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So now we have the world’s premier iPad magician. Hello everyone.
Wow, this is quite a crowd. I’m Simon.
I came all the way from Germany. I love watching YouTube on my iPad. But I figured out a couple of things
that I need to share with you. I’m not sure if you have experienced that
as well but if I go through like this. I don’t know if this is
a software problem, whatever. There’s more space
for your creativity now – whatever you want to put on. Can you see this on the screen? This is a cord and, thanks to this, I do have access to a whole
new set of applications that are all a bit better
than the last ones. Thank you. So thanks to this, I can show you
a couple of my favourite holiday pictures. I hope you have some time. Don’t worry, I won’t show you all of them. I’ll just give you
the overview, like this. And that way I can easily
print them out. And you know what, that is fantastic because my parents,
they do not have an iPad. So I just put it on a post card, send it
back home from LA and here we go. But before I do so, I have
to put a digital copy. That’s important. Whatever you do, that you know that. This year, this one
is my favourite picture. It’s the perfect sunset. I didn’t want to wait until the end
so I can still work on it. Move it around here. That way, it becomes
really romantic, doesn’t it? And I can even take the sun out
and stop global warming. Hey. Do you play tennis? In the first row.
No, you don’t? So you can start… Just get your iPad. Get the right picture. Bring it to the right size
about like this. And then you can use your iPad
as a tennis racquet. And this saves you quite some money because you can use
the same tennis ball all over again. You just put it back. If you… If you want to continue,
just double click. Here we go. As I come from Germany,
we had a terrible weather this year. I came up with the idea… With an app that could actually
change the weather. So have a look at
the weather lady – over here. Most frequent asked question:
No, I cannot take her out of the iPad. I can’t change the weather but her hair. Doesn’t make any sense but it’s fun. So now I want to try an experiment
between two continents. I’m going to use FaceTime
to call a friend of mine in Germany. So, I hope he’s ready. That is you, by the way – VidCon crowd.
Hello. – Hey Christoph, can you hear me?
– I can hear you. – Okay, are you ready?
– I’m ready. Okay, let’s go. – Here’s the straw.
– Thank you. That’s good. – Okay, like that?
– Perfect. With that straw, I can easily… stream not only music and videos
but real objects. – For example…
– Now the glass. Yes. A Coke. Or anything else. By the way, I have a glass of milk.
He doesn’t know about that. As you can see, it works indeed. Please give a big hand
to Christoph in Germany. Thank you. So when I got an email to come over here,
I was very excited to see you all at VidCon. Well, all the way from Germany, I shouldn’t come without bringing
something with me. And I guess you know what we
are famous for over here – over there. Yes, it’s… the beer. So, I would invite… Please, Hank, can I invite you
to come on stage? Let’s put that on here. Hey, Hank. Come on. Grab a glass. Yeah? And, well, let’s just enjoy a beer. – Good German beer.
– I do not understand this. There’s nothing back there. The problem is the data connection
is a bit weak. Get another glass for me as well.
Get another glass. The data connection is a bit weak
so otherwise… – the beer would go faster.
– You do have to have some. I want to have fun as well
but maybe when I’m off stage. Wouldn’t be a good example
for a few of you. I think that’s enough.
Cheers, Hank. Enjoy. – I can confirm that this is beer.
– Cheers! See you later.
See you backstage.


  1. dan man youre amazing some tricks can be actualy be understandable but jsut watching like udunno a woman in the back switching blablabla. but i cant understand youres. its so weird.

  2. Hey, ur tricks are amazing and I would love to learn them all, but is it possible to give a tutorial on how to do your profile pic

  3. +farzanaahmed123 Did you seriously expect him to conjure an alcoholic beverage? Of course it's fake, people enjoy magic tricks because it's fun to discover how they work.

  4. Zwei Sachen sind einfach nur geil:
    1) Die tricks die er mit dem IPhone macht
    2) Endlich mal ein guter Deutscher "Magier" 🙂

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  6. สังเกตเป๋าเกง ล้วงไปหยิบ แล้วทำว่าดึงจากไอเเพท

  7. I've only seen this guy a couple of times since today and I already know how he does it and I'm not even a magician. I don't wanna give it away but here's a hint. Watch where his fingers press. Each "app" follows a video. How he makes things pop up are just basic sleeve tricks. It's a brilliant idea but his execution is mediocre

  8. For those haters: everyone knows magic is myth. So stop criticizing n appreciate his talent. Patience, intelligence, timing n execution matters

  9. lol I'm still confuse about that milk trick and beer lol where did he really pour the milk into that was really hard

  10. The milk thing is pretty "easy" as well. The glass of milk is of course not a normal glass. The "milk" is well sealed in the glass somehow, it probably has a double "wall" that makes the milk go back to the bottom of the glass when being tipped. 
    Having said that I still enjoy his little tricks. But he better replace the facetime call soon. He has used it too much.

  11. the trick that he pulls out a rope with a ball or something… at 0:38 he puts his hand in his pocket to take out the same thing, you must to look again, seriously

  12. even if you know his tricks, dont ruin it for everybody. everyone knows magic isnt real, but if people believe and are stunned by it, it is a magic trick. just enjoy it even if you already know how it works

  13. You people are so blind it's so sad.. That's not magic that's magic with a little help of demons, entity helping him. Satanic

  14. see his face and his ipad at 5:27,i think he forget to tilt the ipad for reducing the beer at the ipad,and once again his face little bit changed btw

  15. 00:29 there is a paper behind the iPad 00:38 the string may be at the pocket 1:00 the paper photo is behind that table and he grab it then he did the card flip thing ( and the thing copy is prob an animation program) 1:40 same thing as the card but he doesn't show his thumb that has the small light look closely and see if he show his thumb 2:12 I saw the ball come out his hand but don't know how and the other ball that drops 2:54 program to when he blows 3:28 he took the straw out at the table and flip it thing the face time is the same as that got talent he went so maybe fake 4:08 look at the panel he throws the straw out then reach at the table milk part i dont know and the beer i dont know but he said she another glass and not him get the glass so make the arm has to do with it

  16. Why am I having a "Real Magic" watermark in my phone on all screens, after I played this video… Like its legit !

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