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It’s Eid, the biggest
Muslim holiday of the year. These streets
should be buzzing and the stores open
late into the night, as thousands of
families gather to shop, pray and feast. But few people here
are celebrating. The city is on lockdown. We’re inside one of the world’s
most militarized regions, contested by both
India and Pakistan. Kashmiris fought to maintain
a degree of autonomy for decades. But last week, India stripped
that special status away on its side of the border, a move that could
lead to more unrest. But these protesters
could only be heard on the back streets
of their neighborhood. India has sent in thousands
of security forces to confine and silence
all opposition. In Srinagar, Kashmir’s
largest city, they have eyes on each block. Checkpoints are everywhere. “They have betrayed us. It was a backstabbing
to us as Kashmiris. They have make a prison —
this Kashmir is — the whole Kashmir is now a prison.” And people have almost
no way of communicating with the outside world. Indian authorities have
cut off the internet, cell phones and
even landlines. So, to place a call,
some try to come here. It’s a government building
with a few phones that may or may not work. With the absence
of communication, there is an absence
of information. It’s not clear how long
the restrictions will last or how much longer people
will tolerate them. For now, the streets
here are quiet. But there is no peace,
and the anger simmers.


  1. compliments to the Govt of India for making excellent preparations to maintain peace and preempt violence in Kashmir. the separatist leaders were already scheming to incite the stone pelting mobs funded by pakistanis and this preperation by GOI protected the peoples' lives and property from further damage.

  2. Sadly INDIA is taking advantage of its position in the world. Pakistan is working on non-millitary solution, but INDIA has fasten to completely engulf Kashmir into its Union. INDIA is misleading the world and consistently ignoring Pakistan reaervations.

  3. @The New York Times : you should have clearly mentioned two facts: 1) Why the Govt of India had to resort to such curfew and 2) that two of clips you have used in this video are not from current period. Shame on you either for incompetence or mal-intent or both.

  4. No phone, No TV, No Internet, just Curfew, deserted and barbed streets…What media can cover, just blackout, No humanity, A jail of millions of people in confined millitarized territory. A week passed out.

  5. Yeah please get an ak47 and then get gun down by the soldiers in the name of islam… These people will never learn..

  6. Biased reporting is what was expected of you NYT and you did it. Why don't you make a documentary on the horrible atrocities Kashmiri militants committed on Kashmiri Pandits and Sikhs 25 years ago? All the murders, rapes, plunder and forced evacuation of those people by these heartless radical people. Of course you are not going to show the other side of the coin you bigoted devils.

  7. PM MODI and RSS next target will be Sikh community, although they sacrified alot for INDIA, but they will always have a lesson to prove their sincerety to INDIA.

  8. India is killing innocents kashmiris everyday in occupied kashmir! Because They demand freedom from its tyranny! No more Kashmir will be free Oneday !

  9. The world once appeased Hitler and we got WW2, today we have the re-incarnation of a Hindu Nazi war monger Modi, he is a RSS member and RSS glorifies Hitler in their teachings & want to cleanse India of Muslims. Please spread the word & save the planet from Nuclear War.

  10. Kashmir belonged to Pakistan from day 01, & belongs to Pakistan and will belong to Pakistan under the rules of partition of British India, all Muslim majority states were to go to Pakistan and Hindu majority to India, Kashmir was 99% Muslim & therefore rightfully under the rules agreed by all sides, should have gone to Pakistan… no argument there, so Pakistan is not laying claim to any territory that was 99% Hindu majorty, but India is laying claim to a 99% Muslim majority state…. now please do some research. Pakistan is not fighting for anything other than what was supposed to belong to it and India is just holding on to it by force, ignoring UN resolutions to which both Pakistan and India signed to let the Kashmiris decide by vote who they wish to join, but today India refuses to honor its agreements, and now Pakistan has no option but to go to the world to force India to respect UN resolutions, otherwise there will be war, Pakistan will not let this slide. The world is on notice… better do your research fast.

  11. These so called 'kashmiri' muslim jihadis expelled the kashmiri hindu pandits and ethinically clensed the hindus of the region…now claiming kashmir is theirs…funny…Kashmir will be India's territory…Indian Army will eliminate even the last jihadi who dare to take up arms against the nation….Kashmir was…is and will for ever be India's territory…No pakshitani or Jihadi shd dream abt an inch of soil in Kashmir… Jaihind

  12. India was already divided into 3 nations. Two countries ( Pakistan & Bangladesh) were just created on the basis of religion i,e for Muslims. How many more pieces India has to be bleed for Muslims. This time we are not going to divide even if we die.

  13. And somehow when this shithole does surpass our economy, many folks will still be oppressed and living in squalor with no rights.

