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It’s Friday on the streets of
Kashmir’s largest city. It’s the day Muslims
normally gather to pray. But in recent weeks, it’s also become
a day of protest. Indian authorities
are working hard to keep a lid on
displays like this. But they can’t change
how people feel. As protests break out
across Kashmir, Indian officials
repeat what has become a well-worn soundbite. “There have been no major law
and order situations reported from across the Valley. Life is slowly
returning to normal.” “And the situation is returning
back slowly to the normal.” But things here
don’t seem normal. Kashmir has been a
conflict zone for decades. But when India moved to strip
the region of its autonomy on Aug. 5, the
situation came to this: thousands more troops and a curfew bringing
daily life to a standstill. Phone lines and internet access
were shut down, cutting off around eight million Kashmiris from
the outside world. So, we came to see what’s
actually happening here. We visit a neighborhood
known for frequent clashes between protesters and
Indian security forces. People, here,
are in mourning. Fahmida Shagoo was at
home with her children and her in-laws on Aug. 9. Police started firing tear gas
at protesters outside. Fahmida’s husband, Rafiq,
helped rush her to the hospital. But doctors could not revive her. A sudden death and no one
to hold accountable. In addition to tear gas, for years, Indian forces
have used pellet guns to quell unrest in Kashmir. These shotguns fire cartridges
full of lead pellets that lodge themselves
in the flesh. They are supposedly
non-lethal, but can cause life-changing disabilities. Parvez Sofi says
he was at home when he heard
a commotion outside. When he opened the door
to see what was happening, he became a target. In the name of maintaining
law and order, Indian forces have
license to shoot with near impunity
in Kashmir. There is no official
number for the injured. But in just one
hospital here, sources told us over
60 people had been admitted with pellet wounds
since the lockdown began. Still, this doesn’t
stop some people. And lives here have been upended
in other ways, too. This woman’s
22-year-old son, Mehraj Ud-Din,
was arrested. She doesn’t know
why he was taken. Since then, authorities have
been giving her conflicting information. This is not
an isolated case. Since early August,
thousands have been arrested
without being charged. And there’s no indication
when or if they’ll be released. Although some landlines
have been reconnected, Kashmir is still
largely cut off from the rest
of the world. That helps authorities keep
stories like these quiet. But as the days pass, they’re getting louder.


  1. News from India (KASHMIR, Punjab Khalistan, Tripura, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Assam and Nagalandnow) it's confirmed India is the biggest terrorist country. Indians are inhuman and question is do we allow India the part of this peaceful world or divide India in many pieces to keep the world peace? love and peace

  2. Completely biased reporting. why don't you show whats happening in Jammu and laddakh, why don't you tell people how pakistanis sent terrorists in 80s, show the plight of kashmiri pandits as well. Half knowledge is dangerous New york times.

  3. What about Pok and baloch people. What about hong kong .the unrest in that region is more and serious as compared to srinagar.what about indian military forces who lost their lives for protecting kashmir fighting bravely against terrorism. And what about the millions of rupees given by indian government for welfare of kashmir. The whole of J&K is integral part of india and will remain integral part of india.few individuals who dont want to remain with india should go to pok and iam sure they will come back to india becoz no place in world is tolrent as india is.

  4. All this is being done to bring in the terrorists Pakistan is doing all this on behalf of Kashmir in India To bring terrorists to India These Kashmiris are throwing stones to save the terrorists these are All of Pakistani puppets The New York Times did not speak on one side Do the right research first Is terrorism right???

  5. "Land wise" muslims are minority in old kashmir map and also in new J&K union territory . Buddhist majority ladkah and Hindu majority jammu cover most of the land. Check the maps on net if doubted.

  6. Video is real no doubt but its not from indian kasmir its from Pakistan Occupation kasmir(POK). Its is supported by kasmiri those are getting paid from Pakistan like stone pelters. They are misguiding the innocent people of Kashmir and make them deprive to know what India is and what Indian government doing for there development. I am open for LOGICAL and FACTUAL debate.

  7. Maza atta hai in kashmiri musalmano ko tadap tadap kar marta dekh ke….bhout aag mutttetey thai yeh suwar 5aug se pehle …..inhe palet se andha mat karo…inke suwaro ka bheja uda do…..luv you Indian army…luv you modi….😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Where is news about China committing countless atrocites against Uyghur muslims. No one talks about it in international media. Only muslims that exist in the world right now are Kashmiris. India will do what it wants to do to protect the people and it right for the whole country. Even muslims from pakistan, their media is hesitant to speak about it. International media does not speak about various attrocites that are committed in Pakistan against various minorities. Shame on international media. Biased approach won't work.

