Instagram food in Astoria, New York – 5 places you NEED to try!!!

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Hi Guys, welcome back to Kiariladyboss YouTube channel How are you all?
Hope everything’s fine If you haven’t done it yet, SUBSCRIBE to my channel now! Today we are gonna talk about food!
We are in Astoria, Queens We’ll explore 5 food spots with 2 of my hawaiian friends we are gonna try pancakes, pizza, ice-creams, a lot of desserts But also veggie and healthy food First spot we’ll try it’s called “Astoria Provision” we are here to try pancakes & the nutella french toast let’s walk inside together Sugar Overload! but very delicious in my opinion berries sause should come on a side not on top let’s ask Pineapple in the Big Apple what she thinks we are done with the first spot, walking over spot number 2 MJ is really hot today is 32 celcius – over 90 fahrenheit We just got to the 2nd spot, a new creamery in Astoria it’s called Ample Hills We are inside Ample Hills, waiting for them to make our 3 ice-creams they serve Pretzel cones as well we got 3 different flavours: 1- cookies and cream with caramel on top 2-summer of love, full of colours this one right here 3- vanilla with gummy bears on top i am trying the pretzel cone in my opinion it is too salty it’s a weird mix even tho the ice-cream is very good We got to the 3rd spot “Prince Tea House” This table behind me is reserved for us We are here to try 3 desserts including waffles it is famous for their hot and iced tea and bubble tea as well as desserts We are inside this Tea House in Astoria that i adore it is very beautiful They have a wide selections of teas and desserts They have 5 locations first one in Flushing, 2 in Brooklyn (second and forth), third in Astoria and last one in the Upper East Side this is our table we ordered a katzu chicken sandwich iced foam green mango tea mango mille crepes fruit waffle Rose Petal Hot tea i love these tea cups we are sooooooo full we can’t eat anymore food! we tried everything we still have the tea to finish we still have 2 more spots to check out this place called “No5NYC” is fantastic! there are 2 owners, one from Bulgaria one from Croatia they do European -french dishes they have quite a few choices vegetarian, vegan, meat, cheese, cold cuts, we have having a red sangria inside i wanna show you the backyard it’s sunny here, my shades are inside i love the backyard, it feels like a peaceful garden this is the bar outside this is the roof it’s 4.45pm, the place is pretty empty, it’s usually packed at night today is very hot and everyone is at the beach also being a Sunday let’s go back inside Chris already left, he had to go back to the city thank God there is AC inside we are waiting for our dishes this is the menu with several options everything is organic burgers, appetizers behind the vegan menu this is our sangria we ordered sweet potato and quinoa balls tartine of different kinds truffle mac and cheese and the zucchini noodles with pesto and cherry tomatoes they look so good, can’t wait to try them!!! Knowing me you already know that i only suggest what i like i am laying on this couch since i am officially stuffed let’s ask MJ as well!

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