Is Gentrification Turning London Into A Ghost Town?

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  1. I don't understand at all. If the house prices or rent prices are too high that nobody can pay (hence ghost town) the owners would get no income, and then they will obviously lower the price. Its the basic market rule. How can you raise prices so much that people leave the area and then what? It doesn't make any sense. Other people that can afford must be renting/buying the places.

  2. Compared to widespread ghettofication and parallel societies in larger western cities, gentrification doesn't look half bad. Rougher areas turning prosperous, safe and vibrant. Boo fucking hoo.

  3. Come to Washington, DC and you can stand there and watch it happen.  I've heard people say that if a Starbucks opens in your neighborhood, your rent will increase.  There was a story on the local news here that said housing developers like to build homes in neighborhoods where certain businesses like Starbucks, Whole Foods or Trader Joe's are because they can charge more for the homes there since the residents are believed to have higher incomes.

  4. Can London just set up government housing in the outskirts with a robust mass transit to the central city? Singapore seems to be doing fine, with many of its mass workers living a tee bit far from the CBD.

  5. The British have a bigger problem with the Muslims taking over there country. In a decade they will outnumber the british. They are allowed to say anything they want, even threaten non muslims and the police. You cannot say anything about Muslims or you will be deemed "Racist", even though islam is not a race. They do not contribute to Britain and separate themselves from the British people and other communities, and make there own. They want Sharia law for Europe and the Europeans to bow down to there religion and beliefs. Fight for Europe and Europeans!!. We do not want them to turn Europe into the shit hole the Middle east is.

  6. Yeah. I like the way everyone thinks of eighties yuppies, and they're super-passé, instantly identifiable clichés… and yet, by going to university and getting an overpaid desk-bound admin job, you're instantly becoming a thousand times more pointless and greedy than any yuppie you can think of. What's next? Everyone laughing at how shit Fraggle Rock was, but still going around dressed as Gobi and Red?

  7. Increasing desirability of properties in urban areas incentivizes the development of new, more upscale properties and modernization of existing properties desired by foreign investors and affluent property buyers. Existing residents may find it increasingly more difficult to afford rents/mortgages due to the increased demand for properties and the decreasing availability of cheap, affordable housing. However, this may also result in modernization of many urban centers, as the increasing demand for city properties help to convert older properties into newer and more desirable properties. Some of the residents may have look for properties outside the cities to find more affordable housing. The cultural centers and local businesses that depend on the traditional city population may disappear, with that glamour and appeal of the cities as well. On the other hand, modernization of the urban areas may offset the decline in the desirability to live in the cities caused by cultural loss from gentrification. In either case, no one can make claim to the cities, and if you can't afford $5 bowl of cereal, then just buy one somewhere else.

  8. there is a very simple solution to this: BUY A HOUSE. then no one can kick you out of it (except if government wants your land for a new development but that hardly the case). when you renting, you never feel belonged to that house because that never had belong to you. so I don't understand this people. If you have to move out cause your landlord increased the rent, you just go find somewhere else you can afford. why you upset? instead, people must get a job and get a mortgage and buy a house. if you feel you can't get a good job because there is fewer opportunity for middle class in your area, then that's a another discussion.

  9. Same problem in Berlin, except the government is very anti capitalistic and imposes maximum rents etc. I don't like oppressing free markets but better than riots I guess.

  10. That's not so bad, markets can be corrected.
    The real issue is the lack of political will to do something. It's like our (their) priorities are all wrong.
    How do you fix that?

  11. Yes this isn't just London, its my neighborhood and when I grow up I and all my friends will not be able to buy any houses in London

  12. Well fuck those people. Buying houses in London is one of the easiest ways to make large amounts of black money disappear without a trace. So Kleocrats from Eastern European countries like Russia and Ukraine and raiding cash from things like HIV treatment funds, and other important things like education, to buy houses to London due to their own greed. But instead of lobbing their goverment to make changes to their policies allowing eastern European kleopcrats from buying houses in London. They are attacking small bushiness.

  13. It feels like you are supping those left wing idiots. They should have all been put in jail for a few days. If you can't afford an area move. Move to Wales lol

  14. I live in Brunswick, Melbourne.. Not far from Fitzroy. These two suburbs are under threat from development. Family homes torn down so that apartments no one can afford are erected. I'm in one now do to the geographical limits I'm under. However there is a lot of housing being made available for low income earners, all apartments have a different amount of rent due, based on household income. I think this is the only way forward

  15. They're just anarchist. They'll never understand the greater the population densities in cities, the higher the prices.

  16. I think its cool that if it wasnt for the rampant spread of the Internet, no one would even know the word "Gentrification". Its thrown around so often that its losing all meaning. Its also cool that it happens mainly in run down areas that were down trodden for 40-50 years while none of the residents there did anything to make up the area, and then become upset once people who arent from the area see value in it. Dont forget, for every low income family that has a child, a rich family also has a child, these children grow up, and they also need places to live. This will only hasten as the worlds population begins to balloon out of control, the best you can do is save your money, learn how to invest, and buy property yourself, or, simply look back on this moment in 40 years, when you're broke and have warm memories of when you burned police cars, broke windows and complained about rising rents

  17. I'm sorry, I couldn't hear what the name of their group is because there was this beeping noise every time you fucking said it. You might want to sort that out.