  9. Bro its USAs trick to always continue a rivalry between india and Pakistan and we are easily trapped in it.they say one word against india then on same day they say one word against they really know that it's harmful for them if both nations unite. Whenever there is a fight in home,the neighbors are first to loot, Britain has done by saying divide and rule, and so USA is doing to make indian subcontinent unsteady . Hoping a good relationship between ind and pak. The money spent on army would be spent on public welfare . We are the people of the ancient civilization and I really don't want to see this civilization more breaking apart. In India these USA media was praising air strike. So it's our need to understand who is our real enemy?

  10. It is pok not entire Kashmir.
    Kashmir is divided in 3 parts
    Indian Kashmir (currently peaceful but not happy due to restrictions), Pakistan occupied Kashmir(video u are seeing right now), Chinese occupied Kashmir(China doesn't share state of this area).

  11. Jab kashmiri logo k pichwade me pak ka danda ghusega to ye log Jo gulami gulami bol rhe h unhe samjhega ki Jo wo Kar rhe h galat h. I wish Pakistan Kashmiri logo ki maare tab samjhege ye sab

  12. Indian medias are very interested in looking at the bedroom of others and under the skirt of celebrities… Shame on u..

  13. Why it's happening with the Muslim's in all around the world.
    Where's UN .
    They have right to spend their life's with peace and their own choices

  14. To my Pakistan brothers(youth)we really need to understand our real enemy. Taking apart the both government views about other nations, I still feel there is a sense of bonding between people of both nations. 70 years history and a line cannot erase the glorious past of our nation. USA like British don't want us to rise. The concept of divide and rule is succeeding. As a youth of 21 century we should think about it and not to believe in poison spread by people having mindset of medieval era. In this 21 century, we should unite and by development, take revenge for slavery for 200 years. Ghar me fight ho to padosi hi pehle loot ta he. British have succeeded but I don't want usa to do to people of indopak

  15. this is ticking time bomb..only a matter of time when islamic extremist group will rise up and start killing innocent indian citizens

  16. Hindus were driven out of their own land in Kashmir and no one else could settle in Kashmir. These are same extremists who won't stay in peace with anyone and ultimately turn on each other, why don't you cover the majority who are happy to stay in India. NYT shame you thought covering Gun solution slogans are worth your support. Wait and watch as they will come for you one day.

  17. Kashmir is India' integral part and will remain always.
    Those wanted separate land may ask your father "Pakistan" to give them out of PoK.

  18. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions India movement (also known as BDSI) is a Kashmiri-led campaign promoting various forms of boycott against India until it meets what the campaign describes as India's obligations under international law, defined as withdrawal from the occupied Jammu & Kashmir and holding a plebiscite, full freedom for Kashmiri citizens, and "respecting, protecting, and promoting the rights of Kashmiries". The campaign is organized and coordinated by the Kashmir BDSI Committee.
    Its time to stop trading with Indian People, Indian Movies, Indian Companies, Indian Products, Indian Websites and boycott them at every platform. Spread this message by sharing it in every social media platform.

  19. Please dont show partial news again and again to redicalise people- you only tell one sided storey.
    i bet the reporter is muslim radical I am not being racist here

  20. High time to ban New York times in India. They are creating fake videos with videos favoring terrorism. They are creating one sided videos.

  21. Did you showed that few days ago terroirsts killed a police officer named Bilal he has family too
    but you wont show it or even mention it

  22. Did you ever mentioned these terrorists/ stone pelters kidnapped a Kasmiri army officer Ummer Fayaz and killed him in cold blood . He was only 22. He came on leave to attend a marriage.
    He has a family too-Please go and console his parents, brother and sisters. He was a kasmiri too trying to make a good life for his family but these terrorists killed him at age 22

  23. Protest on day of Friday displaying that they are religiously want Muslim rule Nizame Mustafa that's why they are protesting..they don't believe in secularism

  24. To solve worlds conflicts, who and what part of peace of land belong to who? who wants to bossing around who? who wants to tell you what to believe? we need start over again from the beginning, or someone most come from out side our planet much higher intelligent then us to end this pointless contest fight…

  25. Assalamu'alaikum wr wb
    Dear all Muslim brothers,
    All what happen in Kashmir, Uygur, Palestine and all country that Muslims are minority showing it is a time Muslims need a Caliph

