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there’s a lot that goes into preparing
for an NBA Draft that really starts well before the month of June when the draft
you know the draft this year’s June 21st but the entire season has been spent you
know we have a very highly organized staff and process in place to make sure
that all of our scouts continually you know watching prospects around the
country and around the globe for that matter we’re constantly having finally
we put scouting reports a big function of getting ready for the draft is really
learning the backgrounds or intel on players and so we house a lot of
information that we gather throughout the year so by the time the June
rolls around we really start to narrow down the pool if you will as it relates
to the positions that we’re going to be drafting so that’s a very important part
of the process now a lot of the prospects will be coming in to work out
for us it would allow us to further get to know the player a lot better not just
on the court but off the court we’ll get a chance to go to dinners and and then
spend time and learn more about the person which is very valuable to us
because one of the things that’s going to be important to – as we build this
team it’s the character of the player and the makeup of the player and you
will learn a lot of that as these individuals come in to work out for us
leading up to the draft on the 21st you have to look at each prospect and
evaluate him based on the particular circumstance that he’s in now is it a
good thing when you can see a young man who’s playing at a high level of his
team is you know competing for his conference championship or he’s
competing you know deep into the NCAA tournament you can and
you and you rightfully should weigh some of that and as it relates to how
impactful this prospect is toward the winning I think the more players that
you can have on your roster who are used to winning they tend to understand the
sacrifices necessary that it takes to be a winning team you know being unselfish
being a defensive minded a player understanding that the game and the team
is bigger than his individual goals so so yeah that’s important from that
perspective but we also don’t want to penalize let’s say a prospect who’s very
talented who may be playing at a smaller school or be playing at a even a bigger
school whose surrounding talent is not as good and and just write him off
because he’s not you know competing for the national championship or competing
for the conference championship because there’s other factors that are involved
so again it really gets down to really understanding analyzing the environment
that the prospect is playing in and then weighting it
accordingly with the one and dones you’re getting
nineteen year old kids often that have shown a skill a talent and athleticism
that you are projecting out three four five years down the line that this guy
could become a certain level of player in the NBA
and you know with the you know part of our process part of our toolbox is
analytics so you know age sometimes the younger age can weight
stronger in an evaluation of a player now with all that being said I think
it’s a little bit unfair to the number of the guys who have been in college
three four years to just write them off and don’t think that they can become
very good NBA players because we’ve seen that they can and and I think the what
you see a lot of times in the draft what happens is guys that get drafted maybe
later in the first round or even early in the second round over the last number
of years have been the college guys who played three four years but they’ve come
in and played and contributed for teams because they’re more experienced not
only as basketball players but they have matured more as young people they’ve
been through more adverse situations during their college days so they’re
more prepared both mentally and physically to come in and contribute
right away so again I’m a person that likes to look and study each individual
case and not put any part you know just assume because a player is 19 and he’s
automatically gonna be better than the guy who’s coming into the draft who’s 22. we know that our team could use additional athleticism in strong play at
the wing position but we’re also at a stage in building this team that we want
to get the best who we feel is the best talent available so what you hope for
and every draft that those two intersect so the position that you need the best
talent is there that is is at that position that’s who’s available to you
and so we’re gonna go into it obviously with an open mind you know and and we do
think in this draft there will be their wing players who will be in contention
for for that pick but there’s also guys that are developing whether it be guards
or big people that could end up showing up at the ninth pick as well that you
have to consider so the important part of our process will be in in terms of
how we tier and rank these players so that we have a clear view on how we see
see them from a talent perspective regardless of position and then we just
got to follow our process stick to our guns and draft who we think is a very
best player for us at that time the point guard is the best talent on the
board is he clearly better than the next guy at the if it’s close then you
may side toward the position but if it’s clearly it’s a clear delineation that
he’s the best player on the board and you think that he may be even better
than what you have in the house then okay then you you would look at that
position so but you know we’re not at that point where we made that
determination yet we’re looking forward to getting you know as we’re scheduling
these workouts we’re looking forward to getting wings guards and big people in
here to examine for that pick is number nine analytics I think is a very important
part to our overall scouting process and part of my philosophy I’d like to refer
to it as it’s a tool in the toolbox there are a number of things that go
into evaluating and ultimately selecting a player and the use of analytics is one
of those important tools I think it helps round your process out it helps
check your gut reaction and what your eye see from time to time because
sometimes you you may believe you’re seeing one thing and then you go to the
analytics and you check on a player’s performance and a lot of times they will
match one another but they’re also there will be times that they don’t match and
so what I think it forces you to do is go back and reevaluate and
study again either from a plus or negative side to you know what you think
about a particular player so I think it’s a very important part of what we do
is very much ingrained in our process if you will here with the Knicks and it’s
something that again for me personally that I continue to grow in this area and
and I think we have the guys that work in our department here that really
oversee our analytics they do a tremendous job and in preparing us and
in and developing Draft models and things of that nature and and in not
just the draft just you know what this helped them prepare for trades and free
agency in all parts of what we do it’s an important component when you talk about social media and technology of today that’s how the majority of the young people that you’re evaluating that’s how they express
themselves and that’s how they communicate that is part of your Intel
collection background and again that is very important to us so yes we’re very
aware of what guys are doing with the various Twitter and Instagram handles
and because it gives you an insight to who the person is or who he wants to
project himself as and I think it’s very important you learn a lot when you study
that and it’s information that’s available and I think it’s a smart tool
and I think most teams in the NBA are pretty aware of it and follow it to
varying degrees the war room of draft night you know that’s a combination of a year’s worth of work or multiple years worth of work in some instances with
depending on the players that your whole entire front office staff has been a
part of in terms of the actual night you know I my personality I’m a pretty
even-keeled guy and I think it’s important to stay that way and you know
I don’t so I don’t get out of character per se and but what I rely on is the
preparation of our scouts and the rest of in the rest of our front office they
led us to that night I think if you you’ve prepared enough you’re
comfortable with what can or cannot happen in the draft whether this the
opportunity to move up move back I mean you’ve been vetting those type of things
leading up to that night so you have an idea if you know for instance you’re in
a position if even if you want to to be able to move back or up or if you’re
gonna be you know standing pat and then you you watch the ball but you developed
your draft board you can stay discipline to your draft board based on how you
have the talent ranked so again the majority of the work
it’s done before that night and so you know our room will be you know be very
working like very calm you know there’ll be a few guys on the phone here and
there but I’m really confident we’ll be be highly prepared and look forward to
that night there’ll be my first draft night as a general manager so that
there’ll be probably a little something extra-special running inside of me
because of that


