India’s Elections Last For 39 Days. Here’s Why. | NYT News

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It’s the world’s biggest
election and truly an event like no other. The marathon vote in India:
More than 900 million people are eligible to vote. More than 8,000
candidates are vying for a seat in the lower house
and polling lasts for nearly six weeks
or 39 days to be exact. So, needless to say an election
in the second-most populous country on earth is
complicated and elaborate. India has four times as
many registered voters than the United States. And it has higher voter
turnout than the U.S. That’s because the country’s
committed to polling every one of their voters. And when I say committed, I mean, they’re required
by law to do it. Election rules
say that there has to be a polling
station within two kilometers of every dwelling. That’s true for the more
than 20 million people that live in Mumbai. And for the sole
human living in Gir Forest National
Park in Gujarat, who gets his own
polling booth. So in practice, that’s
one million polling stations and 12 million
polling officials. These election workers go
to all edges of the country — literally: 700 special trains
will be deployed this year as well as boats,
planes, elephants and teams of camels. I did say elaborate didn’t I?
Key to this entire exercise is this contraption. India has been using secure
electronic voting machines for two decades. Each machine has three parts. First, there’s the control
unit that counts and stores the votes. And there’s the
balloting units, where voters pick
their candidates by pressing a button. The third piece is
a secure printer that deposits a hard
copy of each ballot into a sealed box. And it’s just that simple. The electronic
voting process has made it dramatically easier
for Indians to cast votes. But it’s also
part of the reason why the process
takes so long. There are just
1.6 million control units, but more than
900 million eligible voters. That’s roughly one unit
for every 552 voters. So, what’s at stake? Voters are choosing
who will fill 543 seats in Parliament’s
lower house, the Lok Sabha.
The golden number is 272 seats. That’s how much a
party or coalition needs to pick the
next prime minister. Then in five years,
people start this process all over again.


  1. you showed the wrong map of India you marked several states as disputed which aren't disputed at all,plus you
    showed PAKISTAN'S occupied Kashmir as a part of Pakistan…f**king one sided

  2. Lots of Indians r saying why they always show old Delhi
    Lol do u still expect something good from this leftish media houses ?
    Now world is globalized n every1 know Whats going on, let them think what they want, we should work n make Asia great again like d past

  3. It's Worlds Biggest Democracy. Thats why our elections are also different from other countries. Incredible India♥️

  4. Wrong map of india ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌

  5. Why is always old Delhi shown first in western media…every video starts with it…grow up.. India is beyond those dark gullys!

  6. Western media : india = old delhi
    New delhi,
    Navi mumbai,
    Gangtok: am i a joke to you??
    ( ̄ー ̄)

  7. Look, I didn't watch the video, but I am 100% sure that in this video, there is a small/large clip which is showing old delhi. Did you know that how I guessed that?? Ans: because it is new york times.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. There are 552 SEATS IN *Lower House(Lok Sabha)
    530 are Elected from 29 States
    20 are Elected from 7 Union Territories
    2 are Elected by President from Anglo -Indian community.

  9. I am a Pakistani, so I hate India and their fake democracy… but I have to admit this is a very elaborate process and seems to be very fair. It must be really hard handling that many voters.

  10. A lot of people are against this image of India in the west, the old Delhi image. I don't think it has any negative effects on India. As long as we are growing, let them think what they think, what's the problem. In fact, it make us realize that there is still work to do. On top of that why do we even need their validation. When we reach the stage where, even old Delhi and Banaras is properly organized and structured, they will only remain with historical videos.

  11. U cannot show wrong map of india u need to correct it… need content for your channel and you choose indian elections ,good but you cant show it's map properly.. So mean…

  12. Western media : Let's show something about India ,where n what we can shoot?
    BBC: Mumbai slums are ours
    NYT: Old Delhi and poors are ours
    Alzazira:Hinsdus and Rss against world peaceful religion
    CNBC: India is poor country all people are beggers
    NBC: China and India going to fight

  13. 0:27 What the f…. ? Atleast show the full map of india .. kashmir (pok) is part of india .. you should show map of kashmir in indian map as a part of india ..

  14. Out of all those beautiful areas in India you chose these to shoot. International media at its best.

  15. Look NYT just get the map right…. Goddammit…. You are triggering all Indians…. Hasan minhaj blurred it 😂😂😂 smart guy i say

  16. idiots…foolish fellows… look at the map…corrct the map
    otherwise you will come to know the Other language of True Indian Nationalist

  17. Save India from the hands of demons, help world, if any powerful and a kind ruler is seeing this, please help us
    They don't want to let us get separated by polling public opinion
    They arrest those who support this idea
    Save India from the Government!

  18. Narendra Damodar Modi garu for Prime Minister of Bharat again.🇮🇳 🙏🏾

  19. The main cause behind phased poling is need of security. We need to deploy paramilitary force at poling stations so that no one can seize or capture the poling booth.

  20. Every foreigner ever land in Delhi go to Jaipur, OMG India is still in palace and kings era, another bunch lands in Mumbai goes to Goa OMG India is a hippie land forgets North East, South India as if these places don't have airports

  21. #NYT Please show correct map of India… You are news channel not a isi agent so show the truth….

  22. Nyt please get India's map corrected. J and K is not represented correctly. Else remove this video. Be responsible. Do not be pseudo journos. You are talking about elections of this country

  23. Elephant camels to carry EVM ? U guys publish anything just for the sake of making a news … had it been true why did you not show it in the video ? My point is stop making assumptions which aren't practical and true..

  24. One thing I learned from the comment section: That Indian map you guys have shown here…is incorrect! LOL

  25. Why do they always show older and poor parts of india …… For once show the rich n the sprawling apartment complexes and bunglows as well…. By the grace of God we are building new new infrastructure everyday unlike US who has an ailing infrastructure n yet not bothered to change it

  26. MURICA : aight we don’t want some people to vote so let’s make voting even harder

    INDIA : whips out its elephants so isolated bois can vote

  27. they are not required by law to vote and yes there should be a polling station within 2 km range of every person. Both are different things .

  28. Condescending. Shallow. Poor humor. Back-handed.
    Eat your heart NYT. We have a working democracy.

    Our Election is not decided by Courts. Rember 2000 US elections. Chad's, dimple Chad's. Talahasse. Finally a bench if senile SC judges (Republican selected) decided George W Bush is the President. Never done in India.

  29. Election process in India is a big joke the persons .who can't get even single deposit in state election. With in three months of time they will elected with vast majority in to parliament. There are several questions on this democracy .where you not have right to question and criticism on policy. If you do that you will be awarded with a title know as"ANTI NATIONAL ".

  30. Check out this video of how modi is butchering minorities. This happens in the month of ramazan,

  31. This map of india is not correct…… you're a bulshit media house….no wonder why trump canes you so much

  32. @TheNewYorkTimes, Correct the India map in first place then seek credibility of your news. Hypocrites, you don't like watching the world without creating a rift between the countries and continents

  33. I don't know why the Western media portrays India as a land of slums by shooting selective areas in India to show India in a bad light. As if the US doesn't have slum areas and homeless people. That's sick.

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