  26. They should try hard to get to Islamabad Airport and if they only have money book a flight and just depart and remain at the airport if they don't have visa of that destination then maybe try to fly to Trinidad and Tobago cuz that's Visa Free for Pakistan this mission could only be accomplished if they have money to do it and if they safely make it to Islamabad Airport

  27. The flag these people are holding is the flag of POK and not Jammu Kashmir. This video i think is fabricated and the place is Pok and not India and those people are asking freedom from pakistan. Some part of the video is from India but that part is i guess taken from old times and some parts of video from India taken presently is not showing any violence. Dont let Pakistan suceed in their old fooling tactics

  28. Lets compare Kashmir with Syria. How many protesters died before the west started pouring in weapons and financing. Even propped up jihadis, and yet when it vomes to Kashmir, there is a deafening and criminal silence

  29. Some portion of videos are taken from Pakistan occupied Kashmir where taliban and terrorist lives. Protester follows the order from taliban in Pakistan occupied Kashmir

  30. Kashmir is ours indegenious people of Kashmir. India must take its terrorist forces back. We will fight to destroy India,

  31. India has Goa and Meghalaya with Christian mejority, Punjab with Sikh majority, Sikkim, Laddakh Arunachal Pradesh with Buddhist majority….Then why only one Muslim Majority Kashmir has such huge cessation movement.. ??….This is huge question…If world will support Kashmir's "so called freedom movement" it also has to support all muslim majority cessation movements of other parts of the world…And also to deny the possibility of peaceful coexistence of muslims with other religions…Which is very harmful for the world as a whole….To Support kashmir's " so called freedom movement" means to support religious extremism…..

  32. From 30 to 50 sec of video, why the people are holding flags of POK and jaish? Admin i need answer from you.

  33. You say it is indian territory of kashmir, then why there is POK flags, jaish-e-mh flags? And why there are no clips of armed forces ? Can you please answer.

  34. The Western Media & Governments are incapable of understanding situation in Kashmir. They are showing protests by Muslims raising slogans that are purely religious and jihadi. Do you even know what you are vouching for – #thenewyorktimes ?

  35. NYT you are supporting terrorism by supporting these peoples who dont want to be part of india. Even you know already and ur channel reported on about 9/11 and sri lanka attack and Parvanu attack in india n if u not stop supporting this peoples by showing this kind of video u will be report on big terrorists attacks in the world by this kind of stupid absurd terrorist.

  36. There is only one solution gun solution. Pick up gun and Indian Army will send you in Heaven where you belong. SHAME ON YOU NEWYORK TIMES for spreading propaganda.

  37. I think kashmir will only be decided but one final fight between india and Pakistan. I strongly believe war will break out any time. World needs to act now as it will be too late if there is any delay

  38. Come on man… How could u shoot such things.. no media is allowed in Kashmir.. stop being so attention seeker media.. lol stupid media

  39. cerfew for 19th consective day . they convert occopied kashmir into military base. they are blinding youth of kashmir by using pellett guns. ruling party of india BJP is inspired by Nazi ideology. and when reaction from kashmiri people comes they blame pakistan straightaway. shame on india.

  40. They are shouting go back . As if its der father's property ..everything is done as per law not against it. If u still want to. Den do it. Lol all pallets victims are like "mai toh hagg raha tha gand mei pallet mar dia"
    When u thrw stones and take law into ur hands next must be bullets.

    Coins have two sides

  41. This is a propaganda video by NYT and BBC to fit there agenda against India.. This video is fake and old video.. Why don't NYT mention in which part of kasmir it was happened? And if Kasmir want so call Azadi then why Pakistan flag was there in the protest rally? That protest was pak sponsored.. They are doing that for long time distroy India's reputation. But Now the time has come and this propaganda will stop soon.. NYT your hypocrisy will exposed soon.

  42. Their is no one asking anything
    They are eating a normal Indian taxpayers hard money,,,& paid Media like you are showing people those who don't even 😂 reached @ 5 standard in school & making slogan in interested international view….. enjoying your idiotness With our nation work ove there….
    This is our in house problem we will correct it and send it to you….
    Thanks 😘

  43. I think this is not a true picture of kashmir vally
    144 section is activate in kashmir so no rally and protest is allows

  44. New York Times very true reporting. Thanks for highlighting biggest humanity crisis but for everything is normal for godi cheap Indian media.

  45. This is real Modi and Indian army face, he can't able to fight Pak army he only able to fight kashmiries child and womens

  46. Kashmir practiced democratic equity lens to make sure everyone is treat equally… of course this privileged turds are gonna protest.
    Worlds 2nd biggest Muslim population lives in harmony in India. NYT….. tell the truth. Peace.

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