I trained at a K-Pop Idol School in New York City!! – (BTS Dance in Public)

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Hiya Q squad and welcome back to a
new Toight Adventure! Have you ever wanted to know what it
takes to become a kpop idol because today we’re gonna get a little bit of an
inside look. We are going to visit a kpop training center
[Edith] might be the only one in the city right? [Q] It might be the only one in the city so this is gonna be a rare
opportunity to kind of see what kind of stuff goes into becoming an idol. So I’m
excited! Are you excited? [Edith] I’m excited to see you try it. [Q] Yeah we’ll see how that looks but before we get started
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notifications. And let’s just get to it! Look at this little guy! Hi hi ! HI! *hi intensifies* I didn’t realize that the owner was in the car [Edith] I told you! [Q] That was kind of weird I like looked up, I was like okay uhh don’t mind me. Fawning over your
dog. I’m not good at this. I almost bumped into people. I think Edith should handle the camera. I don’t know where I’m going. Guys I wanted to give you a heads up that
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sure you go do that now. Have you seen those quick walk olympics? [Edith] I think I’ve seen them in memes [Q] I might not have a future as a Kpop idol but i do have a future as a quick walk olympic medalist! [Edith] So you said this is like the only one right? [Q] The only one in New York, yeah. There’s some in Korea but every single
Idol goes to one of these schools. Some of them from like really young age and
they train their booties off. It’s really competitive industry. so this might be my opportunity to get
discovered. [Edith] yeah your one and only. [Q] excuse me? [Edith] Are you excited? We are almost there! [Q] I’m so excited I’m
double-fisting two Americanas. Americanos Americanos
I need that caffeine so I could really show my moves to the maximum ability. BigHit I know you’re watching. It’s on! BigHit like immediately like this turn the
x-ed out of the video yeah My kpop spidey senses are tingling right
now. You know what that means? It’s kpop time. How about you? Are your kpop spidey senses tingling? [Edith] All of my senses are tingling. [Q] haha whoa! That’s inappropriate. Demonetized! Damn it Edith! [Edith] Oh that’s it right there!
[Q] Yup [Edith] Next to H-Mart.
[Q] So we can eat yummy stuff after we dance. [Edith] Are you ready to become a Kpop star? [Q] I was born ready. Waiting
for them to discover me. You guys ready for this? I’m ready. [Edith] Okay so we’re in the
kpop room! just waiting. [Q] next year you’re gonna see my face right here. The face of Q Hope monster the eighth member of BTS right on that wall. I’m calling it right
now. I’m gonna put it up by the end of the day actually. [Edith] All those people huh? [Q] I guess they came here? Infinite! that’s exactly how he sounded when he was training here and then he just got really good . [Q] so I’m here with Limanol. [Limanol] Limanol.
[Q] Limanol. I noticed that you’re not
Korean. It’s hard to notice but [Limanol] No I’m korean. I’m latino, Dominican [Q] eyyy Que lo Que!
[Limanol] okurrrr. [Q] How did you. Do you listen to Kpop? [Limanol] Yo it’s crazy. I’ve been Korean lover probably nine ten years ago I started watching [Q] Korean lover! hmmm [Limanol] No what you guys thinking!
[Q] A korean lover! You said it! [Limanol] Today you are going try something you know that? [Q] I didn’t
know but yeah I’m ready! [Limanol] well you know I just feel bad for your pants cause you
don’t bring a stretch pant. [Q] oh no these are stretchy.
Believe me I can do a lot in these pants [Limanol] Can he do a split? I’m about to see that. [Q] ooo
maybe not but yeah so yeah. I want to know what I would have to do in
order to become a kpop idol. Because it’s going to happen [Limanol] Well first have the
determination. And I think you have that. Determination. [Q] Oh determined.
[Limanol] You need to work on you vocals. [Q] I’ve heard.
[Limanol] I don’t know how good you are. I haven’t seen a
cover singing in your channel. [Q] oh no, I’ve demonstrated my vocals a
lot. A lot of New Yorkers. [Limanol] You need to dance.
[Q] some dancing? okay. okey. Vocals. Dancing. Passion
[Limanol] Stylish. [Q] stylish ohkey.
[Limanol] Yeah you need to have style. [Q] How am i doing right now?
[Limanol] super cool. Super cool! [Limanol] Trying to get you immersed in a brief Kpop experience. Just to
discover your potential. [Q] I think today’s gonna be the day that you’re gonna turn me into a kpop idol. [Limanol] You better get a fashion style.
[Q] oh damn did I just get roasted? [[Limanol] Nooo [Q] Oh hi nice to meet you.
[Director] Nice to meet you. I always watch you all the time. I’m your fan [Q] I’m hoping that you turning me into a kpop idol. This is my opportunity. [Director] I really want to try to teach you a good way, you know? Not like this. Here you get real instructor to teach you how to
dance. and miyong is the one who’s gonna teach you today. [Q] Okay so today. Really. I’m gonna
take things to another level today. yeah so there’s there’s a company coming
into, coming at the end of the month. For auditions to be a kpop idol.
So but we’re gonna work this month yeah and then I’m gonna be ready by the
end of the month. [Director] Oh good.
