Industry Insider: New York Vape Ban Blocked

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A state Supreme Court justice struck down Governor
Cuomo’s ban Saturday — saying the state had overstepped its authority in regulating
the vape industry. Find out more on this edition of industry insider. Mike Kruger, Owner of GV Apothecary, weighed
in on the decision saying quote “The vaping industry is a long-term, seemingly never-ending
battle whether it be on the federal, state, or county level. The decision ruled in favor
of science and factual data over dictatorship by Andrew Cuomo and Michael Bloomberg’s millions
of dollars invested into taking flavors off the market.” The ban was issued in September
of last year and since then Kruger tells reporters that he had to re-brand his business. He went
on to explain quote, “Local state governments, FDA, Centers for Disease Control really did
our industry a lot of harm late last summer/early fall kind of stating false claims that the
products we sell here are causing people to be ill and die…but at the end of the day,
the facts and science did prove that they were lying.” In response to the ruling, the
American Heart Association is joining 38 other public health groups on Monday to call for
immediate passage of two pieces of legislation to eliminate the sale of all flavored tobacco
products, including mint and menthol. Cuomo’s office and the Attorney General’s Office,
which represented the state in the case, didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment
on the order. Last year, Many state governments had been
waiting for a federal judgement on the issue before moving forward before taking more long
term actions. With some states changing their tune in reaction to the feds partial pod flavor
ban late last year – Will any of them actually be able to pass temporary blanket bans moving
forward? Please share your thoughts with us down below and as always don’t forget to
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Fight4Flavors content. This has been Nick with Industry Insider, and we’ll see you
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  1. Good I'm glad to see a win for our side for once. It seems that there's more and more hatred towards vaping anymore which makes no sense. If we ever do find a cure for cancer are they gonna ban it also and make up lies about it?

  2. We still need New Yorkers and vape supporters to contact their NYS Legislators. There is still legislation in the state assembly that could still ban vape in NY.

  3. I hope the truth continues guys, I really do, it just seems the corruption runs so deep, I feel that the would do anything to banned Nic vaping and I mean anything at all, nothing would be to far for them.

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