I Set the Fire – Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

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– Fellas. – What’s up?
– Hey. – Thanks for meeting us. – Of course. What’s the play? – We just found out
that the kid almost ran
into the burning house. Could’ve easily died. – I don’t think
the parents know. And I figure if the dad
feels enough guilt, maybe he’ll confess. – All right,
or, turn the wife against him, she helps us build a case. [knocking at door] – Hey, Lieutenant. Thought that was you guys
parked out here. – Can you step outside
for a sec? – Yeah, sure. – Jim, this is Officer Ruzek. Chicago Police Department. – Oh.
Uh, hey. What’s–what’s going on? – Sir, is your wife home? – Uh, yeah.
Hey, Kristen, honey, come here. – What’s this? – Your son Trevor. Did he tell you folks
he tried to run into the fire to save his grandmother? – What? No, no, no,
he was with his friend Toby, a block away, right? – Yeah, he–
– I mean, I know he came back once he heard the sirens, but– – He showed up
right when we did. If we didn’t have a man
at the back door, he would’ve run straight in. – You should’ve made sure
your boy was much further away before you lit that stove. – What does that mean?
– I don’t understand. – We have reason to believe
that Jim set that fire on purpose to kill your mother. – What?
– That’s crazy. – That’s arson, murder, and possibly
child endangerment. – I didn’t set that fire. – It means that your son
is gonna go into the system while this thing works
its way through the court. – No.
– I’m afraid so, ma’am. Whether you knew
your husband’s plan or not, doesn’t matter.
– Hey, there was no plan. I didn’t do anything. – I need you to come with me,
okay? – This is ridiculous. I didn’t do anything.
– You can walk out real easy, or I can put you in cuffs
and drag you off. – Just listen to me.
– Sir– – He didn’t do anything.
I did it. – What? – I set the fire. Just please
don’t send Trevor away. – Kristen, honey,
what are you saying? – I’m sorry. – How could you do that? – She was napping.
I… I thought she would go quickly, that the smoke
would overwhelm her like in that fire in the paper. They said the victims
never even woke up. All that money, it should go
to making our lives better. For Trevor. ♪ – Oh, my God. – I’m sorry, Jim. – We need to have
a conversation down at the district.
– I’m so sorry. – Come on. – Jim, I’m sorry. – Come on.
– I’m so sorry, Jim. [crying] I’m sorry. – Come on. ♪


  1. That was honestly a twister for me. I know that the mom wanted to make life better for her son, but she went about it all the wrong way. To kill her own mother for the money.. idk what to think now

  2. Before any moron says "Like for this to be on Netflix", its on now.tv, its on free movie sites such as 1movies.online, Netflix isnt the only streaming service so stfu

  3. I love how the wife is apologizing for trying to murder her husband's mom by committing arson and for consequently putting their son's life in danger. Like he's going to forgive her for this…

  4. I had a strong feeling it was him but this was a TWISTER!!!! I mean she wanted her mother to die quickly in her sleep? why do that? The scars this kid will have from his mother. He will hate his mother

  5. How can someone try to kill their own flesh and blood? Just because you want money? This clip made me really sad and upset. Jim clearly cares more about Kristen's mother than Kristen herself cares about her own mother. I hope Trevor doesn't become emotionally scarred for life because of what his mother did. I hope everything is set right after this.

  6. So, why did they all assume the father was the murderer?

    It must be all that #WhiteMalePrivilege is keep hearing about.

  7. Sexism at its finest! The man must of planned to murder her mother! No way could it be the wife, a woman could never commit that crime!

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