Inside London’s Underground Mosquito Lab

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I do like working underground, but it’s a bit strange to go outside you feel a bit like vampire It was a pretty hot environment to work in but the mosquitoes like it We’re at London school of Hygiene and tropical medicine. It’s on a busy street, but a lot of people don’t realize that They’re walking on top of underground labs that are home to thousands of mosquitoes from across the world These used to be air-raid shelters in world war two they were converted to insectaries in 1960s When I first started working here, it was terrible because it was just you’re not used to it You’re not used to the heat, and you’re not very good at moving the mosquitoes Everything’s difficult and takes you a long time. So you spend a lot longer down here, but you soon acclimatize to the conditions So basically we bear insects such as mosquitoes to test products like insect repellents We do the development work here to check that they work before they’re sold to the public It’s important to test repellents against mosquitoes because they can transmit diseases such as dengue Malaria West Nile virus So we want to prevent that happening And going to blood feed the mosquitoes, so they can produce their eggs They need it for egg development, and you won’t see their bellies filling up with blood [sir] female mosquito. She has biting wrap up shield blood feed she’ll feed on human Whereas their males Just feed on sugar. They don’t have the same mouth parts When we do testing we just select females I? do not like these females we get bitten by them quite frequently so Feels like a little bit of revenge when we get to test on them So this is where they test the mosquito repellents And the only way to see if a repellent is working is to actually try it out Basically we have a control arm and a treatment arm. So your control arm has nothing on and The treatment arm will have the repellent on and what I promise these are these are sting amira gypped I so these are daytime biters and these transmit dengue Those tests again. Yes trained Certainly we close it up and start the timer be familiar yes, so you can see there’s loads already on my arms Okay, okay, okay? Shake girl. Can you feel them no? I very slightly yeah, you can see the tiny little red marks there, and I bet by tomorrow. There’s a few big bumps And lastly to land on your skin, and it will [pinch] your skin with this proboscis and it finds a capillary the proboscis actually can move like this and Skin they pierced with pillory and they inject an anticoagulant in their saliva to prevent the blood clotting so they can continue Sucking it up, and then your body producing immune response, so that’s why you get the information where a bite has been If the repellent works there should be no mosquitoes on your arm Yeah, you can see already, but just not really interested are they their bites on this arm the repellent works So what [lo] different species of mosquitoes to come from all over the world so Tanzania, India Southeast, Asia? Mosquitoes we work with a lab have never been exposed to any parasites They literally go through their life cycle there, and we’ve kept them in colony since 1960s really This is a math aspirator. This is how we transport the mosquitoes from a cage to a cup so this? filters all the scales that might come off the mosquitos bodies, and so they don’t go into our lungs, so [this] is the free flight room where we’re going to be testing some repellent clothing yeah, I’ve got my aspirator here So if any do [I’m] [going] which they should I don’t actually have to let them wait [for] too long I can just set them up this is quite scary in the free fly room if you’re locked in there by yourself left to count Mosquitos, [so] I’m going out the door We’ve got a string attached [to] the cup and I’m going to pull this when I go outside the door So I didn’t get bitten and they’re going to be unleashed on the kids said There’s one hand very interested in me. Yeah, she is going for it I’m going to call it three and then there’s been at least five That I’ve counted on the rest of my body in jail managed to set up so now we’ve done the control test We’re going to test the treatment. Which is these? insecticide impregnated clothes So I put a few buzzing around me, but none of them have actually landed yet. I’ve got one here Repellents work by confusing the Mosquito they interfere with their ability to find a human host So that you’re sort of masked and they they can’t find you essentially They’re one Mosquito. Isn’t too bad, considering how many you will landing on me without these clothes This is our morgue This is where we put all the mosquitoes to die after testing. We only use mosquitoes once So we don’t transmit diseases to anyone, and then they go in here, and they don’t have it any food and they die


  1. Yet if u go to a video where they have acceptable conditions, yet rests on ANIMALS, vegans get triggered 👌👌😂😂😂

  2. This is kinda cruel. And fuck anyone who comes at me to tell me how stupid I am. They could at least kill the mosquitoes quickly.


  4. but when they kept them in colonies since the 60s, aren't they different from the mosquitos outside? I mean, evolution may have changed the mosquitos…

  5. im sorry, this seems utterly ridiculous. all of this science going on, and the only way to test is to LITERALLY stick your bare arm in to get bitten? money is paying for this as well.

  6. Zica Dengue malaria chicungunya this is not good this are bad new 4 the people in planet war. Kill humans making sick people

  7. My first day at that job: Fireman:"what happened here again??" me:"all those bloodsuckers had to die!!!"

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  10. ok mosquitoes are annoying and bad i know, but why did my heart sink after seeing all of those mosquitoes left to die in that cage. It was a sad sight. 😕

  11. I love the ads telling me to make sure and support my local bar by gettiing drunk and subsequently spending money on bad food and pricey drinks.

  12. The making of the Iron Man mosquito. Poor child doesn’t even know what she’s doing. Dirty deeds for the devil.

  13. She's my next ex-wife and will end up sucking my will to live. Ironic how only the female mosquitos are blood suckers. While the males are content with sugar water. Seeing how alchol is a complex sugar this makes a lot of sense. I never thought humans had so much in common with mosquitos. Go figure!!

  14. Thanks for sharing, no one would have known this also for humans gets done, tested to save many lives and is happening over decades until shared this way. Kudos to the girls and boys who work in such environment and all who shared!

  15. Major kudos to her for sticking her hand in and being an experiment to get bitten. I barely got one bite and can't handle the itch let alone multiple bites like that.

  16. Make a conscience effort to enunciate and speak articulately, at least when your making public documentary, This video should not need English subtitles when it's spoken in English.

  17. Hey im trying to harvest mosquito eggs before they turn into larva. But everytime i collect, the eggs sinks to the bottom. Will this kill the animal?

  18. Jesus imagine getting locked in there with all of this cages getting knocked over you’d be a’s amazing how it’s proboscis doesn’t break biting u through a shirt bc here in south Florida forget it…I compare it to stabbing a stick of spaghetti to brickwall that’s the strength comparison I feel it’s def crazy how nature is…research scientist chick is cute seems like a nice girl

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