Is The United States Islamophobic?

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In late May 2015, a Muslim woman on a United
Airlines flight was refused a can of soda under the justification that she would use
it as a weapon. Reportedly, a fellow passenger insulted her faith, and told her to shut up
when she complained. In February, multiple Muslim students were murdered by a self professed
anti-religion advocate, which has widely considered a hate crime. Furthermore, anti-Islam groups
have been sponsoring Islamophobic advertisements on buses describing Muslims as “savages”.
These examples are the latest in a long line of discrimination against Muslims in the United
States. So, is the US actually Islamophobic? Well, religious discrimination in America
is nothing new. Statistics show that between 1996 and 2006, a yearly and consistent average
of 1000 hate crimes were committed against Jews, and about 100 hate crimes were committed
against Catholics and Protestants. However, up until the year 2001, attacks against Muslims
numbered in the tens and twenties. In the year 2001 alone, mostly in the months following
the September 11th terrorist attacks, hate crimes against Muslims increased by 1,600%. Although attacks on Muslims dropped by two
thirds the following year, the average rate of hate crime is still five to six times that
of pre-9/11 figures. Some have suggested that large global events, especially terror attacks,
tend to spike the number of quote “retaliatory attacks”. Following the 2015 Charlie Hebdo
(heb-DOE) shooting, more than 50 anti-Muslim attacks occurred in France in a single week.
This phenomenon even predates 9/11. Following the 1995 Oklahoma City bombings by two white
Americans not of Islamic faith, early blame was placed on “Muslim terrorists”. In
the three days after the attack, over 200 serious hate crimes were committed against
Arabs and Muslims in the United States. A further feature of Islamophobia is the lack
of a distinction between Arabs and Muslims. Many groups with a similar cultural appearance,
like Sikhs, have also been attacked on the uninformed basis of appearing to be Muslim.
This sort of broad strokes discrimination has even led to the phrase “Flying while
Muslim” to describe the racial profiling experienced by those of Middle Eastern descent
following 9/11. In multiple cases, Muslims have been removed from flights, ostensibly
because their appearance and behavior were cause for concern. Some conservatives like
Ann Coulter have even controversially stated that Muslim passengers should be expected
to deal with greater scrutiny and suspicion as a result of global terrorism. After Jews, Muslims are the most discriminated
against religious group in the United States. Although the number of anti-Islamic attacks
have dropped in recent years, they are still disproportionately high. Despite more than
a decade having passed since the September 11th terror attacks, the evidence does suggest
that Islamophobia has dramatically increased throughout the United States. The US isn’t the only country that’s been
criticized for Islamophobia in recent years. To learn about the situation in France…
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  1. Quran: ""Every human on earth is your either your brother in faith or your brother on this planet. Treat them as you would do with yourself."

  2. people are too fucking stupid to differentiate radical Islamic followers from people who don't affiliate with that ideology.

  3. well Islamophobia is what makes a Muslim stronger so whatever you come at us We'll take it on and face the true light always

  4. "After Jews, Muslims are the most discriminated religious group in the United States." So shouldn't the real question be, "Is the US anti-Semitic?"

  5. My parents had to leave Nigeria because of how brutal Sharia law was. In the places where it wasn't in affect, there were terrorists trying to get it into affect. Boko Haram kills more people than even Isis. They are dangerous and if I am an Islamophobe for hating them, well I'm not. My grandpapi, bless his soul, spoke Arabic and practiced Islam, he saw how Islam treated women and decided he loved his wife too much for that and moved south and converted, but Islam followed him south, if not by Sharia Law then by suicide bombings, Civil War, discrimination. If a liberal wants to call me an Islamiphobe, then they must live through that hell first.

  6. Islam is like a zombies, they can infect humans, and spread to everyone, same as Muslim infect Christian by forcing them to move to Islam or die.

  7. The majority of the us isn't islamophobic, anti-Semitic, etc… it's just that the small minority is very vocal. But the rates of islamophobia is still going up. And yes islamophobia is an irrational fear as the VAST majority (99%) of muslims aren't terrorists, especially the ones in America.