  18. 2:07 wow blaming capitalism for gentrification, so instead of some rich man coming to your doorstep and handing you a hefty sum of money for your property which you may say YES or NO
    you believe capitalism is when the government comes to your door and kicks you out because of corruption and greed.
    I swear people just don't understand that capitalism gives way more freedom and power to the individual than any government.

  19. I think since the word "fuck" is part of a proper noun (the name of the group), it warrants saying it, so that people wanting to know more can be certain they're looking into the right group. I found it tricky to hear "parade" in the audio, and that wouldn't happen without the beep. And not to be silly, but I actually thought (before finding the name in the comments) that the group was named Cock Parade. You know, like chickens. : |

  20. oh…so this was what it was.. i went to melbourne once, and upon arriving at my hotel, i was so confused, cuz it was so silent, there were cars so i guess not completely a ghost town, but no people???? i thought the rapture had taken place or something lol

  21. The utter demonstration of this, is that in London council land and social housing on it, is sold to fat cat developers with the promise of providing a a percentage of social housing when redeveloped, under the governments "mixed community", goals. One estate in central London with 1200 social housing homes was deemed by the developer as too expensive to renovate, so it was demolished, tenants moved out, over 2000 new homes built with only 74 social housing homes provided. The rest top priced luxury flats, whilst the previous tenants moved out of the greater London area in the majority of cases. How can you trust many of the developers, when their guiding light is maximum profit. Who the hell is going to make the affluent residents in these expensive homes their designer coffees and sandwiches, if normal working class people cannot live in the city. if this is not government sponsored gentrification, I don`t know what other evidence you need.

  22. it it easy to be solved, a law that forces to rent the empty houses, and if you don't do it, the government will have the right to rent it

  23. Will London become a ghost town? The answer is a resounding YES. You only have to go to Docklands, the most sterile, boring area in this great city.

  24. The areas of London being gentrified were traditionally middle class neighbourhoods that went downhill when immigrants took over.

  25. It's rich foreigners pouring money into London real estate that is primarily behind the house prices, not sally & jim from the counties, and lets not forget IMMIGRATION helping to socially cleanse London of it's indigenous populace, but these socialist idiots won't address these things because they don't align with their fundamentally anti-white views.

  26. You guys should put your links up as links instead of bitly links so people on mobile don't have to go back to Safari and then redirected back to the YouTube app. Just a suggestion, keep up the great content.

  27. We need more of this gentrification in London. The place is already rammed full of people. We need a social culling so I'm all for it

  28. Gentrification, that's happening in New Zealand. You only need to at the minimum wage verses the cost of homes in Auckland or any other area to see the growing problem.

  29. Gentrification is happening in Boston too. I have to drive 15 minutes to get to my grocery store because the local ones are so expensive

  30. I bet all these commies are against building on greenfield sites too and like the greenbelt just the way it is. They don't even have one brain cell to realise that maybe building on some unused fields is not the end of the world and relaxing planning laws could completely end the housing crisis. Prices in any market are the product of supply and demand.

  31. Same where I live they are building all these new developments and barely anyone lives in them even though they are sold out its all foreign investors from the middle east and china.

  32. The what parade? This is supposed to be an educational video. There is absolutely nothing wrong with quoting words that are deemed "bad" when its purpose is to educate. At that point, may as well not name them at all.

    Also, why are you using dollars? At least use local currency as well! You are English after all! The word does NOT revolve around America (controversial comment of the decade)

  33. Expensive properties have high taxes, that bring in revenue, revenue means better schools, upkeep on infrastructure and more programs to help people get out poverty.

    I sorry for those people who have to move but their complacency is not as impotent as giving kids a good education.

  34. do you know how many jobs are created because of property renewal and modification?
    the foregn investment will bring a tonne of money into government which then can be used to fund social programs.

  35. now its happening to Berlin. people from new York and London are moving to Berlin because its too expensive. its losing its uniqueness

  36. In London there simply is no room for social housing in central London, if you ever look at London on Google maps you'll see that there is simply miles and miles of housing all around London. Besides Camden and Clapham have always been empty at night.

  37. Can't afford it, don't buy it. Free market.
    Government is not responsible if you can't afford rent or a bowl of cereal.
    Earn more or move to a cheaper neighborhood.

  38. London is not becoming a ghost town, because the peaceful immigrants, who do not behead soldiers in the streets, do not commit crimes, do not blow things up, do not shoot caricature drawers and do not rape anyone, are filling in the void.