  14. I don't know why everyone is so focused on kashmir and ignoring Ladakh and Jammu ….they are also people…but Pakistan and all over the world media is only interested in one region kashmir WHY….why…I as a person belonging from Jammu is very happy that this article is scraped for good and don't want international media or Pakistan's help

  15. These are not protesters. these are terrorists carrying guns. Even the kids are carrying guns . Wow. they need to be educated. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE A WHILE AGO!

  16. Modi is the new Hitler. World needs to wake up. My family is from Kashmir and the oppression of Kashmiris by Indians needs to stop. Kashmiris deserve right of self-determination as demanded by UN 7 decades ago.

  17. Today what we are facing in Kashmir, you will face tomorrow, these are not original Kashmirs . Generations of invaders and refugees from Central Asia and gulf , they settled here 2 centuries ago. Now they are asking for a division, you will also face the same music one day, let wait and watch your reaction

  18. Why only talk of Kashmir. Why doesn’t anyone talk about Jammu and Ladakh. Why doesn’t anyone talk about the Kashmiri Hindus who were ousted fro their homeland by the Muslim majority of the valley. Why are they feeling bad now. The Muslim majority usurped their homes and land

  19. This is a biased view. The whole of India is happy about the decision to abrogate the article 370 and do away with 35 A. Maybe now we Hindus will be able to return home and claim our land

  20. The Muslim majority in the Kashmir Valley wants to make the valley an Islamist state. The people of Jammu and Ladakh are happy because they were neglected lot.

  21. Also retaining kashmir is essential from geopolitical viewpoint, china will either encroach the land or apply its "sugar daddy" diplomacy there too, we are resisting its approach by making efforts in countering "string of pearls". If china is able to setup OBOR, the Nash equilibrium would be set to worse off condition for whole south asia. No matter what it shows to world we know china is expansionist and has done many excursions in attempt to claim other countries' territorial lands. If it has nothing to counter it china will attempt to damage other nations' sovereignity to annex the resources. Right now india is putting all efforts to keep it at an arms length. If OBOR is operational china wouldn't have anything to fear and its neighbors are the ones who would have to worry. This is why even america is silent right now on kashmir issue. Because india is the key ally to counter china's power.

  22. Also coming to pakistan, we often hear negative comments and warmongering hurled both ways because these are made by people who are vocal about their opinions and rarely introspect the course of actions it might lead to. On the other hand people who are actually careful and considerate avoid commentting or talking because they feel their opinions might not be enough well formed. Its called dunning kruger effect. Trust me most indians and pakistanis that you dont hear from want peace. I personally believe we belong to a shared culture, together Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and other neighbors can do wonders towards humanity, education and science, and become one of the best confederation likes only of europe and usher this region to new era. Shame that we are wasting our resources in these skirmishes.

  23. Where's the other side of the story? Oh! Sorry I forgot, they'll never show it because this is entertaining and spicy. The other side of the story is, because of these articles, 1. the whole land is underdeveloped when all other parts (at least, if not states) are developing under various schemes launched by the government, leaving the majority of the J&K people under powerty or/and generating money in and for the state (reason why we do not have a good amount of rich people in J&K who invested in J&K state 2. It is so easy to heat up the situation by the native leaders there instead of calming it out, leading to militancy and terrorism 3. It is a part of India, citizens want it to be recognized as a state same as every other state.

  24. See the number of dislikes on a video which doesn't give any opinion it just show a situation in Kashmir.
    And religiously blind zombies don't like even that.
    They don't want the world to see how disgusting creature they are,
    Who steal human rights of others.

  25. 72 years of violence

    70k deaths

    2 million displaced

    One day or another this autonomy would have gone

    Also Buddhist majority LADAKH and Hindu Majority JAMMU is celebrating this decision
    If NYT doesn't go in these two regions of kashmir then we can truly call you biased

    Only MUSLIMS are crying as sharia law from now onwards is invalid and all of their Religious previlege are gone

    One nation,one law,one constitution

  26. Where were you nytimes when this rats kicked all the kashmiri pundit from their land? You were so much silent that time, isn't it?

  27. This is India's sovereignty to scrap article 370 ,and indian military is there to ensure no violence occurs in Kashmir,because more Pakistani terrorists are hides there to commit violence.

  28. Indian RSS led Hindu-extremist gov't is proving to be the 21st-century Nazies with mindfucked ignorant goons at its backing. Paving their way towards ethnic cleansing of minorities. SAD!

  29. It is india's internal matter!! Guys. News Channels wants unrest that 100 people got killed/injured due to pellet guns from security forces. The cerfew is to save innocent from being killed. Good Job India for controlling the media narrative so far.