  8. This video fails to mention that anti-Jews crimes vastly outnumber those against Muslims and most of them are carried out by Muslims just as the Quran instructs.

  9. There's the far left which calls any criticism of Islam or Muslims a hate crime, and the far right which jumps on any whisper of the word 'Arab' or 'Muslim'. Both these groups spend far too much time in their own echo chambers rather than actually talking to each other and having a civilized conversation. I'd actually love to study Islam and provide my opinion of it as an ideology, but there is so much bias on both sides now that I don't know where to begin.

  10. Hey person reading this. I love you no matter who you are. I respect you no matter what you belief. I am sorry that people of my religion did crimes on you. Please, don't hate all of us as I don't hate you. Thanks
    -from a Muslim

  11. (3:186) "You will surely be tested in your possessions and in yourselves. And you will surely hear from those who were given the Scripture before you and from those who associate others with Allah much abuse. But if you are patient and fear Allah – indeed, that is of the matters [worthy] of determination".

  12. islam is the most misunderstood way of life. we needs to find out what's it all about. so read the Quran.

  13. meh my friends were not really islamophobic but there IS people who is islamophobic but they usually stop because they can only insult you and when they actually hit me then well i have a full reason to protect myself so actually yeah just act like you don't care if they hit you even if you're sued you have 100% chance of winnig

  14. I had a Muslim woman babysit me when I was little because my parents couldn't and my older sister couldn't so she babysit me when I was around pre-school and I KNOW FIRST HAND that not all Muslims are like that. And have I turned Muslim? FUCK NO! I'm just an average 16 year old girl who is in love with music (mainly 90's/early 00's), playing some video games, sleeping, and etc. They're just people who do things a bit different than others

  15. when you claim that many hate crimes are committed by white, non Muslim men when in fact it's primarily Muslim men who commit the most hate crimes

  16. Attacks / hate crimes take place against a certain relgion as they are doing acts of terriosm and doing something to deserve it and if they stopped bombing and fighting the hate crimes will drop or stop

  17. You know who is the most phobic? Muslims. It's not the big guy picking on the little guy for no reason. The little guy keeps telling you that he's better & you should be like him & if you don't, he will kill you.

  18. Remember there are 2 sides to the coin. While it's true that there have been such attacks. But also consider that there has also been attacks on Christian churches. There will never be an accord between 2 opposing oppositions while humans remain as they are.

  19. Hate crimes against Jews is likely exaggerated, as they have better organizations not to mention some have been exposed as fake.

  20. NowThis is Islamophobic. The Sikh child was attacked in a racist attack. There is no proof there was any Islamophobia involved.

  21. What is my fault? I'm a regular guy and have a regular work. I didn't hate anybody, I never kill anyone, I'm not against gay, christian nor the usa. why always blaming me for something that I don't do? why you hate us? I understand if you hate my religion but please don't hate us.

  22. The fraudulent propaganda term progressives rely on "Islamaphobia" is not a real word, it represents no phenomenon of any significance and anyone using it is a traitor to humanity.

    Remember if you point this out you will bring down a torrent of slanderous abuse on your head but, relax this is the penalty for dealing with progressives as you will quickly find out abuse is all they've got. When you think of the desperate culture of denial and the abject moral vacuum it is coming from it's hard to imagine a higher compliment or a more spectacular endorsement. Thanks progressives.

  23. Nope not Islamaphobic, just not taking the bullshit chance of our women getting raped, them causing uprise over our laws and rules, terrorist attacks as in Germany, France, Sweden, and many other EU countries. Nope, but eh if it will appease the Left, by all means, the whole I told you so, ehhh they will just shrug it off and say the right started it and nit pick, you have a better chance arguing with a drunk than a liberal 🙃

  24. ISIS has no religion. Its not Islam and Muslims, they are faking to be Islam. We should blame America or Israel

  25. I am non-religious, and I don't care about what you believe in. Just because you are a Muslim doesn't mean you're an enemy. If a single Muslim calls you an enemy and attacks you, what is your first response? Attack the person back. And if another Muslim attacks you, what do you do? You would either do the right thing, targeting the single person or their group, or assume that all Muslims will eventually try to attack you. If you choose the latter and you target all Muslims, they will target you. If you don't target them, they will not target you (and not all Muslims are targeting you back BTW).