  39. It is a big issue , cafes are not real cafes anymore , pubs are not real pubs you can look at a place in London and now and just go im not going in there it's to Pontsy meaning it's for the hipsters , housing is the biggest problem , the thing I do not get is why do they all have beards and turned up jeans ?

  40. i mean no shit house prices are increasing with brexit overall england is a dead country there economy will prolly be like india in 2-4 years

  41. in Vancouver our largest neighborhood downtown, coal harbor is completely empty its a literal ghost town when i lived there i would walk down the street and be the only person in 2 blocks and were talking about being surrounded by 40 story buildings and the cities most lavish real estate. it was bonkers and it's only getting worse.

  42. Once an area is made fancy again, rich multi-millionaires can go in and buy the buildings to use as a tax residence or vacation home. Now the street is full of empty fancy buildings. It's a problem in major cities.

  43. It's not actually just London, but Metropolitan Gentrification is only a section of a MUCH MUCH larger problem across the entire UK.

    When it comes to the UK, there are 3 sections: the invested, the drained and the baron.

    The Invested regions of the UK makes up the smallest amount of area and population: this includes Inner London, Cheshire and parts of South Central England. These areas are undergoing major investment, having more spent on them than the taxes they raise, prioritising foreign trade, executive infrastructure and other things such as gentrification.

    The drained regions of the UK make up slightly less than that of the Baron but more land: Scotland, East of England, South Wales and South East England. These regions are taxed much higher, and pay more in taxes than is actually given to them. In 2015, Scotland paid £16bn more in taxes than the actual budget received, because Scotland also had to pay for project like the London Underground Project (example) yet had to take out a loan to pay for the Forth Road Bridge which it must pay back to Westminster with interest, unlike the LUP – resulting in a £15bn deficit to make up for the loss. These regions often are self-sufficient and quite wealthy as a result, which also allows them to be taxed so heavily with very little expenditure as it is done in a way to match inflation and the growth of the rest of the UK.

    The Baron are those who are much poorer which includes Northern Wales, the rest of England, the 3 border constituencies of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Thus, they pay slightly less in tax but receive very little expenditure. Quite often, they rely on subsidies from the Drained Regions and also the EU. In fact, there are several NHS hospitals that are fully funded by the EU in these regions because they're allocated so little money in the budget – which is why the £350mpw argument, which was false, was so strong in these poorer regions to support Brexit. These regions also result in high dependents with low employment because of the terrible conditions they're being forced to live in with a failing infrastructure and terrible investment.

    This is a growing epidemic and just shows how the wealth contrast in the UK is very severe. And now with Brexit passing, the Conservative government, which are part of the problem and are making it worse which actually benefits themselves, are abusing the Brexit win to essentially turn the UK into a hierarchy of being both a tax haven and one where the majority literally pay for the few.

  44. This is why a one world culture is perverted. The culture in England doesn't even seem British anymore but more American. So the trendy hipster kids can now buy the American cereals they cant get in the UK ?

  45. San Francisco is becoming a bland dreary overpriced dump with no stores except chain stores and no residents except yuppies, who are constantly looking for the perfect doughnut. (There are also herds of professional bums who are here for the free crap). There are also many huge ugly cubes that have been erected in the last ten years where you can buy a motel room for around 1.5 million. Urban renewal, started by a dick named Justin Herman 50 years ago, has really trashed this place. Terrible for those of us who remember the way it used to be.

  46. you guys think this is a problem? try living in a small town where a bunch of people move out every year, as a result schools close, police stations close, hospitals close, stores close – now I have to drive 50 minutes to the nearest city just to buy groceries. I don't have any friends my age because all of them moved out after graduation because the majority of them can't find a job in our town. Am I ever going to find a girlfriend?

  47. Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.

    Same everywhere, global. And they're going to succeed. Because collectively………………….we're sssssstupid cunts.

  48. GREED, GREED and more GREED!!!
    Steal the "Riches" belonging to Africa, Asia, South and Central America.
    Stash your loots away in the caves, vaults and grottos of Europe and America because there is never enough to satisfy the "Poor" in spirit. The West has always and will always remain a den for thieves and a haven for the unworthiest of all living creatures…..How ironical is vanity?

  49. Development is killing artisan businesses, cultural creativity and affordable housing. More here

  50. My neighborhood turned into Asia this city was all American city now I'm surrounded by Asian markets and restaurants we the only country that allows this sell out of our communities san gabriel valley California

  51. The result of easy money from central banks. End quantitative easing and interest rate manipulation. Stop rewarding speculators with an artificially propped stock market.

  52. I once thought politicians were elected to look after the people. How wrong I was, the people with money and influence yes and their cronies. And of course themselves.

  53. whats the point in gentrification or non gentrification if you dont know why you're here in the first place?

  54. Omg, I went to Richmond and so much of it was so posh yet, there was no one about because no one can fucking afford to live there and the people who do fucking live there are pussies, during the 2011 riots they were locked up their houses scared of the roadmen and chavs at the end of the day, the rich are scared of the poor and they fucking should be, we ain’t no one to mess with

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