: Oh my gosh! She likes it, she’s still eating it! It’s got a seafood taste, it’s a little spicy though! It’s really good actually Yeah? Yeah No, it’s really good I like the spiciness And the flavor What was this called again? Maggi Maggi Kari, yeah Right Is it in stores? In some stores, yeah, if you go in Chinatown and look around Have you ever had anything like that before? No I have not I think I will get into it! Yeah! Cool, sweet, thank you so much, really appreciate it! Yeah, thank you! Umm, the whole thing’s yours! Have you ever had Malaysian food, or any type of Malaysian noodles like that? Nope! Cool, alright, so this is yours… And umm… It’s a traditional Malaysian curry flavor… So, yeah! I’m in it, I’m in it now! This smells spicy…? Yeah, I can smell it from here Okay! What? She said that’s spicy! Spicy?! Uh huh! For real? Too spicy? No I’m good! No? No I can’t handle spicy at all Is it good though? They’re good They’re really spicy Really? I’m really…yeah You know what? I did not think these Maggi noodles were spicy at all But…a lot of people thought they were really spicy! Especially the white people today But, you know I think most people actually really enjoyed the flavor Which was cool, because I actually think these are very tasty noodles I think especially if you put in some like… Seafood, or like… A little bit of vegetables, or egg You really kinda bring out the flavors and make it into a more hearty meal See you next time!


  1. when malaysian can't relate ppl who said maggi is spicy and be like : "uhh.. we didn't talk yet about sambal belacan 😂 this is just maggi- . . . . "

  2. You know what, after i finish my STPM I will go to NYC and sell the Maggi Curry Noodles there for RM 13 per packet. I’ll cook the maggi with Malaysian Tumis style and give people taster. I bet eventhough it’s smell spicy for them but they will queue and lined up for maggi😎😎

  3. I love it how you let them try Malaysian food.
    I am Malaysian btw and i love Maggie and Malaysian when they say Maggie it sounds like Meggie

  4. I can't imaging what there reaction after eating maggi pedas giler cause maggi curry noodle not spicy. But maggi pedas giler very spicy but it's really delicious (now i'm craving to eat maggi pedas giler)

  5. Great reactions for a maggi curry. Btw we pronounce 'Maggi' like how you say the name 'Maggie'. And yes we usually add something else into the maggi like an egg, or some shrips some veggies even some sausages. This is like the most common most staple instant food in Malaysia. Believe me, this one is the most lowest level of hotness because there are other brands which are 5, 6, 7 even 10 times hotter than Maggi.

  6. With that much water that he put in, i seriously doubt it's gonna be "that" spicy .. o personally think it's gonna taste quite bland ..

  7. Malaysia now have Mcdonald 3x spicy Fried chicken! I'm excited to try. *haven't tried eventhough I'm Malaysian.

  8. Kudoss to you mann 😍 thnks for let people in new york try our stuff . Totally gonna subscriber you mann .

    Please more video like this 🙇❤

  9. maggi curry is not spicy , we cook maggi curry with + sambal belacan + 100 chillie . we have mamee maggi ghost paper 3x hot spicy better than samyang korean

  10. 從很早就關注你的頻道


  11. Hey we say "maggi" as "magie". Your pronounciation need correction. Maggi is an instant noodles so we dont really eat on daily basis. Some dont eat at all due to health consiousness. It has a lot of MSG which is not good for health. Maggi curry noodles have evolved a lot past 30 years. The recent maggi noodles are more springy than before. The curry flavor didnt change much. For malaysians the spicy level of this curry is just mild.

  12. A special things about this little instant noodles is, when you see someone eat it, instantly you feel that you must have to eat it too….and I'm ate this noodle since in primary school…😊

  13. I really crave for a maggi curry right now & I'm on diet😭
    P/s: You can control the spiciness with water level. Add more water to avoid spiciness but the flavour will also be less (which will be less good, for me) I lovee the curry flavour & asam pedas too! It's been a long time since I eat them. I think I should be more grateful that I live in Malaysia 🇲🇾❤️ Thanks for your videos about Malaysia! 😍

  14. You can buy 5 packs of Maggi Kari on this ebay at the LOWEST price… hit this link!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/312729845930

  15. “they’re really spicy” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA should have try maggi pedas giler first, that is real spicy… but maggi kari?? hahaha nope, not spicy at all😂

  16. Somehow it's pretty embarrassing for me as Malaysian people that you talk about Maggie kari… that kind of food was made for a person that lazy to cook and don't have enough money to buy a proper food

  17. I hope you don't eat it so much because that is not good for your healthy…it's enough you eat that thing once a month or year… more importantly don't give it to a kid that thing was for adults only

  18. We Malaysian only eat Maggi kari when we are broke.. literally..😂 Plus we add egg & cili padi to make it more tasty..😁

  19. Deng it. I went into this video totally smug thinking it's Maggie curry it's nothing that's peasant's food but by the end of the video all I can think of is

    Is there any Maggie curry in the kitchen right now

  20. Eventho im no longer student… buying groceries without maggi mee is not grocery shopping at all.. i took all the flavors that maggi has.

  21. I won't subscribed… U haven't said any word in bahasa melayu in all ur video….. Yeah u did said a few mandarin stuff back… But we r not from mainland bra

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