Illinois mayor rejects new Amazon warehouse that would add 1,500 jobs

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  1. No no no you don’t understand! Amazon came to Colorado there starting off at 15 hr they pay 90% schooling sick days are separated from pto. Just because amazon came to town my job bump my pay over 20 bucks and way better benefits.

  2. That mayor is crazy. It's jobs for your citizens. We have a huge Amazon fulfillment center here in Indiana, with another huge one being built here. $15 an hour is a living. It's the Midwest, not California

  3. Not having an Amazon fulfillment center in your area does not mean people will buy from your local stores. It’s way too late for that. I love Walmart!

  4. There are jobs and then there are jobs with stability and integrity. Amazon is an outstanding company to work with. Let's not just focus on pay but the massive amount of benefits that come with the job. Does Amazon have a high turnover of employees, employee complaints, customer complaints? I buy virtually everything I need on Amazon. This mayor should kick the can along with his/her supporters.

  5. When the rest of the world is profiting off the homeless as a commodity Amazon has stepped up here in Seattle and has let the homeless use one of there buildings…they are going to designate 3 floors of one of the building on there Amazon campuses to be capable of helping 300 families at a time totally paid for and maintained by Amazon. Why donate the money to the state when only a small portion actually makes to to the streets when Amazon is going after the problem themselves….I voted for trump and will again but I also believe there are allot of good people on the left…….just not in politics….lol
    San Francisco spent 44k per homeless person last year and are asking for 49k this year in government aid. The homeless are a commodity to a broke state. almost none of that will make it to the streets to help the homeless.

  6. The "Small hometown" business's RIP you off! They Push people to Amazon! I asked a small propeiter once "Why are you charging 3x more for this item than I can get it for on Amazon?" The Answer. "I can't get it that cheap" Wait a minute! If I can get it that cheap then you are not doing your job, I suggest you buy from Amazon, Add 40%, then you can compete against Amazon on convenience factor.

  7. Not there, job's is jobs..if the people are electing these idiot's then there is no compassion for the foolish..😎✊

  8. By they way you total Trump/Fox News Kool Aid drinkers are the one's indoctrinated.. Most likely Religous in your minds vice True Believers in Yeshua, Jesus Christ.. Your mostly likely support any which way the wind blows..Why is this obvious?? Because the Mayor is a Old White multiple voting in filthy rich, most likely Bigot or what people call "Racist"(doesn't exist) and to top it all of he is a Republican😳😏😂😆😂 Blind follow blind..😒😎✊

  9. The mayor is likely protecting the local monopolies of fewer than a dozen folks. Those 1,500 jobs would also have paid into State tax coffers.

  10. Amazon is an online store. Their physical presence, whether it's in this town, or 2 towns away, has neither more of, or less of an effect on small businesses. The argument that it would hurt small businesses is insane. Online shopping is hurting such businesses that don't compete online, it's not Amazon that's hurting these businesses per se.

  11. 15 dollar is not a living wage when rent is 1200 a month. Also these warehouses cause huge traffic jams in rural areas.

  12. What do you expect from the state of the worst president we’ve ever seen. Just like what we would expect Obama to do let’s do the dumbest thing possible

  13. I support Trump maga , Kag but I also support this decision Amazon is a non tax paying small business killing corporation.

  14. It's IL, do you really expect common sense? The state's firearm policies are a massive failure. Chicago owned by gangs, millions of law abiding concealed carriers from other states avoid the place like the plague. From WI I drive through cursing their tolls but go straight through and don't stop to spend a dime. This is so prevalent but they're clueless to it. IL politics… That's a comedy show of it's own. You expect logic and FAIR capitalism from that.. You're smoking their latest tax resource to salvage the budget.

  15. Amazon does support chinese made products. And money shipped over seas doesn't help America. It's not a bad issue. How about making local jobs and stop the big corporations from destroying the small companies.

  16. Hey, why agree with more job in Illinois, Democrats ! Looooossssers ! Every large poverty stricken and crime riddled city is Democrat !

  17. Hay, i’m 68 years old I live in Tampa Florida bring those jobs down here let Amazon open warehouse here I’ll be here more than happy to go to work at $15 an hour until I’m 75. From the old school, was taught to work for a living!!!!

  18. This is business as usual in Chicago. I remember when Walmart came to town. What ridiculousness. Big corporations make the disgustingly corrupt alderman salivate. Seriously, where a rain coat around these subhumans. What’s going on is another very public Chicago shakedown of a major corporation. And they use the “it’ll close the mom and pops” b.s. every time. Like amazon hasn’t put them out of business already. Good old Quid Pro Chicago never changes.

  19. I’ll bet $15 that the lady in defending the mayor has never worked for $15/hr or less, if she’s ever worked at all….

  20. Amazon is bad to work for. It doesn’t take a lot of research to realize how badly you’ll be treated working as a driver or in the warehouse. I’m surprised they don’t have a class action lawsuit that makes them change their ways.

