Inside London’s Hedonistic, Polyamorous Unicorn Movement

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  1. Unicorns are basically dickheads then. Check. On a more serious note I guess the crushing force of reality has broken these fragile people who now retreat into a childish escape behind dead eyes. It won't help, as the thing you've latched onto is by its nature transitory and lacking substance. Confront your fear, don't retreat from it.

  2. She's a pureblood unicorn? I guess that means she is a total fruitcake. Non-binary gender fluid people who want to be referred to as 'they' and now polyamorous unicorns. Is anybody just a male human or a female human anymore?!

  3. WTF?! Sucking in Space? It's like the show Absolutely Fabulous only instead of campy and hilarious these clowns are sad pathetic and ridiculous. Emotionally they act like high schoolers.

  4. A bit of a wacko, seems like a nice bloke in general though. I just ended up feeling sorry for him in the end ?

  5. WHAT……THE……FUCK. God bless their children if they ever have any. They're getting their heads dunked in the toilet at school.

  6. 7:31 „ein Selbstportrait von mir beim Blasen eines galaktischen Penis…''
    Okay, ich muss jetzt aufklicken!

  7. 3 months later… Goodbye unicorns.. hello cross dressing… this dude has serious fucking issues… he needs a break from magic and orgies and focus on being a half decent person… Life isnt about drugs, orgies, and penis foreskin… you need real tangible things to keep you grounded… Friends that care about your well being, Not friends that enable you to do DMT and have orgies… thats just self destruction.. In short… Hedonism is very very self destructive… if we did what we wanted when we felt like it… THe world would be nothing…

  8. Did no one notice how the “wizard” said advanced people could teleport?? Red flag there. Advancing most likely equals giving her money.

  9. 7:15 the way that bitch tells us that they were all yellow Crystal Stars so matter-of-fact like we know what the hell she's talking about is by far the best part about this video, I could not stop laughing!

  10. I was really hopeful when he started talking about his past traumas and fears and realizing some things with that healer, but when she said 'ok it's done, I just solved everything with magic'… like nooo whyyyy

  11. poor faking parents….if i had a kid who said to me that he is a fucking unicorn i would stick this pointy thingy in his ass …

  12. This is one of the gayest and most autistic things I have ever seen. It also becomes extremely depressing, and I fear for their mental health.

  13. Tantric sex, African drum classes and Unicorns…..secret black and brown people speak for sexy time. Funny that the human insecurities shine thru no matter how you sugar coat it. "not many of the other Unicorns think like him" your busted mate, they see thru you.

  14. Wouldnt make me cheer up seeing these people. It would and does make me feel like something terrible is happening to humanity

  15. The 10 Principles of Unicornia:
    1. Always be fabulous to one another other and the Uniforce will deliver.
    2. When you shine you enable others to shine around you.
    3. If you love everyone there will be more love in the world.
    4. You can't cage a Unicorn we are a symbol of freedom.
    5. We are all gods and goddesses. We create the Heaven we want to live in.
    6. Fabulousness attracts Fabulousness there is no Uniform in Unicorn.
    7. A Unicorn is never late nor on time.
    8. Be kind and help others but be sure to help yourself first so your sparkle levels are 100%.
    9. Dedicate yourself to your dreams.
    10. Never be afraid of change.

  16. I don't care what you say i fuckin love this and the people in this video like they are so pure an just trying to spread happiness and telling people to just be themselves like thats amazing and yeah i want to meet them.

  17. seriously shaft is gay beyond belief, he's going to extreme measures to not admit it to himself, but nobody is that flamboyant and strait, and is it me or does everychick in this episode remind you of jack-Q from get him to the greek? and honestly i think these chicks are so fucked up off of something that having sex with them should be considered sexual assault because even if their sober then they are mentally unfit and either way that dude is just taking advantage of them while they dont have the mental capacity to make a consensual decision, i mean banging them would be no different then banging the chick who's passed out behind the dumpster after a keg party.

  18. I figure this guy went to one to many burning man's had way to much fun and has now converted his life into one giant burning man.

  19. So, a sheltered corporate guy went to a festival, got high, had sex with a slut that would itherwise be levels above him. So decided that enjoyed fucking this slut so much that he's quite happy to plat 2nd fiddle when she is fucking other men. Calls himself an artist yet fails to come out with anything more original than a unicorn.
    Decided to get free passes to festivals by starting a business which is bottom step, met some others who also want free passes to festivals and there you have it.
    What a bunch of fake wankers.

  20. Y’all always make mini docs on the most obnoxious people. These people suck, not because of their lifestyle but because they suck as people.

  21. At the start it seemed all fun and bubbly and I thought it was cool what they were doing expressing themselves but as it progressed it got really dark.

  22. Dressing up like a unicorn may be fun on the odd weekend here and there but you shouldn't mask your pain and emotional trauma with glitter….

  23. anyone who has says they are not an alcholic anymore,never was an alcholic or is still an alcholic..this lot have more mental health problems than just addiction problems.

  24. If you wish to understand what is actually happening here, then you should watch Jan Irvin's series of interviews with Burner Steve Outrimm on Burning Man. Muppets like these are what Burning Man is designed to create.

  25. This is why mental health is getting worse world wide, instead of telling these people that they need help and put them kn medication. You are playing along with it, you are not helping but making it worse!!! Disgusting how u are taking advantage of mentally I'll people.

  26. Glitter is horrible for the environment. Also, her female anatomy is incorrect in her little art project. The clitoris is at the very front (towards front of body) while the urethra is closest to the vaginal opening. Poor uneducated soul.

  27. It always amazes me the lengths middle class people will go to to try and escape real work and feel like a special snowflake without actually achieving something.

  28. I am an 85- year-old naughty cripple with a hole in my head for the unicorn implement. Can I join this group?

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