  1. Perry has been the best thing that has happened to the knicks in a really long time, especially when it comes to the management position!!!

  2. Knox/mikal bridges/ wendall carter jrz at 9. Then trade back in to get lonnie walker/miles. Possibly take on mahinmi contract from washington and 15.

  3. Please Draft Kevin Knox, Mr. Perry I would really appreciate it. KP Frank & Knox is a strong foundation with Fizdale coaching we can get a ⛹?‍♂️???

  4. At least we have a GM that is thinking and hopefully thinking a lot more than all the amateur GM's that are out there. I'm not that kind of fan. I hope that we get what we need of draft day. I know from the last two years that you can't please everyone.

  5. frank or trey at pg…hardway…mikal or knox……wanger!!! Simple..I also really like the french pg Elie..

  6. The New York Knicks will get instantly better with this year's 2018 NBA Draft (barring injuries) to go along with what the New York Knicks already have!

  7. its either KevinnKnox or Mikal Bridges. please, don't pull a Sexton or Wendell Carter Jr. on us they are good prospect but they don't make sense for the team. just learn froms GS. it's all about the right pieces and not just the best one. if for some reason Frank isn't as good as he could be we make a splash at PG in FA in 2019 summer. Bless the Knicks NBA GODS PLEASE

  8. I kinda wanted the Knicks organization to draft the point guard Trae Young. But I highly doubt it. Because I spend two weeks looking at other sports fans youtube videos, and the majority of the votes is going towards the small forward Mikal Bridges. I saw a lot of Knicks fans videos voting for Mikal Bridges to be drafted by the New York Knicks as the over all 9th pick. I'm not going to hate if Mikal Bridges get drafted by the Knicks. Because I think he is a good college basketball player, because I've seen his college highlights. But to me, the best player in the 2018 NBA draft has to be Trae Young. And to be honest, I think Trae Young should be in the #2 or #3 pick in the mock draft. Anyway. Again. I'm not a hater of Mikal Bridges. I also believe he is a great fit for the Knicks franchise. We will soon find out today when the 2018 NBA draft starts tonight. =)

    ~Shem Ortiz~

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