  21. The big point people fail to focus on is what Amazon wants to move in. The tax breaks they want probably isn’t worth it in the long run for the state. I know I don’t have all the details and I suggest getting all the facts before you call someone stupid or criticize why they did something you don’t agree with. All this does is create public outrage and the huge corporations continue to win and do what they want with impunity!

  22. When governments take away citizens rights it’s citizens constitutional duty to take governments right to govern
    Infringing on citizens rights to make a living qualifies

  23. Bolingbrook is as corrupt as it gets. Mayor owns the truck stop. U can’t park ANYWHERE in that town and not get a ticket. Cops cruise all night just to ticket and tow. Plus he hates truckers. Truckstop is small but he controls

  24. Are you kidding? Most of the elected officials in that state are corrupt! They have been since long before Odumbass. Chicago & Detroit are travesties!

  25. All the automated material handling systems shown in the clips were designed and built by Dematic Corporation. Dematic – the best in the business, proudly serving Amazon.

  26. I've seen small businesses dwindle over the years because of Amazon Walmart all these big companies sharing the smaller companies out they don't pay no money for real.

  27. I hate Amazon ive ordered something 3 times from Amazon and all 3 times they sent me the wrong thing it wasnt what i ordered i hate haveing to send things back id rather go to a store and get it right the first time

  28. I was a GM at an Amazon warehouse for 22 years. Amazon was a wonderful employer and I recommend them to everyone for employment.

  29. You know I’m a conservative but I’m starting to wonder, when did we become the party that put corporations over small businesses. I thought the entire point of being a conservative was to be the voice of the working man. I get that amazon would be giving people jobs but imagine what their presence would do to the local businesses. They would put as many people out of business as they employ. What Americans need are manufacturing jobs that won’t threaten the livelihood of local businesses. Is there any party that sticks up for small businesses anymore?

  30. What I would like to know is what town is it? Why the secrecy? I bet it's a town that is aiming to keep a certain standard and bringing in more median income is too low for that standard. They want the companies that start higher than 20 an hour to keep the town looking and feeling like high middle class. If they keep the 15 an hour companies out, maybe eventually those people will leave. It was a decision made by snobbery.

  31. "Why do they hate Amazon?"

    Why do liberal Republicans hate America so much that they defend anti-American corporations?

  32. Gotta love a bunch of well to do old guys talking about how the peasants should be glad to get a shitty warehousing job.

  33. This other guy is being ridiculous with the lady. – cutting in saying that small businesses use or employ Amazon? Well, sure they might use it to supplement their brick-and-mortar sales! But overall, it's Amazon's labor practices that I seem to recall to be questionable, not the money. And when your labor practices are questionable, employees tend to be transient or vagrant. In time, I suppose Amazon will switch to unmanned aerial vehicles anyway.

  34. The Left: We want more jobs at a livable wage!
    Amazon wants to open a warehouse to produce more jobs at a livable wage
    Also The Left: No, we don't like large corporations.
    Me: 🤔

  35. This panel totally out of touch of America reality. This is AI. Can one of them live with those wages positive yes. Besides that we also need UBI. The main problem is that amazon manipulated our tax system. And pay zero in federal taxes. Do the Math we need also VAT.

  36. Surprisingly the mayor did good. While they , Amazon probably get a pile of tax breaks or paying 15 an hour not for entry level workers but they will get quality level workers. Plus they can't replace the small companies jobs when they go out of business. You need small companies more than big companies ,because they provide way more jobs, and locations are all over the place to choose from. I can go on and on, but beware.

  37. False. Walmart is not good for small towns, small businesses, poor or lower class families, or even the workers that Walmart employs.

  38. If AOC has her way minimum wage would be $15. an hour and free health care for everyone.And to pay for the health care she wants to impose a 52% tax on everyone who makes more than $29,000. a year..So let's do the math..
    At $15. an hour for 40 hrs. comes to $600. a week sounds great.. but for the year it comes to $31,200. so now it qualifies for the 52% tax.. Let's subtract the 52%..Now the $600. is cut down to $288. which is $7.20 an hour. Welcome to AOC economics…but look on the bright side at least now everyone will have free health care..😂😂

  39. Just let everybody depend on the government handouts -what’s wrong with these blue state idiots? And can it be fixed ?? I doubt it

  40. Unemployment for all, only illegals should work and support all of the citizens…  OH, I thought that is what you wanted????

  41. So the wealthy are now concidered evil….and being poor is now the new American dream hahahaha. America is so stupid and it's clear it's over . America is now a Communist country…. when a mayor says when and where you can work that's communism

  42. Amazon is a Monopoly…just like Wallmart…but unfortunately we Poor Americans go to the Cheapest retailer…too make our little checks stretch

  43. Wow great job mayor im sure all the people of Illinois who would have loved to have those jobs are prolly happy that you stuck it to amazon lol smh

  44. How can a “mayor” decide what businesses locate to their cities? Mayor isn’t King. It’s none of his business what Amazon pays.

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