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Maurizio: I have this idea of the
perfect loaf: how it’s going to rise in the oven, and how it’s going to have a certain
color on the crust, a certain flavor. That mental image
is what keeps me baking. For me, a bake starts with the numbers. The baking formula allows you to
play with the percentages of ingredients: different flour ratios,
and different amounts of water, different pre-ferments. I just play with those percentages until
my experience and instinct plays a role. I want the numbers to be
exactly what I’m looking for. Once I get those numbers then I can
set the stage for the rest of the process. Now wait… The beautiful thing about baking is that it requires repetition to become
masterful at it. Every time you bake you’re not really sure how
the outcome’s going to be. There’s always that feeling that even though you’ve done the
same thing a thousand times you can do one little piece
maybe a little bit better the next time. There is no perfect loaf,
but it’s that pursuit that keeps me just baking
and baking and baking. [indistinct chatter] You want more? You want some, Dad? Dad: I already have some. Maurizio: Okay.


  1. just yesterday I used the same metaphor of baking and cooking to describe the difference between theoretical knowledge and practice.

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