  30. Modi spoiled india and indian constitution so humbly request all world plz saved democracy and humanity here very much violence of humanity.where is un why stable united nation .if you have no capacity to stop hindutwa ideology in india and kasmir you should close un
    That day is not far when we will be scattered in the straw plz save india I LOVE INDIA

  31. The Government of India is working to restore and normalise everything. Wait for it. Focus on something else telegraph

  32. I am an American of Kashmiri and Dogree origin majoring in Poli Sci. I am saddened by this partisan and dishonest news report. There is more to this story than the media discusses. Kashmir is historically only what today is called "the valley". Kashmir was historically Indian or Hindu and when colonized by Mughal and Afghans was thoroughly Islamized except for a few communities like Kashmiri Pandits and a few others. When the Sikh empire took over and drove away oppressive and brutal Afghans they became aggressive with natives but still not oppressive. The Dogra dynasty eventually took over Kashmir and established a princely state called Jammu and Kashmir which included Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, Gilgit, Baltistan and capital in Srinagar Kashmir. When Maharaja Hari Singh joined Indian Union he brought in the kingdom which came under Muslim rule of Kashmiris, while pakstan took Gilgit & Baltistan during 1948 invasion. Since beginning Hindu Jammu and Buddhist Ladakh wanted freedom from rule by Kashmiri Muslims who abused and neglected them while Kashmiri politicians (Largely Muslims but also some Hindus like Prem Nath Bazaz) enriched themselves. Pakstan kept promotions terrorism which reopened Hindu Muslim divide while radicalizing young Muslims while silencing moderates. In the 1980s and 1990s pakstan sent Mujahedeen fighters who received help from Kashmiri Muslims and began killing and lynching prominent Hindus like Justice Ganjoo, Advocate Taploo, and so on. But eventually hundreds of Hindus and Sikhs were massacred and around 300-600,000 religious minorities (Mainly Kashmiri Pandits/Hindus) fled their homes and ancestral homeland. When Modi recently abrogated article 375 he finally brought democracy to Ladakh. Every single Ladakhi celebrated this as it meant freedom from Kashmiri Muslim rule. In Jammu hundreds of thousands of Hindu refugees, the indigenous Hindus of Kashmir, celebrated because now they could return to Kashmir with safety of army. Only the Kashmiri Muslims are angry because is military presence, occasional excesses by state, and loss of apartheid like power. Other Muslims like Gujjar and so on are happy because more freedom and representation on Parliament unlike previous discriminatory system. This issue is complex and the less outsiders meddle the quicker it can be stabilized. The New York times is about as arrogant and ignorant as Trump when commenting on this matter, which is a shame.

  33. Allah won't forgive these indian malauns who are torturing these innocent muslims of kashmir………😢

    ALLAH…….please, help us. Bcoz there is no UN, no OIC, no humanity in the world for us. All the malauns are united and trying to destroy us…But we know that the glorious days of muslims will come soon……..Bcoz ISLAM is Real and Muslims believe in peace, not in vulgarity.

  34. new york times show something about Afghanistan , iraq which you exploited in the name of terrorist as a human right violation 🤣🤣😁😁 hypocrisy at notch level & what you r showing is a part of INDIA & who all r aganist it should be killed or sent to pak we dont have place for them😊

  35. China doing good and see china concentration camps
    Pakistani girls China se pyaar aur India se war!

  36. When one terrorist which was among from these people killed 50 soldiers with sucide bomb in pulwama. where were you nytimes??
    Firstly save your country from white supremacy.
    There was one attack on 9/11 and you invaded iraq, Afghanistan etc. And you are lecturing us..whitepigs

  37. It's not the problem of Kashmiris, it's only hatred seed sow in people by Pakistan, if we don't do this type of decision then kashmir problem last forever, you people of West please support peace rather than spreading hateness among India and Pakistan

  38. Kashmiries shld have supported Pakistan in all out war of 1965, Pakistan tried its best and almost took the Kashmir at akhnoor but people didn't revolt, trusted hindu led india

    Jinnah saw this and gave us two nation theory
    Kashmir be ready, Pakistan will try one more time and will go to the end. Its on you Kashmiries to rise and lead the attack…
    Fight for your freedom

  39. When these people killed minority kashmiri pandits and throwed them out of kashmir no foreign media talked about it… no need to show sympathy for these people… if they are majority they will not allow any minority religion person to live….

  40. 95% percent kashmiris are happy with the decision …. foreign media want pakistan and india fight each other and they will have fun

  41. Look how these people live and fight for what they believe… Meanwhile us Americans are so spoiled, petty, fat, lazy, privledged… We baby our kids to the point that their spoiled rotten, they have no respect, and all they are worried about is technology and social media, they have no morals or values… Americans just want want want want and expect hand outs… Anyways this is sad regardless…

  42. According to these people, freedom is raising arms and creating Islamic rule. Kudos to Indian government for keeping them under control.

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