INSIDE a $13 Million NYC Apartment with Private Rooftop Pool

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this is a private saltwater pool on the
terrace of a thirteen million dollar apartment in Soho my name is Erik
Conover and I’m going to take you on a tour of this one-of-a-kind luxury
apartment in New York City this video has been sponsored by audible
welcome to 565 Broome Street in Soho this apartment has three bedrooms three
bathrooms it’s three thousand three hundred and ninety seven square feet
with a private saltwater pool listed exclusively at Douglas Elliman asking
just under thirteen million dollars now if you’re already subscribed to my
channel you know that in this series we tour the most incredible luxury
apartments in New York City and we have some pretty ridiculous apartments coming
up in future episodes so make sure to click that subscribe button 565 Broome Street gives you that
intimacy of a boutique Soho building but with the views and the amenities of a
full-service modern condo so the apartment is accessed through a key two
elevator in the tower of the building which leads to a private elevator
landing opening directly into the formal apartment entrance so your elevator
enters right into your apartment first reactions of this place walking in and
I’m blown away the fact that this is an apartment in Soho Soho is known for the
old cast-iron buildings lots of history and this is hands-down a modern luxury
apartment that just happens to be in the historic neighborhood of Soho I’ve never
seen anything like this besides the one right behind me there
are no walls in this apartment the first thing that you notice is the
floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors that surround this space it’s New York
in your face the high-rises I mean I’ll gets all the views later but for now
let’s start here in the sitting area now I think this room is ideal for both
entertaining and daily living the way that this place is staged it definitely
seems like a bachelor pad or bachelorette pad have you ever seen one
of these swiveling lights this is definitely a statement in this room
I mean even look behind me there’s a Roman Statute right here in this sitting
area you had the l-shaped couch with the coffee table which has books all over it
and if you notice behind me there’s no television in this sitting room and it’s
not really a place to sit watch TV but more so to have conversations to sit and
to entertain guests case in point check out this bookshelf disc this is a very
very unique piece that’s adding to tell the story of this space from the sitting
area we move over to the dining room table seating for eight but the main
thing that you first notice when you walk in here is not the dining room
table it is the wraparound Terrace with the swimming pool all these floor-to-ceiling glass doors
open up transforming this into an indoor/outdoor living space this
apartment feels more like it should be in Los Angeles than New York City this
is the wow factor of this apartment you have 2,200 square feet of wrap-around
Terrace most people’s apartments aren’t even 2,200 square feet you can come out
here any time of year you have a table just as large as the one in the dining
room outside this outdoor terrace even has an outdoor kitchen with a whoa look
at that grill imagine in the summer time August you have all of your friends over
you can cook up a huge meal out here have it on your Terrace views of the
city looking down to the south you can see the iconic one a world at trade
center you have all downtown looking over to the west you see the Hudson
River with boats passing it you get amazing sunsets and then behind me
looking north you see the brand-new Hudson Yards you can even see it a bit
of the Chrysler Building looking up to the Northeast and that’s not even the
best part yet this apartment comes with a pool
not just any pool this is a saltwater pool I want to jump in right now then
right by the pool again you have another sitting area with a nice low coffee
table come out here in the morning have your breakfast honestly what more could
you ask for you really have the best of both worlds with this place when you
head back inside and we shut these doors and listen one of the first things I
noticed when I walked in here was how quiet it really is when you’re out on
the balcony you know you get the full ambiance of the city but then you can
come back inside to your apartment and totally relax
no noise heading back inside that now we are in the indoor kitchen right off of
the great room you have custom-designed at glass cabinetry along all the walls
breaking up the center of the kitchen is this expansive breakfast bar with these
marble countertops the kitchen comes with the full suite of moulay appliances
oven cappuccino maker microwave oven then even a wine whoa well I didn’t
expect that to be so heavy and sturdy look at this wine cooler let’s head
upstairs on the custom spiral staircase you’re not going to want to miss what’s
up here how many apartments in the city have you seen that have custom spiral
staircase this is the first guest bedroom
in the duplex again like the first floor you have the floor-to-ceiling glass
windows since this is a Western facing room the natural light flooding in it
just warms and fills this room with a positive energy having natural light in
your apartment in New York City is huge the bathroom in this guest bedroom is a
dream floor-to-ceiling marble everywhere in the center of this bathroom you have
amused costs deep soaking tub along with a separate oversized that shower and
last but not least you have heated floors it can get pretty cool in the
winter in New York City and to have your toes nice and warm and your bathroom
from this guest bedroom back out into the foyer we enter the master suite of
this apartment over to the far wall when you first walk in it staged with a
seating area and then this display case against the wall with all sorts of decor
the bed and the center of the room is facing the west of the Hudson River
again continuing with the whole theme of this apartment it’s very minimal my
favorite part about the master bedroom is this moment over in the corner you
have the curved glass and it’s been staged with a desk looking down over the
streets you can see the car is going by and it makes for a nice cozy area in
such a modern apartment and of course in an apartment like this
you have the neverending master walk-in closet that almost looks
more like a showroom than a closet this master bathroom is an exact mock-up of
the first one we saw in the guest bedroom it’s spacious it’s modern it has
everything you could even ever want in a bathroom and of course the soaking tub
has an incredible view comment down below your favorite thing
about this apartment and make sure to subscribe to see more luxury content and
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  1. Would you live in this SoHo Apartment? Comment below your favorite room and what cities you want to see more luxury tours in!!

  2. The rooftop area got wasted. Just plain stone everywhere and some dotted chairs and tables. I would turn this much space into a garden paradise.

  3. am i the only one who thinks that this Apartment Looks shitty? xD
    no life in those Apartments but expensive af. typical to rich ppl shit.

  4. What happens to pool and sofa that is outside when it rains?, and how do you clean that apartment? (I mean i wouldn’t want to clean all that area from dust)

  5. If you own this apartment you should also hire people to clean, cook, do maintenance etc. Besides there are offices downstairs which makes it more convenient to be a home-office rather then to be a family home.

  6. It would be pretty sad living there lol.
    Unless you have a family of 10 people you adore to be around with.
    But who wants to live with 10 people at once?

  7. i always wondered can people see inside your homes with those clear windows? i heard they are special windows that allow the residents to see out but no one can see in.

  8. Not very cozy in my opinion. I'm sure some love it but I'd rather have a 2 million dollar house in the suburbs or country than this

  9. Favourite thing about this apartment is the fact, that everybody can see what that person does, even if he/she is in the bathrom, showering, taking a bath or even taking a dump 🙂

  10. I'd rather throw the 13 million into index funds and get 910,000 a year then just rent a place like that for something like 300k

  11. The main gripe I have with modern buildings is the lack of privacy having it all so open planned. Especially in the bathroom, floor to ceiling glass panel yea great so now the whole city can just watch you take a dump in the comfort of your own home! Classy

  12. Tbh this apartment is amazing and so beautiful and modern but nahh, it shouldn't cost 13M , it's too much , maybe 6-7 Is better I think

  13. The glaring bad part about this apartment is that it's not a penthouse. So yeah you have your own pool, but the neighbors upstairs will be looking at you taking a dip and it'll be impossible for you to have sex in the pool.

  14. You definitely cannot have sex in the living room cause there are so many windows pointed at you. Not a good appartment.

  15. I love the big windows, and the pool and the staircase. I wonder how long it takes to clean it from top to bottom, how many staff the owner must employ, and how much the taxes are for the home. I'm disabled. Beautiful staircase but going up and down multiple times daily would be challenging for me. I'd pick a level and stay there, unless there's an interhome elevator, then no problem.

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