    God, I hate the comments section.

    And my god, the U.S.A. is a racist monster.

  26. Sadly, there is a lot of Islamophobia here in the United States and I say this as a devout Roman Catholic. I feel bad for Muslims who are constantly facing discrimination and hatred for their faith here in the United States.


  28. i am kinda afraid to travel to these countries now even though i always wanted to but i just don't think i'll be able to take it

  29. its sad that everybody thinks islam is dangerous but it isnt it is just a normal religion as christianity or budhism the only reason why everybody thinks like that is beacuse of terrorists but in real life islam is not a dangerous or bad religion but because of terrorists everybody thinks like that… 🙁

  30. people do not hate islam they are just afride of islam
    because they dont know much .oh!except bombing,beheading and enslaving and fox news

  31. Traditional Muslims and Modern Muslims are different
    Traditionals are hateful, disguisting people
    Moderns are western, accepting, and great people

  32. There is no such thing as Islamophobia. I hate Islam and I want it destroyed but I'm not Islamophobic because I'm not a dumbfuck liberal that makes everything rascist or make up words like Islamophobia. It's not even in the phobias

  33. What?! I’m American, and I love Muslims for all time! Especially ones from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, you know what?! Every Islamic Country!! I love Muslims!

  34. Most people judge each other by the outside.we cant learn every thing,we cant multi task more than five or more things,we never think twice or more,we never think how every one feels about it.

  35. I'm pretty sure none of these attacks were "islamaphobic" ie irrational fear of islamics. It's more to do with people knowing fine well that islamics and hebrews in Christian places are generally not a good thing. Like some burka woman on the last flight I took leaning on the emergency exit lever at 35,000 ft, did she expect passengers to be cool with that?!?!?

  36. Is Islamophobia increasing in the U.S? More like, the people is finally more conscious about the risk of the stupid Islam.

  37. For all Muslims brothers and sisters that are being oppressed on their own countries.
    Be patient, sabr, hang on. Remember, this life is temporary, so as this world. Remember, when they day has come, you'll see the people who cries and beg for another chance. To become a Muslim.
    Assalammu'alaikum 🙂

  38. Islamophobia doesn't exist. A phobia is an irrational fear. Given all the misery Islam causes around the globe, fearing/hating it, is not in any way irrational. Brown-skinned people may be discriminated against, which is of course is wrong, but that is not "Islamophobia."

  39. Let me guess. This guy's a Muhammadan or a dhimmi. Muhammadans are only victims, until they obtain enough power to victimize.

  40. So what if we are islamophobic? This is America not a Muslim country so if you don't like it get out you hate us so we hate you back although to be fair Shia Muslims are ok

  41. When people will know the truth they will be no return back 😉 UK-France-Usa-Russia-Israel governments are the real problems.

  42. There is nothing called Islamophobia. Phobia implies irrational fear of something. Fearing Islam is perfectly rational.

  43. Considering there have been over 35,000 islamic terrorist attacks around the world since 9/11 you would have to a little apprehensive about islam ,don't you think?! And since the 'holy' koran regards anyone who is not a muslim as "the worst of all creatures" ….and allah gives you a free pass to paradise if you kill an infidel in his honour,then you could possible develop a rational distaste for this totalitarian ideology.Especially, if you are in America ,where the muslim brotherhood has a hundred year plan to replace US laws with sharia(see the American Project). And anyway, we all know that the muslim brotherhood instigated the use of the term in order to silence any criticism of islam……However, right now I am more worried about Quakeraphobia…… know what those pesky Quakers are like……disagree with them and they may possible hug you!

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