INSANELY Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Hotbird Nashville | Worth the Wait?

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hot’s pretty hot, the extra hot’s ridiculous, and
the burning is, like, insane. [MUSIC PLAYING] WOMAN 1: I am standing
in line for Hotbird Nashville hot chicken. I hear it’s the
hottest thing in town. AARON NAM: We go
from mild to burning. You pretty much eat
it at your own risk. WOMAN 2: Oh, my god. This is going to be great. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, my god. It’s so hot. [CHUCKLES] – Cheers.
– Cheers. Woo! [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, my god. It’s really good. [MUSIC PLAYING] AARON NAM: The first
time I tried it, I had Nashville hot chicken, and
it was just absolutely amazing. Fried chicken, and then
it comes with the heat, and it just hits you in
the back of the mouth and it just lingers
with you, but it’s the most amazing experience. And I knew we had to
bring it to the Bay Area. The heat levels can have
habanero or Carolina Reaper, which is the spiciest
chili in the world. It’ll blow your socks off. CALEB LONGACRE: Whenever
I make the spice mix, I have to wear, like, a mask
just to get through making it. It’s so spicy. Maddie, please. WOMAN 2: Oh, my god. Here we go. Look at that. I’ve tried the hot. It’s really good. I have not gone beyond that
because it makes you sweat. [MUSIC PLAYING] CALEB LONGACRE: Chicken
starts here, wet dredge. Then it goes into our
seasoned flour mix, fried, then gets dipped
in our seasoned spice oil. Then we season it with
your desired spice level– mild, medium, hot,
extra hot, burning. Comes over for the brioche
bun, our dill pickles, a nice acidity from the coleslaw
really brings it all together with the comeback sauce. AARON NAM: Comeback sauce is
somewhat self-explanatory. You want to come back for more. It’s a type of aioli that
has a little kick to it– acidic, sweet, very flavorful. WOMAN 1: It’s hard to describe. It’s, like, a little bit
tangy, sweet, spicy, really moist, delicious chicken. I would say it
is spicy, but, uh– I would say it’s hot. Saw the line, thought
it must be good, so I came and sat in the line. I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was just a fluke. I thought I was a one-off,
but they just keep coming back and the line gets longer. INTERVIEWER: How long
are you willing to wait? Psh, however long it takes
for me to get that chicken. I’m chasing that chicken. [MUSIC PLAYING] Could I get the
extra hot Hotbird? WOMAN 3: We’ve come every
single week since Off the Grid started, and we always get
the hot Hotbird sandwich. I’m a new mom and my
baby is three months, and he’s had it basically
every single week of his life. [LAUGHS] There’s two things
Nashville does, I feel. One, you say country. Two, we say chicken. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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