I Want to Marry You, Again – Chicago Med (Episode Highlight)

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  1. So …. dr Charles is gonna resign. Wow. I won't be watching this show anymore that's for sure. The only one character that matters to me.

  2. "Please don't make me get down on one knee, I don't think I'll be ever be able to get back up." I love this line ?

  3. In sorry don't get me wrong it's a sweet moment but when he said–please don't make me go down on one knee coz I don't think I can get back up ???

  4. This was good episode. I love them. He truly loves her. He wants to be at her side through good and bad times. Chexton got back together. The acting from the cast was superb!!

  5. Sharon can’t let DR charles leave I can’t watch full episodes as I’m in UK but I watch these clips and I love dr Charles he can’t leave Sharon won’t allow it

  6. If Dr Charles is resigning, the Show won‘t be the same anymore, guess im not gonna continue watching it ?

  7. That's gonna be sad for me 🙁 at least of Sarah Reese came back or will be okay , do you think Eva killed Dr Rhodes dad?

  8. I feel like this was the reason we got reese but if I'm being honest if were losing Charles I guess reese wont be the worst substitute

  9. I swear If Dr. Charles going to leave this show I won't be watching it anymore :/ He is my absolutely favorite Character

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