Inside Serena Williams’s Intimate New York Fashion Week Show | Vogue

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  1. The wig have too much hair, so looks very artificial, and that color… pfff looks like fried hair…. Serena deserve better

  2. Guys, Serena may not want her team to thin out her brows she’s prob going for that old school brushed out bushy natural look 🤷🏽‍♀️ but the MUA isn’t good at accentuating her beauty😒

  3. Yall dont have anything to say i guess aside her looks…..tlk abt something else cus she looks fine d way she is.just cus she diesnt follow the way weird eyebrows we hv nowadays doesnt mean its bad or wrong or ugly…..i meann deal with it. Thats wat makes her unique

  4. I came to leave a comment on how horrible her hair and makeup look and wellllp 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 everyone else already did too 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣 they wrong.

  5. She always looks rough to me. Her team should be changed. She is not pretty to begin with all that money should help but it doesn't. And I have seen her in person up close…..she could do better!!

  6. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is true that we may not need to comment on how people look if they don't ask for our opinion; However , I do agree that Afrocentric looking women look best with hair styles and makeup that suit their features.

  7. Serena ,please find someone who is going to be honest wit you about your makeup looks. I think your hair and makeup teams are trying to play you seriously. Your eyebrows and hair look crazy.

  8. Love that you started your empire, it’s great you made your own dresses. Love your natural look. You are a queen and a mentor. Love you Serena .

  9. Serina why is he making your eyebrows so thick they make you look so old he needs to make them thiner your eye brows are to thick relly they are hes no make up artist some people can wear thick eyebrows some cant look at your eyebrows love you pretty serena but get a new make up guy

  10. I am glad that you are starting to acknowledge your husband a bit more. It shows respect as a wife. Even if you are in a strong position,…. Little acts like appreciating people in your life MAKE YOU MORE ATTRACTIVE 👍

  11. I love Serena but now we know why her eyebrows & makeup look so….off! Serena…. we can't use just anyone as a MUA! You have too much money for this.

  12. I LOVE your ability to continually reinvent yourself. Side note: the makeup guy should thin the ends of your brows. It will frame your amazing cheek bones and make your eyes pop.

  13. What did she do to her brows ? Her face shouldn’t have eyebrows. It’s like not every face should have cheeks bones, or a straight pointy nose

  14. Serena is not pretty. She's BEAUTIFUL. It's time to stop attaching women's value to how they look but the difference they make in the world

  15. ok… so, I've been trying to give the makeup artist a chance…. but 4 minutes and 23 seconds later I'm like "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!" I'm going to watch the video until the very end to see how the look pulls together… I'm still holding onto a mustard seed of faith that these eyebrows and makeup are going to pull through. #Praying #PleaseJesus

  16. It’s almost as if her glam squad have orders to make her look bad. Those eyebrows? No! That blonde ombré weave? No! Love you Serena but gurl pull all the way up in 2020.


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