[Q] yeah! So you guys stay tuned. All right so we’re going into
a kpop dance class. [Miyong] Annyeonghaseyo
[Q] Annyeonghaseyo so she’s the dances innstructor. She’s
going to turn me into. You’re gonna turn me into a kpop dance superstar? [Miyong] Yes!
[Q] Alright. [Mi[Miyong] You ready?
[Q] Yeah I’m ready. Yeahhhh We did it ! Guys we are idols! Ugh! That was just a warm up. I’m dead. [Miyong] What’s this? [Q] That’s for uh for style! Yeah i’m ready. Ya’ll see the expertise. The natural talent oozing out. [Edith] Wow you are sweating a lot. [Q] yeah…I need a break. I go running every single day I haven’t
sweat like this in like ten years. This is a good workout. Catch that. Yo Jungkook how do you do it man! How do you keep your hair so nice while you’re dancing? This is honestly demoralizing. Not only am I not in the shape that I thought I was, but I’m not the
dancer that I thought I was either. You were a great instructor. I feel like I’m getting closer to being an idol. So thank you for the my first true kpop dance lesson. I have 20 days to be an idol. [Miyong] Are you serious at the end of the month? Umm how close I am to being an idol in your
opinion? I need honest feedback! [Miyong] It’s up to you. It’s all up to you! I think it’s like everything is
your attitude [Q] Do you think that I have the natural
talent? [Miyong] You do. You got, actually you have a lot. Because you actually have to calm down! [Q] Yeah i hear that a lot. Actually, Edith tells me that all the time. From what you could see what were my strong points? [Miyong] Your face expressions.
[Q] That’s a strong point? [Miyong] yeah. That is [Q]I want to see the facial expression though. I want to see your facial expression. [Miyong] Give me an example. [Q] Alright how about, hit them with that ddu ddu du. [Miyong] nooo
[Q] Yeahhh She did it! [Edith] I think you are going to need a lot of vocal lessons. [Q] yeah I might need more vocal help than dance help. Which is a scary thought but I’m a mess. I am a mess! [Edith] Breaking all the rules. [Q] Why? What rule did i break this time?
[Edith] All of them. [Edith] No side conversations.You’ve been having side conversations. Disruptions! Use of cell phone. Leaving the classroom without consent. [Q] Wow. That’s an explicit rule. That was
necessary. That was necessary. I would have died it had I not left. [Coach] Hello everyone. Welcome to the vocal class. This is Q. He is visiting us. He is going to be our student. He is going to present his audition piece. So we always imagine that there is an invisible door. So before you come in You can imagine that you are going to have a real audition. [Q] alright so i have to get in the audition mindset. Actually I’m gonna be
back in like one second I just need to prepare something. I’ll be back. I’ll come through the door as your new idol. My name is Q Hope Monster. I’m the future eighth member
of BTS and I’m going to perform fake love. How is that? [Coach] Oh my goodness you have such a powerful voice. Bow. It’s a traditional Korean Bow. So let’s ask a question how you can come up
with this kind of interpretation version. [Q] umm I thought that was an exact
replica. Any advice for me? [Student] I think with a lot of hard work I think you can get there. I think it was good. It was creative. [Student] I thought it was great. It was spot on. Loved the emotions you put into that. [Q] We got two fans of Q Hope Monster
already. I enjoyed the interpretive dance. I think the judges will never forget that performance. [Q] I’m unforgettable! This is my time to exits but thank you guys! [Director] I hope you learned something. [Q] Yeah i definitely had. I had a good time. [Director] Everybody said you learning fast.
[Q] Oh yeah? [Director] So I was surprised. I heard your voice from outside. oh my god You need to learn! I said “who is that? oh that is Q Park” I said he need to learn. [Q] Thank you for your honesty. We have 21 days and we’re gonna do it. I did a little bit of dance. I did a little bit of vocal. What about style? Do you have any advice for me style wise? [Director] Your style wise is too sexy
sometimes. [Q] Too sexy? [Director] Yeah that’s nice because no not too much sexy [Q] Tone down the sexiness? [Director] Yeah yeah a little bit turn down you know? [Q] How about my hair? Should i keep the hairstyle like this? Is that good on March 30th? [Director] Somehow I like your color. [Q] Remember the name Q Hope Monster. That’s my idol name. Q Hope Monster. [Director] Oh really? Q Hope Monster. Okey [Q] Remember the name. You are going to see it. [Director] Not Q Hope Park? [Q] No, Q Hope Monster. [Director] Q Hope Monster Park. [Q] Q Hope Monster Park. Ok.
[Director] I hope to see you. Thank you for everything. We gotta get ready for this audition. I’m
pretty much there but I’m gonna work really hard and we’re gonna bring you
guys in for that audition. It’s gonna be awesome you guys are gonna get maybe a
little bit of a flavor of what it takes to become an idol. I had a really good
time today. I hope you guys did too make sure you guys like this video and
subscribe if you haven’t. Turn on those post notifications because you guys
want to see what’s gonna happen next right? I know I do. I know they do so
let’s do it! comment down below what you guys thought
of this experience doing a kpop school. If you guys are experienced in this
field I want to hear your thoughts so let me know down below. Till next time
adios churritos!


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